Valentine Special! Fashionable Couples


Wow! Smoky hot! Here are some fashionable couples for you guys on this very special holiday! Something that I love about Chinese entertainment: the couples who reveal themselves to be in a relationship are not bold to show their love to the public. As proof, all these cute couples decided to shot their own magazine cover. To sweeten up the day, we compiled a post of recent ones for you 😉

The best couple of all time, Hu Ge and Wallace Huo on their Honeymoon!


Tong Liya and Cheng Sicheng

704_1836001_748015 704_1836003_779850

Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen


Deng Chao and Sun Li


Fan Bingbing and Li Chen

704_1836012_401697 704_1836016_155522 704_1836017_292473

Gao Yuanyuan and Mark Chao


Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy


Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang


Choi Siwon and Liu Wen (I know they aren’t real..)


Liu Yifei and Song Seunghoon


Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi


Zhou Xun and Archi Kao



9 thoughts on “Valentine Special! Fashionable Couples

  1. Llmoreno says:

    Hu ge and wallace !!!! Is it from their japan honeymoon or is a new photoshot ???
    They Should sell their wedding album … I want wallace and hu ge with baby wu lei.
    Can wu lei be their love child ? Sorry for being weird
    I wish a lot of happiness to all this beautful couple
    Hope they last a lifetime maybe ??


    • Haha, if Wu Lei films something with Wallace Huo, then I would be so happy! After that, maybe all three could go eat out and chill? 8D That would be such a happy family. And yes, that is from the Japan photoshot, although I don’t know when all the pictures will be released.


  2. Lucy says:

    Wallace and Hu Ge best otp ever created!!!!
    Everyone looks so darn sexy and adorable. Sun Li and Deng Chao and Liu ShiShi and Nicky are my favorite. It’s funny how I would have expected Deng Chao and Sun Li shoot to be more fun and silly but it turned out to be the classiest of all the couples.


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