Entertainment Update: If Love Like This, Decoded, Mad About You, Lover’s Lies


Still not the most interesting Entertainment Update out there, but there were tons of stills released for more modern dramas and a few ancient ones. There are also pictures released for variety show We Are in Love, setting in stone our little couples (really worried for Zhou Dongyu…) Also, Victoria and Yang Yang’s company are ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year! Finally, we have gossip thoughts that may surprise you! ^^

New novel to drama adaptation: 《迷雾围城》. The story will mix the destiny of two friends (girls) and a family of three brothers.

1 (2)

Drama If Love Like This starring Liu Shishi and Tong Dawei released some stills:


Drama Three Heroes and Five Gallants with ::

Real life couple starring in their drama Mad About You: Li Sheng and Li Jia Hang.


More stills for Lover’s Lies:


New drama Decoded with an amazing cast: Chen Xuedong, Ying Er, Jing Chao, and Zhang Zhehan and will have guest Ady An and Liu Tao. The story is based on a novel called 傻瓜天才 Stupid Genius.


Two more pictures of William Chan in Old Nine Gates:

Drama Xiao Shi Yi Lang held a press conference with the leading ladies. The drama stars Yan YiKuan, Gan Tingting, Zhu Yilong, Li Yi xiao, Ye Zu Xin, and Zhang HanYun.

New stills for Princess JieYou:

New movie Nezha: Da Nao Dong Hai (Nezha: Fighting the East Sea) will have Zhang Fengyi and Wu Lei as father and son. Cute considering Wu Lei started his career by playing little Nezha in 2005.

New movie Beijing starring Tang Wei

We Are in Love released pictures of Zhou Dongyu with her virtual hubby Yu Wenle….


At the same time, they released pictures of the third couple: Li Qin and Wei Daxun. I will link our article about this show here 🙂


Say Cheese!

Yang Yang, Song Qian, and Ying Er‘s company proves themselves to be the coolest company during this CNY by organizing an office party:

704_1844458_641629 704_1844459_346197


Darling Hu Ge wishes you an early happy Valentine’s Day!

704_1843211_274083 704_1843206_968308

Lovely Tiang Liang‘s family photoshoot:

704_1843888_422405 704_1843889_381642

Bonus: Actress An Yue Xi (who played Tang Bao in Hua Qian Gu) being her usual cute self:

Gossip Thoughts:

  • Tao (Huang Zitao) went back up in the trending topics because of reports saying his father is super rich! :O Apparently, his father’s company is operating with 20Billion RMB of ressources and he owns four-five houses. Another report says that Tao didn’t know his father owned that much money @_@
  • More news for LongShi wedding. Now that Liu Shishi is done filming If Love This Way with Tong Dawei, her and Nicky Wu are ready to prepare for a wedding ceremony. Rumor has it that the best man will be Nicholas Tse. Also, they will be holding it in March in Sydney (same place as Yang Mi and Hawick Lau). Excited?
  • Do you still remember about the drama adaptation of the novel Eastern Palace? This is a very popular novel out there! Back last year, we reported Ruby Lin‘s company had the rights to adapt it. Later on, it is said Yu Zheng Production team was actually going to produce it with Fan Bingbing as lead. Now, it is said that it didn’t work out with Yu Zheng (yeah!) and the new rumored female lead is Liu Yifei. With all those divergent news, we can only be sure of one thing: the adaptation is in work!

17 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: If Love Like This, Decoded, Mad About You, Lover’s Lies

  1. Since it’s in March, LongShi’s wedding will probably be held on LSS’ birthday.
    About that Nezha movie with Wu Lei, could it be his movie debut? I don’t remember him ever being in a movie before. Confident he’ll do a great job!


    • Hopefully! the sooner the better ^^
      For Wu Lei, you made me curious too so I checked out his baidu page. OMG he had so many projects and this is definitely not his first big screen debut. He had a movie in 2006 called 北魏传奇之宏图恨 in 2006, 火线追凶之死亡地带 and 川川和洋洋 in 2009, and 80后 in 2010. Right now, he is actually filming two movies: this one and 奇迹:追逐彩虹. Seriously make me wonder if he has time to attend school…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the info! Wow, and it’s no wonder that he’s the teen actor with the heaviest filmography, playing the child version of many main characters.

