Entertainment Update: Mr.Right, Fifteen Years Waiting for Birds, First Love


Hey guys! Just a head up: we may get a bit more busy in real life for the next few weeks, so we won’t be able to cover everything as well as we usually do.  It is the Chinese New Year, are you passing it well with your loved ones? We prepared two special posts for the occasions (the first one is about food and it is already out~) so hope you enjoy ^^. Eat at lot and stay healthy! This entertainment update has lots of goodies 😉

A hot topic on weibo (well, considering the dense population in China, anything is a hot topic lol)… who will be crowned as 2015 Golden Eagle goddess? The strong candidates are Zheng Shuang, Guli Nazha, and Yuan Shanshan.In the past, it has been Liu Yifei, Li Xiaolu, Wang Luodan, Liu Shishi, and Zhao Liying:


Picture of Liu Yifei when she was young… woah! She is so grgeous:


Additional picture of Victoria and Feng Shaofeng for My Best Friend’s Wedding


Casting: Zhu Yilong and Song Yi are casted for new drama The Rhapsody Of A Summer Dream. It will be interesting to see those two beautiful (and sadly underrated) actors as OTP! ^^

1 2

In another country, Bolin Chen is maximizing his plane ticket in Korea as he will guest star in MBC’s new drama Monster.

Talking about trip to Korea, Zhang Yixing Lay had to go back there to treat his injuries and I would guess, participate in EXO activities. Also, Lay is getting hate in Korea for not performing with the EXO members. Sigh, is my poor injured puppy supposed to attend all these galas, variety shows, and act in dramas while been bashed for not doing enough? I wish people were more considerate… At the same time, William Chan also got hurt on the set of Old Nine Gates. William Chan will hence not be able to attend this year’s Chinese New Year’s performers!

Some behind the scene pictures with the Tang Yan on Princess Weiyoung set.

New Xiao Shi Yi Lang released stills that stars Zhu Yilong and Zhang Hanyun.

Drama Lover’s Lies released a poster with the whole cast.

Lover's Lies

Drama Mad about You with Li Sheng and Li Jiahang:

Drama Mr.Right with Chang Jiwook, Zhang Danfeng and Wang Xiaochen.

Little Valentine with Hu Jun and Jin Chen released BTS:

1 2 3

Hunan will be airing a new drama in March called 《十五年等待候鸟》Fifteen Years Waiting for Birds (?). Based on the novel of the same name, it tells the sour story of a teenage girl’s fifteen years of love toward a dude. It will star Sun Yi and Zhang Ruoyun.

As mentionned on cfensi, Princess Jieyou will possibly airing on February 18th! I realized I won’t have time to follow any drama until the end of February because of exams/school activities. Sigh…

Talking about First Love, let’s jump to the movie with the same name starring Guli Nezha, Hawick Lau and Sun Yizhou.

1 2 3 4 5

Stills of the movie Mermaid with Deng Chao:


Variety show Noonas Over Flower Chinese Edition has casted the noonas: Jin Chen, Son Dangdang and Jiang Yan.

Next it is Anhui’s turn to confirm their line-up for the Chinese New Year show. Airing on February 5th at 19:30 Chinese Time, it will star Kris Wu Yifan, Jolin Tsai, Xu Song, Phoenix Legend, Zhao Pu, Xie Nan, and Gong Hanlin.

As for the CCTV New Year show airing today, here is a quick look at the performances:

3 5

Gossip Thoughts:

  • If you are curious, on February 2nd, both dramas the Lost Tomb and 心理罪 Psychological Crime are back on official Chinese Streaming websites. However, Go Princess Go is still not back on the sites… SARFT came out with a list of 71 violations for GPG and doesn’t want to let go of this issue.
  • Did you catch the GPG’s SHORT appearance on Happy Camp? I was so disappointed… Want to kick Hunan. It felt like they really didn’t give them enough spotlight.
  • Jiang Jinfu and Tangren saga keeps getting bigger! Yes! Last week, Jiang Jingfu’s father posted on weibo a long article defending his son and listing the six sins of Tangren (Lol, may I ask if he got this idea from Huang Zitao’s dad? xD ). This caused a serious uproar in the weibo community and even made the president of Tangren Cai Yi Nong respond. She says she didn’t intend for both parties to start a war between each other, but this definitely negatively reflected on the company. Ohoh… What will happen next?


