Entertainment Update: Song of Phoenix, Noonas over Flowers 2, Kill Time, Berlin Film Festival


Hi! I know the Chinese New Year is over, so here are the LAST pack of greetings from the celebrities to start the year! There is one new drama in work (Gufang BuZishang), one red carpet event (Berlin Film Festival), one drama that started filming (Three Lives), and some new stills (Kill Time)!

OMG! It is Song of Phoenix cast with leads Ma Ke and Viann Zhang! Blush .///. So pretty

Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen celebrated with their family


Same goes for high profile couple: Fan Bingbing and Li Chen


Another A-list couple who went back to their roots to meet their family: Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy.


Lovely couple Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu were spotted in the airport… I wonder where they are going 😛


Han Geng and Zhang Ziyi, who celebrates their birthday on the same day (February 9th), took a glamor picture together on the set of Wasted Times.


And how can we forget about Legend of Zu family? They are adorable


I am sure nobody has time to catch up on old dramas when exciting new ones are being released at the same time, but just in case our viewers’ schedule isn’t packed enough, the 2012 drama The Bride with White Hair will have a rerun starting February 15th.. Sigh, ain’t nobody got time for that… :’D Starring Nicky Wu, it is the story about future Wudang sect leader meeting a charming and mysterious lady aka white hair demoness.

Hitting two birds with one stone is the variety show Noonas Over Flower Season 2! They used the CNY greetings excuse to reveal the cast. Curious? Here is the cast list: Song Dandan, Wang Lin, Lin Chi Ling, Jiang Yan, Jin Chen and Henry (from Super Junior-M). Well, seems like SM Entertainment forgot about the evil editing of Victoria last season because putting Henry on the show doesn’t sound like a bright idea to me. Interesting to note that, although Aarif Lee wasn’t confirmed for the second season, the production team released a BTS with him in it…


New c-novel to be adapted into a drama: Gufang BuZishang! Rumoured lead is Angelababy


Talking about William Chan, his drama The Love of Happiness with Tang Yixin released some more posters!

Drama Zhu Xian released a few new stills.

1 2 3

Drama version of Three World started filming! I love how every male actors have a little bun on their head…. seems like everyone is excited to start!


Excited for Kill Time with Angelababy and Ethan Ruan? It will be released tomorrow!

1 2 3 4

Don’t forget to stay tuned in for Valentine Special movie, Run for Love!


Kris Wu was at the NBA All-Star event in the University of Toronto, playing with the major league! Based on that one screen-shot, his team (Canada) seems to be winning!

0 4

Finally, the 66th Berlin International Film Festival is happening right now! Chinese actresses Tang Yan and Xin Zhilei went representing their movie, Crosscurrent.

3 4 5


19 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Song of Phoenix, Noonas over Flowers 2, Kill Time, Berlin Film Festival

    • I only had the time to check out Fox Legend so far since it is easy to listen while studying and only has four episodes a week. It is not bad, but not that great either. More like an easy watch without anyone really standing out or making me want to watch more…
      I may try out Imperial Doctress soon though.


    • I started watching Legend of Qing Qiu Fox last week. It’s not particularly great, but it’s decent enough for me to want to follow the drama. I’m more excited for the other stories (since this drama is a collection of stories).
      Also Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang ( 新萧十一郎), which has a more interesting plot and characters. But it’s purely wuxia, so be warned. This one airs two eps per day, so I have yet to catch up on the new eps.
      I’m also following The Adventure for Love (recommended by one of the writers on here), although it premiered a few weeks ago. It’s like The Lost Tomb in terms of mystery/adventure but much more interesting and the OTP is lovely and cute. Easy for me to follow bc it’s only 4 eps a week.
      I’ll check out Imperial Doctress too.


      • You actually make xiao shi yi lang interesting 8D I miss Wuxia drama. Maybe I will give it a try when I will desesperately need a new drama (since right now, I am floating in midterms/assignments). sigh… the worst is that whenever I have an overload of work to do, I feel like procrastinating even more.


      • You should give it a try! At least it’s definitely better than Legend of Qing Qiu Fox.
        Ugh, I feel you. Though midterms haven’t arrived for me yet, I’m packed with assignments. (What’s worse is that I really want to go see Deadpool next week but I can’t, while my friends all have free time to go see the movie next week) >< Typically, if I want to watch dramas whilst being busy with school/work, I can only do so right before bedtime because that's only when I have the time lol.


      • Will do then! But I am also worried to find a too “addictive” drama, because then, I become REALLY not productive haha
        Deadpool looks awesome! But yeah, me too, no time. These days, meeting friends is to have study dates at the library… Before bedtime, I like to find short oneshot mangas to read, to help me not dream about my studies 😉 Jiayou to you too! We can do it!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. SailorS says:

    Ma Ke looks gorgeous. He has just turn 26 since his birthday was on 9th Feb too.
    Zhang Xin Yu looks great too but I thought she will be a commoner. Her dress looks like a empress.

    Zhu Xian had made a lot of noise these days with more and more stills out. It looks good too.
    I have never saw much of Tamg Yi Xin dramas but she looks good in the modern clothes here more that the period ones.


    • Oh really? I totally didn’t notice. I am a bad fan when it comes to remembering birthday dates! However, here is a quick redemption: the link to his recent interview with MangoTV (aka Hunan TV). Anyway, pretty funny! He totally destroys Sha Jiejie’s image while in that beautiful yellow dress :’D He also talks about his next drama, Song of Phoenix.

