The Golden Child Quatuor + Dating Update


Four is a great number, no? Well, let’s talk about the four rising stars of C-entertainment: Wu Lei, Ouyang Nana, Liu Haoran and Jiang Yi Yi. I really wanted to write a post dedicated to these talented future super actors (and share all the pictures I had collected for a while)!

[Update] I scheduled this article for January 21st and tada! There is a dating news about one of them that came out two days ago. Wow.. Luck? I hence changed the article really fast! Anyway, read the article and guess who I am talking about..

吴磊 Wu Lei / Leo

  • Sign: Capricorn
  • Height: 178cm so far
  • Weight: 58kg so far
  • Place of Birth: Shanghai
  • Date of birth 1999-12-26
  • Profession: Student, Actor
  • Representative works 《家有外星人》《淘气包马小跳》《自古英雄出少年》《琅琊榜》《仙剑客栈》
  • Won 第二十八届电视剧(少儿)飞天奖 28th edition for Children category Flying Kid winner


蒋依依 Jiang Yiyi

  • Name: 蒋依依 / Jiang Yi Yi
  • English name: Olivia, Luna
  • Nickname: 依依 / Yi Yi, 依宝 / Yi Bao
  • Profession: Actress
  • Birthdate: 2001-Jan-01 (age 14)
  • Birthplace: Beijing, China
  • Star sign: Capricorn
  • Chinese zodiac: Dragon
  • Blood type: O
  • Family: Elder sister/model Angelina Jiang

刘昊然 Liu Haoran

  • Born name:刘源 Liu Yuan
  •   Age:16 years old
  •   Height:176cm
  •   Star sign:Libra
  •   Lives in:Beijing
  •   Weibo Account:刘昊然turbo
  • Projects: Beijing Love Story, Real Men, Chinatown Detective

2345liu haoran

欧阳娜娜 Ouyang Nana

  •   Nationality:中国 Chinese
  •   Ethnicity:汉族 Han
  •   Place of Birth:Taiwan (Taipei)
  •   Birthday:2000/06/15
  •   Occupation:Cellist, Actress, Public Figure
  • Acint Projects: To The Fore, Beijing Love Story, Up Idol


Here is a special couple gallery of OUNN and LHR, cuties from Beijing Love Story.





[THE UPDATE] The winner at dating lottery is… Liu Haoran! WOW. And you will be even more surprised to learn who is the girl!


It is actress Tan Song Yun! They were caught at night walking. Liu Haoran was walking her back to her house (this cutiepie ❤ ). As of now, the couple didn’t release an official statement to the media so this can also just be friends walking together… I am a bit freaked out that the paparazzi dare follow such young celebrities at night just for a scoop though… v_v Disappointing.

Since the news came out, people had been digging out past proofs such as this one:


Anyway, some information about them! The media is calling the love story an 姐弟恋 older sister/younger brother (noona/dongsaeng?). Why? Because Liu Haoran was born in 1997 and Song Yun in 1990. Seven years does sound a lot considering they are only 19 yo and 26 yo. But still, the girl looks really young so I don’t really mind that much. Song Yun played in Zhen Huan Zhuan and in Whirlwind Girl. The two also collaborated in a webdrama last year where they played a couple (I guess that is when they started to develop feelings for each other). For anyone curious, the drama they filmed together is called 最好的我們.


Wait a second.. Isn’t she the actress who played as a couple with Wu Lei in Whirlwind Girl?


Yes that is her! xD Haha, so both besties Wu Lei and Liu Haoran played OTP with her, but she finally choses Liu Haoran. That must had broken the heart of our Wu Lei… xD Oh, and also, don’t feel sorry for Ouyang Nana, guys! She is still young and will find true love soon enough too ^^

Since we are on the topic of WG, I think Song Yun aced her role in that drama! Hope this will put her a bit more under the spotlight.

[end of update]

Finally, let us flashback to some other super cute kids from another generation! Here is Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi from Home with Kids. Happy to see both grew up beautifully and are still able to use their great acting talents even today ^^ Did you catch Zhang Yishan’s cameo in the movie Mr.Six this winter?

Zhang Yishan + Yang Zi

25 thoughts on “The Golden Child Quatuor + Dating Update

    • archidisign says:

      entering a hotel? Wow @_@ those kids are moving fast…
      I think the ship sank too. Which is a bit sad since those two had a few interactions just this month on variety show Day Day Up. But let’s stay happy for Liu Haoran since they still make a cute couple ^^


      • Ya. He is only 19…
        The Ou Yang Na Na – Liu Hao Ran ship has always been speculated as publicity. Their constant flirting does sometimes feel scripted but they are cute together anyway.