Finally, a cute picture of Hu Ge on the set of Resume. He recently denied being in a relationship on the Jin Xin Show [read more here on eternallyjm].



18 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Mr.Right, Fifteen Years Waiting for Birds, First Love

    • Maybe? Although that definitely wouldn’t be fair for his partner in the drama :/ I still see Jiang Jinfu on so many shows (example, he was on Hunan’s CNY show) so I feel like he has a really influential person backing him up behind the scenes.
      Golden Eagle goddess does look a bit weird dress wise, but it seems like they are toning down each year. I personally feel like they should give the award to Yang Mi and Tang Yan before anyone else!


      • Yes It will bad for Nazha too since she his pair. In other hand will be really awkward if they cut him like Kai Kuo was cut from last TT movie.

        Yes past dresses were weird so far.


  1. cc says:

    Wow so Hu ge is not taken… Well whatever, I still love him… Whether true or not… One thing Hu ge is good at is telling but not giving complete answer… He’s good


  2. So annoyed at HC, using the cast of GPG to promote their episode, only for them to appear in the last 20 minutes of the whole episode. Also, is it just me, or does Huang Xiaoming have some kind of special privilege on HC? I remember last time when My Sunshine movie version was promoting on HC, HXM and Baby had the most screentime, whilst Yang Mi (the female lead) had so little. Same thing’s happening in this ep of HC.

    Also, what is this trend nowadays of having fathers involved in lawsuits? First Tao, now Jiang Jianfu lol.


    • I know! They made them film all those little sketches and probably work even harder BTS just to get such a treatment… Not a fan. I seriously feel like in general Happy Camp quality lowered a lot during the last months. As soon as I saw Huang Xiaoming was going to guest, I was worried for our GPG cast. I mean, HXM is an A-list actor so for sure they will give him the spotlight. I wouldn’t say he has a special priviledge per say, but he is definitely better treated than second-tier guests. The time he and AB got the most spotlight was because it was right before their wedding I think and at the time, all news were happy to report about those two lovebirds. Poor Yang Mi got less screen time because of that. At least she kept being awesome during her short appearance ^^
      I know right. It is defintely not a good move for the son! I guess it is called paternal love…


      • I remember that there were stills of the cast of GPG doing another game whilst being dressed in sheep costume, so I hope that unreleased part gets released….
        Ahh right, that explains it. Still think they could’ve juggled the screen time between them equally.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        I think you are right!! For next week’s episode, it will be unreleased games with previous guests (but I didn’t see the cast of G{G in the trailer), so I am sure they are keeping the clip with GPG for another to be released episode 🙂 I hate the new format of Happy Camp, it feels like it is jumping left and right…

        Liked by 1 person

      • That’s right! I hope it will be released next week then because HC release their BTS videos at the end of the year and I don’t feel like waiting a year to see the GPG cast all happy together on a good variety show…
        Definitely, I don’t like how biased screen time can be some time :/

        Liked by 1 person

  3. aflea says:

    Ugh, Tangren. I remember how much they caused damage toward the actors who left their company, especially the whole debacle with Yang Mi back then, in which they slandered her like crazy and it is believed that 60% of the hate she got till today are caused by Tangren. This issue with JJF is further reflecting badly on the company….


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yep, I think Tangren wants to control of “their” stars’ career, which is why the termination of the contracts are never pretty (like what happened with the EXO members and Hangeng with SM). I remember I was so sad when Yuan Hong left…


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