Entertainment Update: Les Interpretes, Go Princess Go, Xiao Shi Yi Lang


Another entertainment update ^^… Keep scrolling down for some shocking pictures of Show Luo as a mermaid and beautiful stills of Yang Mi in Les Interpretes. Oh, and a teaser for a special project featuring Yang Yang, Li Yifeng, and Lay 8D

Nirvana in Fire will be aired in Japan with original Chinese soundtrack and Japanese subtitle.

Chinese regulation agency SARFT had taken down six web dramas from online video sharing web sites. Out of the six, two are considered to be banned forever. 😦 Stupid SARFT. The six dramas are respectively Go Princess Go, the Lost Tomb 2015, Evil Minds 心理罪, Wuxin, Death Note 暗黑者, and Blind Spot 探靈檔案. Problems included vulgarity, violence, inappropriate sexual scenes, etc.


In other news, I have been unable to find a link to the third ending of Go Princess Go. If someone have it, please add it to the comment section below :”D… I found some nice pictures of the outfits of our crown princess though ^^ (source here):

And some more pictures at Happy Camp:

The next novel to be adapted in drama is called 《七月与安生July And Quiet (?). The novel is the first of a five novels series.


Drama Singing All Along released more character posters:

Drama Xiao Shi Yi Lang with Yan Kuan. The drama will premiere on February 9th, 2016.

Wu Lei and Chen Xiang’s d《奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时》 released more BTS good quality pictures.

Movie Mermaid 2016 starring Show Luo, Deng Chao, Kitty Zhang, and Lin Yun posted more stills:

704_1835322_215219 704_1835321_112222704_1835325_143787

Movie The Man from Macau III released more pictures with Andy Lau and Li Yuchun:

The drama Les Interpretes starring Yang Mi and Huang Xuan released a trailer… I am excited to see Yang Mi back on the small screen and as long as the plot is not too Gou Xue, it sould be fun to watch ^^:


New stills for Little Valentine starring Hu Jing

Adventures of Love starring Chen Xiang and Jiang Jinfu


Hawick Lau is one busy man. He is currently promoting his next drama Chronicles of Life with Zheng Shuang, which held a press conference this week.

Chronicles of Love 1Chronicles of Love 2

He is also promoting his movie First Love with Guli Nezha and Sun Yizhou.

Another press conference that happened on the same day; Imperial Doctress starring Wallace Huo and Liu Shishi

61e7f8b0jw1f06waig43ej20qe0hldih 61e7f8b0jw1f06wagz1qdj20qe0hlwhi

Variety show wise, Chen Bolin just arrived in South Korea to film We Got Married with Song Jihyo. 😦 Although there are no BTS of them filming yet, it is quiet a set couple…


Talking about couples, here is a loving picture of the happy family Deng Chao and Sun Li:


Finally, the most exciting news for all the fangirls out here ^^! Yang Yang, Li Yifeng, and Lay Zhang Yixing are collaborating together for a soft drink! The company behind this project 寻年传说 will announce what is the project in question on the 23rd January, check the trailer below!!~~


20 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Les Interpretes, Go Princess Go, Xiao Shi Yi Lang

  1. NOOOooooooooooo!! Stupid, stupid SARFT….and all those dramas are highly popular too! =[ Honestly, if China wants to expand its soft power influence (especially on today’s youth), then banning these dramas like that is not the way to go. There’s a reason why K-wave is happening around the world while C-wave is not. >=[


    • intellectualkitten says:

      It is indeed very annoying! However, I find SARFT useless in their regulation; it is not because they say a tv series should be banned that people will stop watching it. China has ton of unofficial and free online broadcasting website… so I doubt this will prevent young people from watching the shows ^^ On the other hand, I hated how they postponed Da Mo Yao for months last year…


  2. Cat says:

    There isn’t a third ending for go princess go. The director posted a one liner asking if there is an interest for a “he” (happy ending) and then followed up with “mv”(music video). As of right now, there isn’t any official filming or details on another ending.

    For us overseas we should be able to stream it just fine. It’s blocked for mainland users only at this time.


    • Cat says:

      But. There are two unofficial fan made alternate endings. Both are cute. One is better and that’s the one I like to think how it ended.


    • archidisign says:

      That director is such a troll. The fans to rescue! There are legit sooo many fan made MVs for this drama and they are all really well done. I hope they can film a season 2 with the same producing team and maybe even have the cast back (although discovering new faces again will be nice too). Hope SARFT will let them film a sequel…
      Haha, for once, it is the mainland viewers who must be frustrated hehe


    • Cat says:

      Something is being filmed right now. There are pics of Crystal and Peter kissing. Also see a couple of the concubines in the background, along with the cute boy that plays yang yan. All modern time. They are still saying it is still a MV. Also talks of go princess go being back online in China with “updated” content. Aka, edited to the extreme? Meh. No comment.


      • I KNOW! So exciting! I added those BTS pictures in the new ent update.. :# They just can’t let go of each other, such a big public display of affection PDA! Awww, That’s so stupid. But at least it is back online I guess.


  3. I’m sick and tired of SARFT banning/censoring projects left and right, AS WELL AS causing an extreme delay/postponing of many of my anticipated dramas. How is Chinese television going to evolve and expand in influence and power at this rate? It’s a shame because Cdramas and movies have been evolving in quality and production as of late, and only the SARFT is holding them back from achieving its full potential…
    I feel bad for Mainland viewers who haven’t started or finished GPG. I wonder if Dailymotion is accessible for them? They can watch GPG from there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • archidisign says:

      Agree! SARFT should stop being a pain and put quality of the productions before their way too traditional values. So what if the production talks a bit about modern issues? Sigh. At least some production team are not afraid and always come up with newer ideas. It is a shame because they are one of the big reasons why the Cdramaland is lacking in international recognization.
      Don’t worry too much for the mainland viewers. I am sure they can create an VPN account to access all censored content (it is just that is such a pain to do that.. as Chinese censorship team always close those sites real fast.)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. SailorS says:

    SARFT is so …. I cannot find the word butthey have no artistic mind.🙁🙁 I found that go princess go eventhogh played on sexual content, was artistically beautiful and not at all vulgar. It is not a porn movie or anything like that. The people in SRAFT are not able to differntiate this.

    On the other news, I would love to see Xiao Shi Yi Lang. I think it has been a long time since this novel was addapted into a series.

    Liu Shi Shi is as beautiful as always. 😄


    • I totally agree. GPG was a beautiful artistic production and SARFT’s narrow mind blind are blinding them… 😦 The sexuality was not overly done and with a great touch of humor, it is far from being vulgar!
      You are not the first to mention an interest for Xiao Shi Yi Lang. I am not familiar with previous adaptations but you guys definitely make me wanna check it out.
      LSS ❤


  5. llmoreno says:

    I want to watch les interpreters but I don’t know if it’s going to get subbed and the same with Imperial Doctress, so sad I have to start learning Mandarin right know I cant keep waiting for someone sub the drama
    Show Luo as an octopus… the trailer was so funny so I wish someone leak the movie … people who leak movies in youtube I waiting for you


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