Entertainment Update: Wallace Huo+Nini movie, Diamond Lover, Ethernal Wave


Wallace Huo loveees you! ❤ Haha, sorry couldn’t resist this picture. Legit, it should had been in the last entertainment update (since we covered the press conference in that post)… but that picture brighten up my day! Hehe, this entertainment update came quite quick right? Well, as always, news move fast in c-entertainment.

Talking about Wallace Huo, he is working on a new movie called Twenty Eight Years to Adulthood with Ni Ni! The second female lead is Ma Su.

28岁未成年 Perfect Baby 2 28岁未成年 Perfect Baby

Talking about Wallace Huo, we may as well talk about his recent photoshoot with Hu Ge. That’s right! Their bromance is still doing extremely well and they travelled together to Japan, Hokkaido to shot this. (ps; hope it is for the photoshoot and they aren’t really smoking.. v_v)

1 2 3

New novel to be adapted into a drama: 《凰權》 Phoenix Rights. It is a court drama about power and love. The male lead is a prince/emperor and the female lead comes from a brothel.

Phoenix Rights

Another drama to look out for! Miss Liu Tao is on fire! 軍師聯盟 Advisor Alliance with Liu Tao as Zhang Chunhua, Wu Xiubo as Si Mayi, and Janine Chang as Lady Bai Yulian. They will start filming in February. The story focus on the period of the Three Kingdoms. Sounds like a high quality project.


Movie version of Diamond Lover starring Dilireba and Da Peng released some adorable and heartwarming pictures:

New drama 《玄武》Xuan Wu starring Peter Ho and Zhang Li.

1 2 3

Stay with Me release a still with supporting cast member Zhang Duo.


Drama Adventures of Love looks creepier by the stills…

More stills again for Xiao Shi Yi Lang:

New Web drama to come out: 两小无猜 Liang Xiao Wu Cai starring new actor Chen Qiu Shi 陈秋实. The posters look promising ^^

11 12

Ok, mandatory Zhao Liying corner again! Chinese movie Ethernal Wave that stars Aaron Kwok, Zhao Liying and Zhang Han released some BTS stills. Yeah! I never realized just how thin Zhang Han really was before :O Maybe it is because he has reallyy long legs.


As mentionned previously, the movie Go Fighting! is in theater. Because of its great hype, there are leaked versions online for you to watch. You search 极限挑战之皇家宝藏-on Dailymotion ^^


Furthermore, Zhao Liying will be participating on this year’s Chinese New Year Festival organized by Hunan TV. The BTS are released and you can already admire her at work 😉 Look at her happily getting her red pocket money from her favourite teacher, He Jiong!

7 9

Oh and finally, there is rumor that Zhao Liying and Chen Bolin will film a period project together. Hope it is true because I love both of them!

A movie to look out for: Da Tang Xuan Zhan with Huang Xiaoming.

2 Da Tang Xuan Zhang

On the variety show side, the Greatest Love held a press conference this week. The variety show will premier on January 23rd, 2016.


Some cute pictures of Huang Xiaoming and Zheng Shuang with their parents:

Meanwhile, the other variety show 24 Hours with Hangeng, Wu Lei and Chen Kun on Zhejiang TV his now out. For the first episode, they invented Ady An and Jiang Xin.


Beautiful and talented Chinese actress Yao Chen was honored with the 2016 Crystal Award. Other recipients of the award includes Leonardo Di Caprio,  Olafur Eliasson, and Will.i.am.


Are you ready for another round of celebrities dancing and singing to celebrate the Chinese New Year? I bet this year, Sun Wukong will make his apperance on a lot of shows (it is his year!). Anyway, I don’t think we will cover the Chinese New Year festivals because most of the time, it is trying to appeal to the older generations with veteran humorists, ballad singers, etc.  ^^

Here are some group pictures of the crew of The Monkey King 2 in spirit of the holidays!

62014645jw1f08cmz4m18j20ty0kuwkf 62014645jw1f08cmws3vqj20v90kugsk

SMG Dongfang channel (the one from Shanghai) announced special appearances from Psy, Rain, SNH48, and many more. Will you be watching?


As mentionned before, Zhao Liying is part of the line-up for this year’s Hunan Chinese New Year festival. She is of course not the only one as they released a partial guest list that includes Ma Ke, Zhang Danfeng, Xu Haiqiao (Hua Qian Gu cast), Kris Wu Yifan, Li Yuchen, Shang Wenjie, Zhang Han, Li Yundi, Poppy and her family, Xuanxuan and his family (Dad 3), Ning Huan Yu, Chen Ming, Wang Qiao, Mike d’Angelo and Yamashita Tomohisa.



Zhang Tian Ai

704_1835762_101305 704_1835763_390251 704_1835765_828143

Liu Yifei at at Paris Fashion Week

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14 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Wallace Huo+Nini movie, Diamond Lover, Ethernal Wave

  1. Jo says:

    So much news! I love it 🙂 Wallace and Hu Ge look adorable in the snow, Phoenix Rights sounds interesting-Diamond Lovers meh, even though I love Dilireba I don’t know….but Liying looks amazing, I can’t wait to watch her new projects 🙂 and I can’t wait for Greatest Love 🙂 Keep the updates coming!


