[Movie] Rise of a Tomboy with Zhao Liying and Zhang Han


Short post because I feel like it! ^^ Production team The Rise of a Tomboy starring Zhao Liying and Zhang Han released new character stills and stills. I was so excited because we didn’t see any news about this movie since last summer. Gosh, time pass way too fast. There isn’t a release date, but I hope it will be out soon.

New trailer hot from the oven:

2 3 4 5 6

Second batch of stills:

Photoshopped pictures that were released for Christmas/Holiday Seasons.

7 8 9 10

Older stills:

11 15 16

Last, but not least: a collage to show that the OTP is super awesome!

13 14


10 thoughts on “[Movie] Rise of a Tomboy with Zhao Liying and Zhang Han

  1. Ann says:

    This looks like a fun, comedic drama 🙂 can’t wait for this to be released! Hopefully, soon! Thought Jung Il Woo was the other lead, where’s his name in the posters?


    • I know! Every time there are new info about it, I just can’t wait to release the stills 8D
      I don’t know.. For once, the Korean name isn’t getting all the attention on the poster 😉 He is the second male lead, but based on the way they are promoting the movie, it seems like all the focus will be on the OTP (yeah!)


    • Sadly doesn’t look like a rumor, but again, it is not like she confirmed either.
      I saw the news thanks to another commenter 😛 I decided not to write about it because 1) based on the paparazzi pictures, they didn’t look that close, 2) he is not a celebrity and 3)I find the way they confirmed the news really disrespectful (they took a picture of their plane tickets, evil airport staff). He wouldn’t be the best call for Liying in my opinion, but I will let her straighten out her love life…

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  2. xiaoli03 says:

    by the way is there any movies or series news about zhao li ying and yang yang? if i’m not wrong, lately in random news i see their name correlate each other.


    • :O really? I didn’t notice, but before, there were rumors of her acting in a movie version of Eastern Palace with Yang Yang (it had been months since this rumor came up). Hope they will give us a surprise soon! ^^


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