[Feature] Chinese New Year’s Greetings


Some New Year’s greetings before starting this new Monkey Year! ^^ Did you receive any Hong Bao? Anyhow, celebritie are here to celebrate New Year with you. You can also follow this link by eternallyjm for even more greetings!

Zhao Liying


The Cast of Zhu Xian including Zhao Liying, Li Yifeng, Yang Zi and the TFBoys are wishing you a happy New Year!

Liu Yifei and her costar Yang Yang of Three Lives Three Worlds wishes you all a happy Chinese New Year!


The drama version with Yang Mi and Dili Reba:

The leads of Flying Daggers: Yang Rong and Hawick Lau.


Zhang Meng from the set of The Legend Of Kai Feng 《开封府传奇》 2016


The quatuor from the Monkey King 2 with Feng Shaofeng, Aaron Kwok, Xiao Shengyan and Him Law.


Wu Lei and Chen Xiang from their drama set Qi Xing Ji Zhi Xian Yi Nu Ma Shao Nian Shi《奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时》.

The cast of 24 Hours including Wu Lei, Hangeng and Chen Kun.


Hu Ge posted this picture on his weibo, sending his greetings and reminding us of his performances for the Chinese New Year Show of CCTV.


Here is another clip of him celebrating New Year, wishing everyone to have a Good Times! 😉

Finally, a chibi version of the characters of Imperial Doctress:



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