Entertainment Update: Zhu Xian, Old Nine Gates, Three Worlds, GPG, Phoenix


A very small entertainment update :”D But so many nice pictures and BTS.. hope you guys love it as much as I do ><

[Update: added more stills]

New stills for our main character Zhang Xiaofan played by Li Yifeng and Yiyang Qianxi in Zhu Xian! I have to say the two boys look very alike in these two pictures ^^:

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Group picture of Old Nine Gates with William Chan and Lay and a picture from the novel (sadly no Zhao Liying :”D):

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Some AMAZING fanart for Three World Three Lives with Yang Yang and Liu Yifei:

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As for the drama version, Yang Mi has been officially confirmed as the main lead! Collaborating with her is our precious Ninth King from Go Princess Go, Yu Menglong, and the handsome Ken Zhang, star of the to be released drama Adventure of Love. Hehe, we will write an official post when more info get released 🙂

Song of Phoenix released stills starring Viann Zhang.

New drama to look out for! Starring Guan Xiao Tong, Zhang Ruo Yun, and Ju Jing Yi the drama Novoland The Cattle in the Sky 《九州天空城》 posted casting posters.


New stills of lovey dovey Angelababy and Ethan Ruan in Kill Time:

A nice poster of Inside or Outside which was released two days ago:


Chen Bolin and Song Jihyo are currently filming We Got Married in Korea:


Go Princess Go ending three definitely does exist! Here is a BTS of Zhang Tian Ai and Sheng Yilun kissing! I want to see the full footage!! ^^


Talking about leaked stuff, for fans who want to watch Legend of Zu, but didn’t find a good streaming web site, here you go! Dylon10707 had nicely put public ALL the link for the videos as well as links for downlaod. How awesome is that? Here is the link.



A press conference with Chen Xiao, Zheng Shuang and Yan Yikuan for Three Heroes Five Gallantes.


The next man to get a wax figure is…. Lee Jong Suk! You can now find it at Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong



Andy Lau and Li Yuchun

704_1836777_865279 704_1836783_623416

Liu Shishi


Viann Zhang

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Gossip, fun fact corner:

  • Run Brother has been confirmed for a 4th season! According to inside sources, either Angelababy and Luhan will be dropped. I personally won’t worry too much about this since Baby was has been rumoured to leave at the end of each previous season…
  • Follow up on the whole Tzuyu scandal: as most of you must be aware, the Tzuyu scandal started an online war between Taiwan-netizens and Mainland-netizens. One of the most popular way of fighting for the Chinese citizens is through c-memes (BiaoQinBao). Since Tao’s face is often used as a meme, he is suddenly well known in China and Taiwan…

19 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Zhu Xian, Old Nine Gates, Three Worlds, GPG, Phoenix

  1. weee love the active updates!! thank you so much ❤ omggg but Angela's the reason why I watch Running Man China huhu hope it just keeps being a rumor!!

    such hot stills of "Kill Time" aaahh my 2 faves!! can't wait to watch it *_*

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      I hope so too. The rumour has it she is trying to have a baby with Huang Xiaoming… but I doubt from the looks of her career and her future projects 😛

      Just added a trailer for Kill Time 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      I think LSS has an ethereal beauty which makes her the better candidate for Three World, and I wished she took the role. But Yang Mi has some solid dramas in ancient role, so it is also a good choice 🙂


  2. Omg, the BTS pics for the 3rd ending of GPG! So cute *O* Excited for 3 Worlds! Glad that Yang Mi back with a new period/fantasy drama. Expecting her to dominate the small screen this year and the next with Les Interpretes and 3 Worlds!
    Thanks for the links for Legend of Zu! Just finished the first part. Not bad, and ZLY is pretty amazing there.


  3. Jo says:

    Kill Time looks good and OMG GPG YES!!!!! Thanks for the Legend of Zu link and Liu Shishi looks amazing. Also, thanks for introducing me to GPG-SO READY FOR THE 3RD ENDING!


  4. The cast of 3l3w drama not impressing. Is it male leads? Didn’t Mark Chao must been pair with Yang Mi? Actually I haven’t high hopes for drama since movie must be more promising.
    Awww Go Princess Go 3d ending. I want happy ending so bad


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Mark Chao is confirmed as the main lead ^^ There was less hype about him on Weibo so I forgot to include his name. The drama is indeed less impressive than the movie, but anything with Yang Mi means high ratings so I am still anticipating it 😛

      >< these bts are so bitter sweet


      • Oh so they just didn’t realize his poster yet. Alright, anyway as much as I like Yang Mi and Mark Chao I can’t imagine them playing as Baiqian and Yehua. Especially Yang Mi.

        Yes after two disappointing endings maybe this one will be happy!


  5. Oh dear. Another ending? I’ve never watched a drama with so many endings before! Lol. PD-nim,you might as well film a GPG au. Just have the cast come back for a spin-off.


    • If they can cast the same actors, then I want a second season!! I am curious how they will explain the appearance of Pengpeng in modern time. After all, in the 21st century, he/she is a male! xD


      • I feel like they might ruin the actual series with a sequel. Cdrama sequels usually turn out kind of weird – lack of a better word? I wouldn’t mind if PD-nim use the same cast in a spinoff or au?

        Maybe they can do modern au where Qi Sheng and Peng Peng are married, but are going through marriage troubles? Peng Peng due to some freak accident gets reverted back to the time when they were dating/falling in love? LOL. Ignore me. Wild imagination running here.


      • Wild imagination is the way to go if you want to follow the mindset of GPG producers ^^ I would be interested to see the feminine personality of pengpeng in her male form version xD
        It is true most second seasons turned out to be bad, but there are still some exceptions (palace series, prince of tennis, impart meant, etc). I still want to keep hope until the stills/trailer are out (if it ever happens) 🙂


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