      I agree. The character posters also aren’t as high quality as I would have expected… Sigh
      Tang Yixin is really pretty and did another modern drama last year. But since I don’t really follow her, I didn’t check it out 😛


  2. Lucy says:

    So excited for MaKe and Viann the stills look amazing so glad he getting all these projects

    Liu ShiShi and Nicky are such a beautiful couple best OTP now they just need to have a baby to spread their beautiful genes speaking of OTP the Harper Bazaar Valentine edition of Wallace and Hu Ge is out now I think.

    God I hope Angelababy isn’t the confirmed lead for Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang. I mean she beautiful but I don’t think she has the acting skills to pull off a intelligent strategic heroine like Bai PingTing her acting for Yunge was horrible. Bai Pingting is a combination of Lu Zhen(female prime minister) and Jin Yu (da mo Yao) basically pretty amazing and awesome. Angelababy is also too pretty for the role since Pingting is supposed to have beautiful deep eyes with an average face but of course any actress that is going to be cast is going to be beautiful but she isn’t supposed to be a striking beauty. My dream otp would be Song Yi and Hu Ge since I’m still heart broken about them in Disguiser.


    • Me too! Ma Ke said in an interview he is currently filming two dramas (I would guess Revive and Song of Phoenix) and after he will start promoting others (the filmed ones like Hot Girl and So Young). After that, he also has many dramas/movies lined-up! he will be super busyy!
      Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi is my fave celeb couple in China. Such perfection. Thanks for the tip on the HG+WH photoshoot! I remember seeing one picture, but now, I will go hunt for more!!
      Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang sounds like an awesome story to be adapted into a drama. I hope the producers understand the pecularities of this story and cast a good OTP. Song Yi is so pretty so I am excited to see more of her this year.


      • Lucy says:

        I absolutely adore this novel and the main OTP Pingting and Beijie since they are not the typical otp and can stand as equals to one another. The novel is a bit underrated but has a consistentency with the integrity of its characters so hoping the casting is spot on. Hopefully which ever production as long as it’s not Yumama please drama gods don’t let his grubby hands on this I still haven’t recovered from ROCH and didn’t learn my lesson and attempted Yunge but it was a failure besides from Zhao Liying short-lived character however Ban Shu wasn’t so bad will do an amazing job.


      • Haha, then I have bad news. Angelababy seems to be indeed confirmed for the role as more media are saying so. Produced by the same team Hatton/Croton Media that produced Boss&Me, Sunshine and next Once Promised, they will also produce this one starring Angelababy! We will write a post when they release an official poster or officially announce the leads ^^ You should expect it to start filming in April apparently.
        I agree. I don’t feel Angelababy’s acting for a whole year, but if the story is good, I may check it out. It seems like Yumama is far from this project at least. Ouf. He is too busy filming weird modern dramas these days 😉


  3. Llmoreno says:

    Woah Fan Bin Bing is so pretty and she have Only a little make up
    I hope their family Reunion means marriage for she and Li chen

    I thougth the one who got trouble was aarif because he tell vic to share a room with him ? In the video i watched all the fans were mad to him because they said vic wasnt Okay with that

    I dont know how i feel about henry because i dont know ablut his chinese skill i dont think he is fluent


    • xD That would be pretty epic! It is pretty guaranteed they are walking the wedding path and I am sure, knowing FBB, it will be huge!
      I didn’t watch Noonas Over Flower last season, but I am sure everyone got some heavy bashing after it aired. Especially Victoria apparently because the editing was not done in her favor 😦 Henry’s Chinese skills is really bad (since he is Canadian/HK) so his best language is like English>Korean>Chinese. He is funny, but yeah, I dunno why would they put him on the show.


      • llmoreno says:

        How I get an invitation for Fan Bing Bing marriage? I can imagine the dress SO FABULOUS and couture
        For rating I feel they would make Vicky Zhao as a mean person but why would sm want their artist in that kind of show?? Being known for Chinese people? Get more fans? Is seem for them that getting hate make you relevant or popular and more money for them.
        I feel all those kpop idols who are not from mainland, they can’t really speak mandarin and only throw some phrases and everyone think they are fluent, like Jackson I really thought he can speak mandarin but watching his show he is like in the beginner stage, the good thing is he recognize that and said he only is fluent in English, im now curious about henry because I feel Kyuhyun is better in Mandarin being Korean than he is.
        Ma Ke caught my attention but I can’t find anything, I don’t know how searching for him, so can you help me? Like he has another name to looking for or something? Thank you


      • Haha. I hope media will be invited because I can’t imagine just how gorgeous Fan Bingbing will look. She is flawless on the red carpet so imagine at her actual wedding ❤
        Vicky Zhao is not a cast member of Noonas Over Flower 😛 But I don't get it either. Why put artists that can't even speak Chinese on variety shows. This just make it awkward for both the cast and the viewers. One guess is maybe to get more attention online since even bad press is still press. Anyway, I know I won't be watching. Jackson is not too bad, but there is a lot of place for improvement. And I dunno, why make the variety show into a school for those foreigner artists? I want quality content on my TV, not some pseudo not so funny scenes just because k-wave doesn't want to slow down. Sigh.
        Yeah, I get you. Ma Ke's name is so hard to search on google. His most known project so far is Hua Qian Gu. You can follow his tag on this blog to see his upcoming projects (Revive, So Young, Song of Phoenix and Hot Girl). Else, here is the link to his wikidrama page:


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