Photoshoot Special: Zhang Tian Ai, Liu Shishi, and more CP


A lot of nice photoshoot! I am a big fan of all these pictures, but which one is your favourite?

Chinese New Year with the cast of 24 Hours!


Du Chun with his father



Shu Qi


Song Qian

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Zhang Tian Ai

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Sheng Yilun

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Liu Shishi

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Li Xiaolu

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Tang Yan

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Liu Wen

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Couple photoshoot

Zhang Tian Ai and Sheng Yilun

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Ouyang Nana and Liu Haoran

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Qi Wei with hubby Li Chengxuan


Zheng Kai with girlfriend Yvonne Chong

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Cast of Go Princess Go

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11 thoughts on “Photoshoot Special: Zhang Tian Ai, Liu Shishi, and more CP

  1. One more project with Zhang Tian Ai and Sheng Yilun, please, and this time let it be modern drama. Or continuation of GPG in our times (is it even possible?) it will be great to.


  2. HJ says:

    My favourite : SongQian you know why lol 🙂
    small correction: that’s not Jin Dong. It’s Du Chun and his father is also a veteran actor.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Oh you are right! And I also love Song Qian’s photoshoot, she is always classy >< f(x) recently did their concert and I wish I was there to cheer them

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jo says:

    Jing Dong’s dad looks great and no words for Victoria and Shishi 😍😍 Zhang Tian Ai lol see that she can’t get away from her “manly” character- she looks amazing 😊and so does SY.


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