Microfilm 尋年傳說 by 加你加年味 starring Li Yifeng, Yang Yang, and Lay


I was so happy this morning when I woke up to see the micromovie starring Li Yifeng, Lay, and Yang Yang is out! Definitely a good way of starting the week-end!

A good way to make the transition between the start of the new year and the start of the Chinese Monkey New Year is through a fun and high budget CF starring all of our favourite idols of 2015! Li Yifeng, Yang Yang, and Lay are collaborating in this small movie to bring back a family’s symbol of harmony and happiness guarded by the New Year monsters. In this production, Li Yifeng is taking the main role and helped by his accomplices Lay and Yang Yang.

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P.S. I love the segment where YY troll LYF by refusing to put down the drink xD That was adorable. Oh, and everyone looks handsome in this CF, definitely a reason watch it ^^! In addition, the tea drink promoted in this CF is quite tasty, so it is all for a good cause :”)

The microfilm  尋年傳說:

Additional ads starring Li Yifeng, Lay, Yang Yang, Tond Dawei and Chopstick Brothers:



12 thoughts on “Microfilm 尋年傳說 by 加你加年味 starring Li Yifeng, Yang Yang, and Lay

    • intellectualkitten says:

      I know right? YY, LYF and Lay are all climbing up on my list of favorite so this CF feels like a gift :”D And it is so well done…


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