    • I know! We released an update yesterday and another post was easily compiled today… xD Yeah, both announced projects this time sound really interesting and I feel like we are getting better production/line-up this year. Great way to get me hyped up for the rest of 2016 hehe

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh can’t wait to see Janine Chang back on period dramas! Loved her in The Four (as bad as the drama itself was…). Pls…not Diamond Lover again. Idk, I might force myself to watch it for Dilireba, if her character turns out to be as bubbly and fun as her one in the drama version lol.
    Liying! ♥ ♥ ♥ You just reminded me to watch Go Fighting!
    Luo Jin has a minor role in Huang Xiaoming’s movie btw ^^


    • Janine Chang was so pretty in the Empress of China, but her role was really lame. Such a pity. Movies attract me a bit less so I am not sure I will check out Diamond Lover either, even if Dili Reba looks as cute as ever!
      hehe, the movie is a lot of fun! Although not that many scenes of Liying and it feels scripted half of the time xD
      Oh really? thanks for noting that because I didn’t even realize before he was part of the movie. Great for him 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love how my Ady’s been guesting in variety shows but I hope there’ll be eng subs next time huhu want to watch her “real” self ❤ I also really want to watch "The Greatest Love" because of the cast and also because of its refreshing concept 😀

    Zhao Liying x Bolin Chen project may not be set in stone yet but count me in!! wish it wasn't a period one though lol thank you for the updates, dearies!


    • xD I want to see her casted as a regular cast! Now that she had appeared as guest on both Run for Time and 24Hours, can we just give her an official variety show? She is so funny too!
      I actually watched the Greatest Love! It is super cute! I love the Chen Qiao En+mom and Huang Xiaoming+Mom so far! Zheng Shuang talks too much xD
      Welcome! I feel like Liying is definitely ready for some modern dramas/movies. Humm, did Bolin Chen even do a period drama? He definitely looks good in modern outfit so far ^^

      Liked by 1 person

      • Me too!! I remember watching her BTS in “Autumn’s Concerto” and loving the real her ❤ aww omggg hope I can get to watch it too!! He did the movie Surprise! so is that considered a period project? HAHA he has never done any drama after winning the Golden Bell for ITWY 😦 I'm a fan of modern works more that's why I wanted it to be modern *sighs* haha! but I can't be choosy if it's going to be my fave stars together ❤


  4. llmoreno says:

    Wallace I LOVE YOU too and know that we let that clear this update was pretty fast woah
    Hu ge and Wallace Huo looking sexy!! They had their honey moon … playing with the snow, walking together side by side, memories that nobody can erase

    What happen with jang jin fu he left his agency ?? he have so much projects that doesn’t look he is having problems with his agency

    Go fighting yeah !! I know is a bad thing but THANK YOU PEOPLE WHO LEAKED THE MOVIE

    The varieties show looks amazing I watched 24 hours raw and even if I didn’t understand anything I thought it was hilarious and Zhejiang TV promises they will release eng sub so will be even better.

    The greatest love is so cute !! But zhen shuan looks so thin, it’s a good thing that his daddy is with her


    • xD hehe, there is no schedule in the C-entertainment world! 8D they released so much I was so shocked (we rarily do two ent update one day after the other). Wallace Huo+Hu Ge’s bromance is more exciting than most dating news out there. xD Hey, this mean they had their honey moon even before the A-list Huang Xiaoming+Angelababy couple!
      I know right! When Legend of Qin was broadcasting, it seemed like they had a bit of conflict. Then, paff! he is on Happy Camp. And then started to get casted on A LOT of dramas. Dunno anymore…
      xD Yeah, I skip watched 24Hours and it looked like a lot of fun. So nice of Zhejiang for actually putting out eng sub for the fans. This is so appreciated, considering most c-shows don’t get subbed 😦
      Zheng Shuang looked so skinny that I didn’t even recognize her at first (her face is all bone!) Haha, her dad is so nice to her, so cute! It is so obvious he loves his baby daughter.


      • llmoreno says:

        Huang Xiaoming and angela maybe are preparing for a baby but wallace and Hu ge are in their honeymoon in Japan making their fans jelouse

        i like jiang jin fu since i saw him in running man i hope he can get a lot of movies and roles i want to watch his drama with vic and Yang Yang

        zheng shuan daddy really loves her, what kind of dad let his daugther use all the car with her bag and hello kitty things
        i hope she can gain weight and be happy


      • xD Hu Ge and Wallace Huo’s love flame looks brighter than any celebrity couple’s!
        I nearly forgot of that drama! Hope Coco Town can be released soon too. It had been filmed for such a long time.
        Nod nod. Hope Zheng Shuang can gain some weight and be healthy and happy! She looks like such a nice person, so sad to see her at her current physical state.


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