Entertainment Update: Les Interpretes, Mr.Right, As Long As You Love Me

6d40f7f4jw1f0ysm5qy9wj21kw0x6wv8Yeah! More news and stills involving fiming projects and not old ones that are airing now! Lots of goodies this time ^_^ May love spread around!

Drama Love of Happiness starring William Chan and Tang Yixin.

More pictures for Les Interpretes starring Yang Mi and Huang Xuan

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One still from Stay with Me starring Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai


Drama As Long As You Love Me starring Wallace Chung, Ying Er, and Qiao Zhenyu released (finally!) some character poster. Sigh, I still have no idea what the drama will look like but it is better than nothing ^^. I am more worried by the fact that this drama has quiet a dark dark summary.

Love Like This with Liu Shishi and Tong Dawei

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Drama Mr.Right with Chang Jiwook, Wang Xiaochen and Zhang Danfeng released more stills.

Some pictures of Tang Yan on the set of Princess Weiyoung


Also, behind the scenes for Old Nine Gates starring Zhao Liying, William Chan and Lay.

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Some more stills for Zhu Xian. Lol, since they are posting a new still each day, I wonder if we should prep another official post for this drama 😛

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Bubujingxin: Li with IU and Lee Junki released their first batch of stills!!

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Movie My Best Friend’s Wedding released a hilarious poster starring Victoria, Feng Shaofeng, and Shu Qi. Seems like it is still not released. Sigh.


New movie Chongqing Hot Pot starring Bai Baihe and Chen Kun!

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Even though the movie Mermaid directed by Stephen Chow is topping all the charts at the moment, the marketing team still believe they needed to release new stills! Oh well, I am not complaining, since these pictures are so nice! The movie achieved 3.6 Billion RMB in income during its first week!

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Kill Time had a press conference with Angelababy and Ethan Ruan.

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Press Conference with the cast of Three Heroes, Five Gallants: Chen Xiao, Zheng Shuang and Yan Kuan.

At the same time, the movie Just a Smile is Alluring released a BTS picture!


Valentine’s Special!

Couple Ada Choi with husband Max Zhang


Jay Chou with Hannah Quinlivan


Deng Chao and Sun Li


Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng


Gossip Thoughts:

  • Jackie Chan on the set of the new Hollywood movie The Foreigner where the production team faked a terrorist attack in the middle of a bridge in England. Although, the film set had the rights to do so and closed the bridge’s entrance for the shooting to avoid any accidents, people who saw the explosion from afar thought it was a terrorist attack and were horrified.
  • Rumor of a Go Princess Go movie adaptation. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, they released the third ending! See link here for 8 minutes of extra footage! Basically, they wake up from their ‘murder’ and want to have a warm embrace/kiss after such a dangerous scene. But their kiss is cut as the director of a film set comes in and tell everyone to start dancing. Peng Peng and Crown Prince goes hide together away to finish their kiss scene. And then, flash flash, they are outside kissing with everyone else in the cast looking at them. The end. Well, guess I will accept it, although my favorite ending is still number 2 ^^
  • 4 5
  • I am super annoyed at Happy Camp from Hunan TV these days. If you didn’t catch it, this week, they released eight additional footages of BTS scenes. This basically mean that they worked their guests like crazy so they, the production/MC team has less work later on. This is so lazy. Of course I am happy to see my ZLY again, but those cute clips of her with Wallace Huo would be a 100% better if aired with the actual Hua Qian Gu episode on Happy Camp as they are veryyy shippable material. It has been six months and even the actors had moved on.
  • SM Entertainment and Ali Baba had negotiated a deal recently. Ali Baba bought about 4% of the total share of SM and in exchange, SM get some exclusive rights with Ali Baba Music group. Let’s see how this deal can change the kpop and cpop industry…

16 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Les Interpretes, Mr.Right, As Long As You Love Me

  1. HJ says:

    The drama name is Hourglass??? really??
    I thought Hourglass was the name of the movie that Wallace Chung was going to make directorial debut with…the one HanHan is producing and the original novel by RaoXue.
    For that drama with Yinger, if I remember correctly, it was a different novel which Yinger herself I heard bought the novel adaptation rights and her manager’s company is investing in this drama.


    • Thanks for reminding us and you are totally right! The drama is called as long as you love me. I am going to make the change now and sorry about that.. Good thing you are here to check on us!


  2. They turned 4 prince in to beautiful lady, with such kind of hairstyle Lee Junki better to play Queen-mother than one of the princes. I don’t get why always in historical dramas makes those horrible emo-hairstyle for male characters? It’s ugly and not plausible.


    • Haha, that is Lee Junki’s style! He always have a very… feminine side to himself? I also find the casting a bit off since 4th Prince is supposed to look mature/manly while as RuoXi should look a bit less innocent(since she knows everyone’s future). I feel like the kdrama version will just be made for the Hallyu wave (aka Chinese and International audience). I doubt they are going for quality..


      • I knew from the early beginning that k-version won’t have the same quality as original, so it was obvious that korean-crew will do whatever they want. I think k-version will be just sweet-romance about girl who traveled back in time and had fun-time with male-harem around her.


