[Variety] 王牌对王牌 Joker VS Joker with Run Brother and Challenger Alliance


Boom, boom… CLASH! Ready for some Challenger Alliance and Run Brother interaction? If you watched the episode, I would love to hear your comment!


You can find the episode here:

Note: the two casts will not appear on next week’s episode

My comment section:

I will not write a full recap for this episode since I don’t intend to recap any new variety shows just yet. But(!), I kept smiling while watching this episode! Such a heartwarming show and since it is not scripted, the viewer is looking at a more realistic personality of the entertainers. Fang Bingbing, Kris Wu, Luhan, and Lin Gengxin are not as flamboyant as their image whereas… the Run Brother cast is as loud as always xD… Especially Li Chen, Deng Chao, Angelababy, and Wang Zulan, all I hear is them screaming.

The introduction performance of Deng Chao and of Luhan was extremely well done. Kris did a good job, but I liked his voice a little less…his dance was also very extravagant. At the same time, Li Chen and Fang Bingbing’s sweet slow dance and sketch performance were so adorable and loving! The second game (where they must guess why they were ranked the way they were) was hilarious and I loved Da Peng’s comments. As for Wang Zulan’s impersonation of Wu Zetian… I honestly have no comment.

Pictures from the show

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5 thoughts on “[Variety] 王牌对王牌 Joker VS Joker with Run Brother and Challenger Alliance

  1. Cate says:

    This was a fun episode but I do wish the Hurry Up Brother cast would calm down a bit sometimes.. some of their jokes just aren’t funny and they tend to keep repeating the same jokes again and again and then you see the others try to force their laughter.

    Fan Bingbing is a bit reserved but that’s to be expected. I didn’t think Kris Wu was that quiet? I remember he cracked some jokes. Luhan needs to be coached in variety since it seems he doesn’t know how to make jokes and he just stands there and laughs. Same with Lin Gengxin.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      xD I felt the same when watching this episode! Sure, I love my RB crew, but they are just all over the place ><

      The more I watch Fan Bingbing on variety shows, the more I like her… I don't understand why people call her egocentric. Maybe he was, but Kris' joke does not come as smoothly as the other cast members and I feel like he is usually the quiet type… like compare to Da Peng or Deng Chao, he is still uncomfortable with variety shows. But yes, he was definitely better than Luhan! Sigh, I will always remember how awkward LGX was on Happy Camp


    • Whoopie says:

      Tbh Kris didn’t leave much of an impression for me? He didn’t speak much and kinda just stood there…… Not that Luhan was any better, but still.
      The RM cast were the life of the show! ‘Calm’ them and it would be super boring. Challenger Alliance cast didn’t speak up much so the only funny part was when Da Peng got laughed at. I felt like the whole show was supported by Deng Chao and Chen He. (DC looked super tired tho, poor baby)


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