[Anticipation Post] Legend of Nine Tails Fox


Drama Legend of Nin Tails Fox 青丘狐传说 will be released on February 8th (not 15th as mentionned before) and the stills are gorgeous! I compiled all the information in this article  (short stories synopsis, character stills, MV, etc) so tell me if you are excited for this drama by commenting below ^^!~

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Official Posters:

Number of episodes: 40

Synopsis: The drama will have six completely different stories… what? I wanted one whole story full of epic moments and lovely scenes… Sad Here is a quick summary of each story:

  1. 《封三娘》: Shan Nian is a fox spirit with an extremely bad reputation. This is actually a misunderstanding and our main character will rescue her.
  2. 《阿绣》: Ah Xiu is a fox spirit acting like a mortal, wishing to understand human love and willing to sacrifice herself for it.
  3. 《婴宁》: A cheerful fox spirit who hopes to find the truth behind her mother’s murder. She is helped by the royal prince and gain the respect of the crowd.
  4. 《胡四相公》Hu Shi is a powerful and old fox spirit and a friend of wealthy Tangjiu. Hu Shi will help his friend find his concubine.
  5. 《长亭》: Dan Taipu is a famous exorcist and the head of a fox family promise to give him his daughter Chang Ting in marriage.
  6. 《恒娘》: Beautiful Fox Spirit living next door to a married couple and tries to seduce the husband.

Zhang Ruoyun as Liu Zigu, character of 《阿绣》


Zhai Tianlin as Meng Anren, a powerful, intelligent and handsome minister who will turn to the dark side after immense drama in his life.


Wang Kai as Shi Taipu, an exorcist who turns to god to exterminate the fox spirits


Tang Yixin as Zhong Qing, a member of 《胡四相公》

Guli Nazha as Tao Heng, the almighty protagonist, a thousand year old fox spirit and the guardian of the Fox Clan. She is an independent lady who secretly hope to be part of the commoners.


Jin Chen as Weng Changting, a fox spirit from the Fox Spirit. She falls in love with her nemesis: the spirit exorcist.


Jiang Kaitong as Feng Feiyue, an upright, rightful, kind, and cheerful fox spirit.


Mike as Hu Shi, a thousand year old Five Tail fox. He is chic, good hearted and very straight forward.


Little Caijie as Ying Ning, a young Fox spirit with a will to revenge.


Chen Yao as Hua Yue. She hides her identity of fox spirit in the hope of staying with the mortals. Ultimately, she chooses to sacrifice herself for her love.


Fu Xinbo as Wang Zifu


Chen Ruoxuan as Zhang Sheng


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Countdown Posters:


Other posters:


Finally, at Press Conference:



12 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] Legend of Nine Tails Fox

  1. unforgetableme says:

    I’m super excited for this… After watching Wuxin, I’m looking forward to Chen Yao’s storyline… Watching the MVs and Trailer clips have made me anticipate her story a lot!!!!!! I hope it’s good!


  2. I’m pretty hyped for this! Mostly looking forward to Chen Yao x Zhang Ruo Yun being reunited since Wuxin. Plus Wang Kai x Jin Chen’s story seems like it’ll have a good amount of angst + sweetness. It’s a shame Wang Kai’s voice is dubbed (guess I’ll just have to pretend based on my memory of what his voice sounds like in Nirvana in Fire LOL) =_= The special effects don’t look that great haha but otherwise the drama looks reallly pretty!


    • Haha, Wang Kai does have a really nice voice. So far, all the short stories sound super interesting, especially story number 3 and number 4. Special effects is as good as it can get coming from an idol production 😉 As long as they don’t overdo the magic element, I am fine 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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