      • Haha, I will always remember how Korea destroyed Boys Over Flowers with that LOUSY adaptation. Yop, sounds like they are doing this for the hype it will bring instead of actually to produce a hit… They will make IU look very envious with her cute look and harem of oppas just for her. Sigh


      • But in fact of being so gross k-version of BOF became “legendary drama”, but what is makes it legendary I can’t understand. Korea has ruined so many dramas, BBJX isn’t last.


  3. llmoreno says:

    The first photo is breathtaking … Wang Kai is so handsome drools
    Chongqian hot pot movie is a good movie?? What is about? I’m watching Chen Kun in variety show 24 hours and he seems like a fool but is really funny so
    Zheng Shuang looks so ill and thin … is really scaring to watch her
    Jing Boran is so handsome I hope his movie go well
    Viki is subbing go princess go I almost die when I saw that I finally watched and is really funny and silly. The best they made fun of all romantic dramas and the bender gender.
    I also like the second final two, they let us imagine their final and for me is a happy ending
    Don’t like the idea of go princess go the movie because what made it special was it was the low budget and the cast, because go princess go is so bad that make it really good and funny
    I feel happy camp is losing his touch I don’t know is a lot of kpop and foreign music and kind of bulling to their guest I don’t know. I was so mad when go princess go cast only have 25 min on air and the rest was about the greatest love , at least I watched on youtube and I watched only their part but others who were waiting for them have to watch all the program for only a few minutes, and other thing I don’t like it was when JJ Lin, Yang Yang, Wu Lei, Yonghwa and jin binting went and I feel the bulling Yang Yang and baby Wu lei because they weren’t the best musician but maybe theyre not because I watched raw but I don’t know.
    Alibaba buying a part of sm is more opportunities for Sm to make it big in china, I hope they learn for their mistakes and donbt be that cocky in a country where they don’t have any power


    • Haha, I demand more stills for Stay With Me! I am sure it will be a silly teenager modern drama, but the OTP look so good together!
      I don’t know much about Chongqian Hot Pot, but both leads are very good actors and well known in the movie department. Definitely a collab to look out for. Here is the link of the trailer (I also added it in the post) so you can have a better understanding of what it is about ^^

      Awesome that viki is subbing the show! More people are going to laugh and enjoy it I am sure! The second ending gives us a happy ending that makes sense and can let us imagine their love story as a gay couple, a nice continuation from GPG’s defiance against the SARFT rules.
      If they make it into a movie, I am confident the team that produced it at first will know how to make it just as good as the drama. After all, they must have a lot of pride in their way of doing things after this huge success.
      Yop, Happy Camp definitely changed a lot last year and was heavily inspired by the contents of Run Brother and other more Korean shows. Bad move in my opinion. I also don’t like when the c-guests are being shuffled to the side so the k-guest has more screen time. Don’t worry for the Yang Yang/Wu Lei episode. The goal during that episode was to find who is tone deaf (aka has no musical talent) so for sure they had to “test” the candidates’ musical intuitions. xD I thought that was actually a funny episode and Wu Lei shined so much in it!


      • Llmoreno says:

        In other blog one girl wrote that wang kai should do serious projects and not do it teenager dramas because he could lose everything he won with nirvana in fire and disguiser but those silly dramas are refreshing and watching him In silly caracthers show how good actor is he , so im exciting and Hoping someone subbin it.
        About the SARF Is a good thing we dont live in china i guess, there are a lot of people asking for go princess go and now we can give them the link
        Im sorry for Taking over the top about happy camp but i rrally feel Yang Yang and Wu lei a little weird and making faces, but is true qbout


      • Whatever his past projects, Wang Kai’s fanbase now is mostly teenagers/young adults. The reason? he got popular by participating in Hu Ge/Wallace Huo projects, both having amazing relatively young adult fanbase. Zhao Liying used to do more serious projects in the past, but after Lu Zhen Legend, she is trapped in idol dramas. As long as the demand is there, Wang Kai will keep doing idol projects to build up his image (and revenue xD). Of course, if he has the talents for more mature role, he should definitely go for them too! He looks perfectly well adapted in Stay With Me and I am curious to see how good this drama will be, even if it is a bit teenager-ish!
        Poor the Chinese fans who can’t access shows like Go Princess Go and (I think) Western shows because of SARF. Hope they can torrent/VPN the links 😉
        No prob about talking badly about Happy Camp. I am frustrated at their way of doing things and making the games frankly boring these days 😛
        Maybe Yang Yang and Wu Lei didn’t have as much fun as I thought they did? I remember fans often complaining before because Yang Yang sometime doesn’t get a fair amount of screen time even if he is SUPER popular (even more than the Korean guests). As for Wu Lei, hope he grows well and popular under the spotlight.


    • Wow. First of all, super unprofessional from that airport person to reveal the names of the three customers by taking a picture of her screen (or else, super irrespectful paparazzi for doing so). Well, it does look like Zhao Liying, but I doubt it is a love escape since there is a third girl. And the guy doesn’t even look like a CEO xD If Liying responds to this, then I may write a post. Else, it looks trivial to me.


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