[Review] Run Brother Through the Seasons


Many data and information about Run Brother from season 1 to season 2! Zhejiang TV recently released a chart of Run Brother performance during 2014-2015 and I thought it would be interesting to translate it for the blog 🙂

A special artic7dced06cjw1f0dydew1zsj20c85z2qv0le for Run Brother! I recently came across this really fun bilan of Run Brother on weibo, which has all these really cool information about the show during the last 3 seasons. Sadly, my Chinese is not top notch so I will only translate the parts I understand 🙂

Fixed cast:

  • Deng Chao
  • Angelababy
  • Li Chen
  • Chen He
  • Zheng Kai
  • Wang Zulan

Rotating members:

  • Wang Baoqiang
  • Bao Bei Er
  • Lu Han

2014/10/10 Announcement of the Chinese version of Running Man season 1.

2015/04/17 Start of season 2

2015/10/30 Start of season 3







Number of hashtags of Run Brother! Remember, these hashtags are cumulative:

Season 1: 13 Billion

Season 2: 19.6 Billion

Season 3: 26.6 Billion




Among the hashtags related to Run Brother, here are the 12 most popular ones:

  • Real Man Baby
  • Genius Chen He
  • Perfection Wang Zulan
  • Personnification (?) Zheng Kai
  • Run Brother Tang Yan
  • Kung Fu master Bao Qiang
  • Nerd Deng Chao
  • Run Bother Yang Mi
  • Cute (?) Lin Geng Xin
  • Black Bull Li Chen
  • Deer Luhan
  • Run Brother Zhao Liying
  • Run Brother Sun Li+Deng Chao combo
  • JJLin
  • Run Brother Lay

Number of viewers of Run Brother in percentage!

Season 1: 2.6121%

Season 2: 4.2747%

Season 3: 4.7556%



Popularity poll during season 1!

  • Li Chen and Zheng Kai



Popularity poll during season 2!

  • Chen He
  • Zheng Kai
  • Angelababy
  • Li Chen
  • Deng Chao
  • Bao Bei Er
  • Wang Zulan




Best guest during season 3:

Sun Li!



Popularity poll during season 3!

  • Luhan
  • Chen He
  • Deng Chao
  • Angelababy
  • Zheng Kai
  • Li Chen
  • Wang Zulan



Another two fanbase polls of popularity… They all basically have the same names each season x)









Favourite guests through the seasons:

  • Season 1: JJ Lin, Lee Gwangsoo, Ma Su
  • Season 2: Wallace Chung, Tang Yan, Zhang Yixing Lay
  • Season 3: Sun Li, Yang Mi, Xie Na



Relationship between the members:

Sigh, I personally don’t like how then tagged themselves in the show since it looks a tad fake. But here are the main ones:

  • Deng Chao+ Li Chen: Goodlooking Older Team
  • Angelababy + Luhan: Goodlooking Younger Team
  • Deng Chao+Chen He: Genius and Nerd
  • Chen He and Li Chen: Mom and son
  • Li Chen+Luhan+Zheng Kai: Animal Kingdom

Positive VS negative reviews:

Season 1: 87%

Season 2: 91%

Season 3: 92%




Age of the viewers by intervals:










Percentage of viewer from the different regions of China














Female VS Male viewers:


7 thoughts on “[Review] Run Brother Through the Seasons

  1. With Run Brother, I’m always just watching an episode here or there, and even sometimes dropping in the middle of an episode. It’s fun, but I think it’s a bit too predictable for me since I follow the original Korean version too, so I pretty much know most of the games. T_______T But still, the guests & the interactions between the hosts keep me coming back regardless.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I am also a fan of Running Man, so without thinking about it, I will compare the two shows and the two casts. The original show is definitely more fun to watch and sometimes, I get disappointed by the Chinese version so I get what you are saying… On the other hand, every Friday, for some mysterious reason, I always come back to their youtube channel and watch eagerly the episode 😛 I guess I just got attached to the cast…

      Liked by 1 person

      • intellectualkitten says:

        Yep, did you watch the episode with Ella? They used a new concept for the elimination game (at least I haven’t seen it before) and it was awesome!


  2. the only variety show I give a lot of time for! so thank you so much for this! Love how Sun Li’s the best guest in the recent season and I’m so glad that I was able to watch it because that episode made me know and love her at the same time! Really wish that I can watch the old seasons with subs because they had such interesting sets of guests as well 😦


    • intellectualkitten says:

      You are welcome 😀 Always appreciate when people find my articles useful :33 Yep, there are some fun episodes in the past which are worth watching 😦 Can I suggest you to watch the movie version? It should be somewhere online and the english subs are quite official 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • of course they are, dear! I actually saved it for my “Watch Later” on Youtube so I’m glad that you mentioned it because I forgot that it should be placed on my to-download list haha! Thank you! 🙂


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