[Drama] Zhu Xian Part 3


Waking up and seeing those gorgeous pictures of Zhao Liying! Yeah! I always promised myself to write an official post for when the leads are confirmed and their character stills are out. Never expected it would take half a year for this to happen. With the addition of Li Yifeng and Zhao Liying, I started to accumulate pictures for this drama again. Zhu Xian Part 3, here we go! Sadly, Li Yifeng’s character stills aren’t out yet so I will just add his pics to the post later on…

ps; you can go back to our other Zhu Xian posts as they are (well done) with lots of character stills from the amazing supporting cast. [Part 1] [Part 2]. Here are copy past the information from the past two posts:

The drama’s name is《诛仙·青云志》or Qing Yun Zhi or Legend of Chusen (in Chinese, Zhu Xian). On this blog, we just call it Zhu Xian for less confusion. Needless to say we will change the drama name if they release an official name. 😉 The story is based on a video game AND a novel and I guess that’s why there are so many characters.

Leading the cast are Li Yifeng, Yang Zi and Zhao Liying.

Cast so far:

  • Li Yifeng as Zhang Xiaofan
  • Zhao Liying as Bi Yao
  • Yang Zi as Lu Xueqi
  • Tang Yixin as Tian Lin Er
  • Qin Junjie as Ceng Shushu
  • Cheng Yi as Lin Jingyu
  • TFBoys  Wang Jun Kai as younger Lin Jingyu
  • TFBoys Wang Yuan as younger Zhang Xiaofan
  • TFBoys Yi Yang Qian Xi as Xiao Qi
  • Zhang Ruoyun
  • Liu Xueyi
  • Pu Shuo
  • Mao Zijun
  • Li Qin
  • Zhang Luyi
  • Che Xiao
  • Xiong Naijin
  • Wei Wei
  • Zhong Hua

Synopsis from Wikipedia:

  • Zhang Xiao Fan (portrayed by Li Yifeng and Roy Wang): One night, when he was eleven years old, everyone in his village was killed, leaving only his childhood friend Lin Jin Yu and a villager Uncle Wang survived. They were later adopted by the Qing Yun faction, the leader of the righteous and good.
  • Lu Xue Qi (portrayed by Yang Zi): The female protagonist of the novel. She is from the same faction as Zhang Xiao Fan, the Qing Yun. She is said to be a “fairy from nine skies” for her beauty that can enchant the entire country.
  • Bi Yao (portrayed by Zhao Liying): She is the daughter of the archlord of Gui Wang faction. Very energetic and arrogant, she loves Zhang Xiao Fan.

New Character Stills:

Li Yifeng as Zhang Xiaofan:

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Zhao Liying as Bi Yao:


2 3

Confused by the many many characters? Here are some fan made profile summary for everyone!


Bonus: FanArts of Zhao Liying

1 2 3 13

He Zhonghua as Dao Xuan Zhen Ren



Official Stills:

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(ps; I am surprised at how good looking the TFBoys are in period costumes. They are all mini Li Yifeng!)

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15 thoughts on “[Drama] Zhu Xian Part 3

    • I am not too sad over that. To be frank, I am getting a bit bored of her playing Xianxia dramas. So I am happy she will pass less time on that and will move on to even better things in the future ^^


      • As if she played in many, there was one HQG and one Zhu legend. Is it many? For me it doesn’t matter if it is xianxia/wuxia, historical or modern drama, I just want more ZLY!!


      • xD but three in two years? It took Hu Ge (the face of Xianxia dramas) ten years to do two of them xD I feel like she is moving too fast now.. hope she knows what she is doing ^^ I want to see her in a wuxia drama!! I want her to play a cool and badass role. Hope Bi Yao will be awesome.


  1. That’s great news! Li Ying looks great as always. This seems like a medium budget kind of series. Do you recommend this? I need to find a new series to watch soon. Im dying here with boredom. lol


    • It looks like a very high budget project to me. xD After all, they were able to cast all three TFBoys, the it actors of the moment (Zhao Liying and Li Yifeng), some precious child actors who grew older AND it is based on an (apparently) well loved novel. However, I don’t know if I can recommend it yet since no trailer had been out so far and they are apparently making change to the orginal work. But, based on the stills, it can be very promising ^^


  2. Hopefully, they won’t change too much stuff from the novel that’s not i am Xueqi’s fans. Actually, in the novel Xueqi is unhappy she also love Xiao Fan so much but can’t stay be Xiao Fan side she always miss him but can’t go to see him she can meet him when the time she go to work the matter she can’t betray Qing Yun sect Xiao Fan is same even he want to bring Xueqi go to anywhere but he also can’t betray Bi YAao that coma. One part i really remember and like the words that Xueqi said during that time Xiao Fan is blamed under the rain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for helping to explain the plot. It does sound like two angsy love birds who can’t be together.. That sounds so sad, but actually also make the story a lot deeper! You just made me more curious to watch it!


      • Hehehe….sorry, that’s not only you’re curious to watch me too. Even i read all the novel but still want to watch it, i want to see Yang Zi play with Xueqi’s character how she act, talk…… including Xueqi’s face from translated onscreen not like’s dream her face from the novel. During that time i read the novel i always imagined that face how it’s so cool! I don’t know why Xueqi’s character made me very crazy now can’t wait….lol…..


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