Entertainment Update: Run for Love, Adventure for Love

As February swipes into the C-Entertainment world, many romantic comedy are popping out left and right! Here comes a very loving and cozy entertainment update!

New novel to drama in work! It is called 八月未央 August Not The Time by Anny Baby. The director is Wang Xiaokang.


Another novel to drama in work is BubuShengLiang 步步生莲. I never read it so I don’t know if it has anything to do with Bubujingxin xD. Apparently the novel had time travelling elements, but those parts won’t be filmed for the drama version.

Press Conference for the cast of Legend of Ban Shu as the drama prepares for a rerun!


Xiao Shi Yi Lang also held their press conference with Yan Yikuan.


Wallace Huo and Liu Shishi promoting Imperial Doctress.


Go Princess Go cast and producing team came together to celebrate their great success! They accumulated 2.6 Billion online network plays. Good job!


Zhu Xian‘s Character Poster for Li Yifeng are out and were added to our post dedicated for the drama, part 3.


If anyone is looking for a good drama to watch after Go Princess Go, you should maybe try Adventure of Love starring Jiang Jingfu. The drama has been trending recently on weibo for been funny yet silly:



However, if you are still not over Go Princess Go, you would be happy to know that the two main male lead, Sheng Yilun and Yu Menglong recently went on a variety show and shared a smoky kiss!


Drama Mr.Right with Chang Jiwook, Wang Xiaochen and Zhang Danfeng released beautiful poster/stills.


Drama So Young with Chen Xiaozheng and Zheng Wei.

Drama 开封府传奇 starring Bobo Gan

New stills for Flying Daggers.

Drama 女不强大天不容 starring Zhang Yi, Du Chun, and Hai Qing.


There is a video game version of Legend of Zu. The posters are so pretty!

Two behind the scene pictures of Just A Smile is Alluring starring Angelababy and Jing Boran:

Funny sketch of Wallace Huo on the set of Inside or Outside.

More pictures from The Mermaid

704_1837783_944546 704_1837785_481614 704_1837788_412685

The cast also held a press conference:


Movie Run for Love released gorgeous stills:

New stills for The Monkey King:

Lunar New Year Festival on Dongfeng TV has booked G.E.M. and Psy!


For anyone curious, the Jessica Jung, Kris Wu Yifan and Zheng Kai episode on Day Day Up will be out this Friday at 20:20PM Chinese Time.



4 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Run for Love, Adventure for Love

    • intellectualkitten says:

      That was the intention (wink, wink :P) I am loving the posters for Run for Love too, they are so gorgeous. I also like the ones of So Young!


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