[Anticipation Post] Imperial Doctress with Liu Shishi and Wallace Huo

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Third anticipation post of the month: Imperial Doctress with Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo and Huang Xun. A strong lady stuck between two royal brothers while trying to have her own career. Sounds like a mix of Bubujingxin and Legend of Lu Zhen! It should be released for February 13th. 

First of all, some stills from the trailer:




During the Ming dynasty, social taboos dominate the lifestyle of women and they are not allowed to practice medecine. The family Tan is a traditional medicine family, but because of a conspiracy, the family meets a horrible death. Tan Yunxian (Liu Shishi) learned the ways of med since young. Although with a gender restriction, she gets the recognization of the public for her talent. She will get entangled in a love triangle with the emperor Zhu Qizhen (Wallace Huo) and 2nd brother and future emperor Zhu Qi Yu (Huang Xun).

Character Stills:

Character stills part 2:

Last batch:



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Press Conference:


Mini clip of them at an interview: The media asked Wallace Huo who would he save if both Liu Shishi and Hu Ge both fell in the water at the same time. Wallace chuckled and said he will just pretend he didn’t hear anything xD


22 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] Imperial Doctress with Liu Shishi and Wallace Huo

  1. at first I really wanted to see this because of Wallace and Shi Shi. But then I found that they’re not the OTP, which I’m kinna okay with. however, when it’s revealed that Shi Shi’s character will be r*ped by her love interest, the second emperor (the one she ended up with), I decided to pass. It seem to be a waste of cast and if i have to be honest, plot. I felt that they could have done it better even if she’s not to end up with Wallace so that I will respect her other leading man more. 😦 And I’ve been looking forward to this series for so long too.


    • I’m new to c-dramas and have been looking forward to this based and the super pretty stills but that story line tho (falling in love with your rapist? Hmmmmm) …… I might still give this a try because of my love for Wallace Huo but I definitely have my reservations now.

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    • xD I am sure the producers are smart enough to put lots of Liu Shishi+Wallace Huo moments even if they don’t end up together at the end. Omg? r*ped??? I didn’t know that the drama would take such a dark turn. I watched the trailer real quick and skipped a bit because the story didn’t attract me that much, so I never noticed before :/ Huang Xuan’s character looks like such a nice character from the stills!
      Anyway, yeah, I hate when they add rape scenes into a drama.. not a good move. May still check a few episodes when it comes out though ^^

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      • It’s actually not in this trailer but this one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAtn2dIQHjE at [2:18]. This was later confirmed by someone at SPCNET who read that particular part of the script. I just don’t condone this and don’t have the heart for it anymore. Huang Xuan’s character may look nice, but hide a dark side. He abused her a few times as well, as evidence in the trailer. That is a big no no for me.

        If I do watch it, I will only watch Wallace and Shi Shi’s scenes and skip the rest.

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      • Oh gosh. Very twisted! Not the nice drama about woman power I expected it to be. Frankly even look like too much drama just for drama, without much interesting plot. I don’t want to judge any characters without watching it, but the second brother will definitely not be my fave. Thanks for the link! I will watch Shishi+WH’s scenes the most too 😉

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  2. aflea says:

    Finally! I’ve waited 2 years for this T.T This doesn’t seem any more interesting than the ones that are currently airing, but I’ll still watch this for the cast. Does Wallace’s character really not get the girl in the end?

    Haha, that common question about who they would save if two people close to them fell in the water at the same time. The most clever response I’ve heard was from Yang Mi, who was asked to save either Hawick or Tang Yan. She answered that she didn’t need to save anyone and she’d just tell her husband to save her best friend first xD

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    • Yop! We waited for such a long time for this drama so please be good!
      It seems like it since his character must die 😦 I wonder if they will make it more career focus or more love focus!
      Haha I know! that question is so dumb and used to create useless dilemma. Good Yang Mi, as witty and fast as ever 😉


    • Hahahaha.. Hu Ge+Wallace Huo is such a real couple that will never die down!
      Do you know this sentence: 是胡不是霍 是霍躲不过 It doesn’t make much sense but it is so catchy!
      It is Hu, but it is not Huo. It is Huo so can’t escape. It is like their bromance motto! 😉

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  3. I’m a fan of all three leads, so I’ll try to find some time during the weekend to follow this drama, even though school/work is keeping me busy, as of late. How many episodes does it air each week?


  4. Pong says:

    Hmm they said the endgame is gonna be LSS x Huang Xuan, but somehow the LSS x Wallace’s pairing is promoted more (like in events/press conferences, and there’re more stills of them, their scenes is also featured a lot in the trailer, and somehow their scenes are more romantic too)? Because they’re more popular? Or it’s gonna be like, LSS’s character loves Wallace’s character but due to circumstances they can’t be together?


    • Although Huang Xuan got more popular this year thanks to Miyue Legend this year, Wallace Huo and Liu Shishis existed for so so so many years! Promotional wise, this is a good tactic in my opinion! But yeah, can’t expect the shipping to hold in the drama a 100% 😦
      From what I understand of the trailer, the girl just wants to become a doctor! But those royal brothers are throwing themselves at her xD


  5. NNA says:

    I think he rape her due to jealous.The young brother was her first love, but he married other woman and have LSS as second wife. She may more close to Wallace later that make HX jealous so he rape and slap LSS


  6. Lucy says:

    So excited for this drama particularly for Wallace. Even though his character is really similar to his character in Qing Shi Huang Fei with him pining over the female lead. The cast looks great and I hope Tangren doesn’t disappoint me like legend of qin.

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