Entertainment Update: LongShi Wedding, Lover’s Lies, Song of Phoenix


Not much happened in the entertainment world for the last few days. Hehe, William Chan and Li Yifeng are proving themselves to be puppy idols >.< in these pictures… Otherwise, let’s wish a fast recovery for Lay

Lay (Zhang Yixing) got into a motocycle accident while filming for Old Nine Gates… I hope our baby is okay. The official statement is his conditions are stable, I hope he didn’t get badly injured…


Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu went to New Zealand last week for their wedding photoshoot… don’t they look beautiful?

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Drama Sparrow released more beautiful BTS of the cast. Li Yifeng looks like such a puppy in this picture!

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Drama Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 九州海上牧云记 which we covered slightly in past entertainment update, just got more interesting! Indeed, they have booked Janine Chang as additional cast! This drama has an extended list of lead so I will just link the official weibo account for you to check out:

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Drama Let’s Get Married starring Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Hong, and Ming Dao released some more stills


The official stills for Song of Phoenix starring Lee Hyun Jae where released!

Another new drama you may want to look out for: Lover’s Lies. It is considered to be the sequel of the highly popular 2015 drama Wife’s Lies. It is starring again Jia Qing and Zhang Xiaolong and will start airing on February 24th, 2016.

Banshu Legend released new (really pretty!) stills for its rerun.

Drama Left Ear has happily wraped up filming.

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Finally, a bonus picture of Hawick Lau trying to look old in Chronicles of Life:


Pretty sure we talked about 悟空传 before, but here is some concrete pictures to seal the deal! The movie 悟空传 (Legend of Wukong) will star Eddie Peng and Ni Ni. 2nd collab between the OTP of Fleeting with time!


Talking about Ni Ni, her movie Suddenly Sixteen with Wallace Huo released some stills (that production speed is scary 0.0) … What do you think?

Movie Who Sleeps My Bro starring Chen Xiao, Du Tian Hao and Liu Rui Lin released their stills a long time ago but since neither Archidisign or myself are fan of horror movies, we didn’t release them. But hey, it is never too late right?


I am sure guys are secretly jealous of monk Tang. xD With all the talk about Sun Wukong these days, I feel like watching Monkey King 2 too!

Chinese Lunar New Year

Kris Wu preparing for Anhui’s special Chinese Lunar New Year ceremony.


Apparently Psy is scheduled for three Chinese New Year shows: SMG Dongfang Shangai Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV and Liaoning TV. Wow, that is a lot of Daddy performances! xD While, Chinese New Year is all about being excited and having a heat up mood so Psy is a great choice for that.

Say Cheese!

Liu Tao and Ruby Lin celebrating the latter’s birthday together. Sweet!


Zhao Liying posted a selfie with Ouyang Nana and He Jiong! 😀



Flawless pictures of Liu Yifei of course:

And Li Xiaolu in a wedding photoshoot!

5 6

Liu Wen for Elle


William Chan for Elle



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