      • archidisign says:

        They are super cutee! Their names are always link together and I am sure at their age, they must had developed crush toward each other. There must be unknown reason why it didn’t work out. 😦 I don’t want to believe all was only a publicity stunt…

        Liked by 1 person

    • Hagu says:

      Ouyang Nana look like have a same destiny with her husband on up Idol (Liying). Before people are anticipated about Liying and Chen Xiao dating rumour, but the real, Chen XIao date Aunty Chen, and his relationship w Liying is fake. (Though I am happy Liying not w Chen Xiao, cause I never feel Liying really like this type of boy, she is fit better with a gentleman like uncle Huo 😁). But liyin and Chen story look similar like ouyang li hao ran.


    • archidisign says:

      I knooowww. It is so funny because I remember Chen Xiang said in an interview (as a joke) that he grew up watching Wu Lei’s dramas. Haha, such a young young child actor 😛


  1. Ann says:

    Wu Lei is definitely going places! Already so accomplished. Also, I kinda thought Ouyang Nana and Liu Hao Ran were dating? I guess not though. It is a big age difference though btw him and that actress… 19yo and 26yo -____- I don’t know any couples with such a big age gap at that age, at least at my uni. But, all the best to them.


    • archidisign says:

      Yeah, I agree it is a huge age gap if you consider how young LHR is. But TSY had been doing teenager roles for a while and physically they do match well ^^ I was also a OYNN+LRH shipper and it is sad to see my little ship sank.. 😦 but hey, they are young and will get over it fast enough


    • archidisign says:

      Haha, I only put Zhang Yishan and YAng Zi because those two really grew up under the spotlight (just like our golden Quatuor). I love Ma Ke but he only starred on one episode (or only a few) of Home With Kids and didnt really catch must public attention at the time.


      • SailorS says:

        555 I was just teasing. 😋
        Yang Zi is actually younger than Song Yun? 🤔
        Song Yun still looks like a teanager. May be her physiological age is younger than chronological age. I think she matchs well with him.


      • xD such tease.
        Yop, Yang Zi started so young and look at the career she built for herself. Song Yun has such a baby face it is amazing xD That is why when I saw the news, I thought they matched well… before I noticed the age difference xD Oh well, they still look super cute.


  2. WTF I didn’t know she was 26! I thought she’d be much younger than that :O The thought of paparazzi’s following younger celebs at night is indeed scary and inappropriate. Not sure how this is going to work out considering that the guy’s only below 20 and a lot of teens cannot cope with being in a r/s with someone in their late 20s…, but I wish them all the best. They do look cute together as well!


    • archidisign says:

      Yeah, at such a young age, this will probably not last forever. However, if it does, that is great too! As for the paparazzi, I really find them shameless about this news. I mean , come on! That is super low to do to teenagers.. 😦


  3. Jo says:

    I KNEW IT!! When I first saw him I thought hmm.. LHR looks like the relationship type and WOW 26? She looks like she’s 17 (to me anyways), but they do look cute together 🙂


    • archidisign says:

      Yeah, I was surprised at her age too since she was playing a teenager in WG. Since LHR was on C-Real Men, people are now saying he really became a real man XD

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Dramafan says:

    I don’t really follow Chinese entertainment, just occasionally read this blog. This actor, Liu hair an is extremely attractive. I am a little surprised at the age gap in this relationship, but I wish them happiness.


    • Hi Dramafan 😉 Liu Hair an Haha, I love how you misspelled his name xD He has such a manly and yet young-ish baby face. He kind of remind me of a younger version of Jiang Jinfu. Me too, wish them happiness!


  5. llmoreno says:

    aww baby Wu lei is so cute “!!!
    he even had a photo with fan bing bing but i like more his photo with Hu ge when both were younger and the one with the same pose recording nirvana in fire 🙂
    he is going to be so big when he gets older I cant wait

    that girl cant be 26 its imposible !! she should let us know her beauty tips then
    Liu Haoran went to happy camp with Nana and tf boys rigth? he looks so shy by then i cant believe he become this big I really hope he is really happy with her and have a cute relationship


    • Wu Lei was born cute and grew up handsome *_* The bromance between him and Hu Ge is so real!! They had so many photoshoot together and I hope they can collaborate together again soon! ^^ He is already super huge, I wonder what will be his limit (so far none existent xD)
      HAHA. Asians don’t grow old? I know! When I saw that news, I was mostly surprised at her age. Yop he did, in 2013. And then both him and OUNN went on Day Day Up this year. All those child stars are growing beautifullyy~~ I am a happy “noona” fan


      • llmoreno says:

        we are Noonas fan wiiiii !!

        ahh thats no fair im so far for being asian i hope in the future the reveal their secrets

        i really dont know where he can be in the future with his bright present, but i saw a video where he, wang kai from tf boys and Liu Haoran will be the next big thing in China

        i saw him in Happy Camp becuse tf boys sub the video 😦


      • xD The secret is that they keep all in and as soon as they hit like their 45-ish, they look like grannies xD
        Definitely! Wang Junkai is the most popular in the TFBoys, and both Wu Lei and Liu Haoran are really popular child actors right now! Curious how they will expand their career!


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