        I wonder how he and the rest of the busy teen actors manage time for school AND to prepare themselves for entrance exams for Beijing Film Academy and other film academies…


      • I know! He accomplished so much in his life. I am both proud and jealous of him xD
        I don’t know. I remember that Ouyang Nana is attending Curtis in the US, so I am surprised she has so many activities during the academic year (I expected to not see her at all now xD). Wu Lei said in an interview that he enjoys being a normal teenager, playing sports with his friends. I just want those cutie pies to grow naturally and not overwork them to stay relevant to the crazy busy C-ent. I wouldn’t worry for the BFA admission since I am sure he will easily get a free pass (like Liu Yifei did).

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wu Lei is almost everywhere, it’s time for him to get lead role. But he still so young.

    How many adaptation will Eastern Palace have? Only drama or movie also? There was news about ZLY and YY as lead roles in Eastern Palace, I still hope it will be confirmed.


    • He actually did have a few lead roles (I remember last year there was a drama called Pal Inn 仙剑客栈). Sadly, he still doesn’t have the name power to make his leading projects trending (at least I didn’t see much hype will it was airing).
      I dunnoo! I bet it will do both since it will definitely bring in even more hype. I really wish Liying could take on that project because it sounds like so much fun. But, to be frank, while reading the synopsis, I was more imagining Tang Yan acting out the character. Either way, I am just happy it will be produced!


      • I was so happy when announce that ZLY can probably cast in this project I even decide to read the novel, even though I’m not god with palace-dramas, and she might cast with YY, it make reason to watch stronger, but who knows will she accept it or not. Also that rumor about CP movie that unclear. She have so many projects that still in process production and that don’t confirmed. I’m continuing to hope that she will take role in Eastern Palace.


      • me too! That’s why I went online to read a few passages and get into the mood of this story. It is so good and more complicated/unexpected then your average plotting palace drama. Whoever is casted, I will give it a try. Zhao Liying is of course my number one candidate for the position! if they cast YY, it would be even more perfect. Hope the casting news can be announced soon (like something official). AND PLEASE, Yu Zheng, stay away from this!!
        CP had been filming for 1 month or 2 and we still didn’t get many BTS. Casting must be a mess on that set … xD Liying has so many potential projects so I hope to see her get casted in something real cool real soon!


  3. HJ says:

    YingEr, YangYang, and Victoria all have same managers, JiaShiKai who is the boss of YueKai Ent. Yang2 is an artist under that company, but YingEr and Victoria have their own studios and not exactly artists under that company. They just have JiaShiKai as their manager/agent dealing with work offers. I saw instagram posts of Vic’s Korean makeup and hair staffs who also just attended their CNY party. lmaooo they had a lucky draw for prizes and omg the prizes are hella expensive. Vic’s hair staff won iPhone 6S plus (which was btw smallest prize apparently lol) and Vic’s makeup staff won macbook pro lmaoooo I wanna be part of this too! From the picture they posted, it seems Vic’s a lucky star lol cuz all 4 of Vic’s staffs including her Chinese managers were holding Apple boxes lol


  4. MK says:

    Hawick and YangMi were married in Bali, not Sydney. LongShi were in New Zealand for their wedding shoot, but not sure where Sydney came from. Does either one of them have ties with Sydney?

    I would be surprised if Nic Tse does turn out to be his best man. I didn’t know they were that close. I thought he would have Jullian or Alec. If ShiShi could, she would probably ask Hu Ge to be her maid of honor LoL. Now I, wondering if YangMi would be present at their wedding since ShiShi wasn’t at hers and ppl thought they were good friends.


    • Oh really? sorry about that. I actually didn’t really follow Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s wedding so I didn’t know where it was held. These information came from an article I found a while back… :/
      Nicky Wu and Nicholas Tse are good friends and are even filming a variety show together right now. I also admit Nicholas Tse isn’t my first call for best man. I would rather they bring in our 13th Prince, Yuan Hong! *_* that would be a perfect wedding. Maid of honor Hu Ge? I would want to see that!! xD Yang Mi and Shishi used to be BFF I think so I also wonder how their friendship is doing now.


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