[Drama] Demon Girl with Zhang Zhehan and Li Yitong

We talked about the drama a few time in entertainment updates, but never really went too deep into the story. Redemption time! The Chinese name of the drama is 半妖倾城 which can be translated to Half-Demon, Half Demon Allure. With official name Demon Girl, this drama is produced by Yu Zheng and is starring Zhang Zhehan and new actress Li Yitong. Sigh, whatever. I feel like Yu Zheng has some really weird modern projects this year. Had he gone insane after the Yun Zhong Ge’s sad ratings?

Drama information:

  • Scheduled with 35 episodes
  • Airing Rights bought by Hunan TV
  • Filming will be in Shanghai, Beijing, ang Tianjin
  • Based on Novel of the same name  半妖倾城


Note: this story is super confusing… so I just translated whatever I understood

When the Japanese invaded Beijing, a husband tries to escape with his wife and two daughters. Suddenly, his elder daughter grew wings and flew away: she is a demon! However, the whole scene was photographed.. Fifteen years later, the elder daughter is engaged to a rich gentleman. However, the picture of what happened in the past resurface and troubles start. What happens when demon falls in love with humans?

Official Stills:



Zhang Zhehan as Ming Xia: Son of a wealthy family, he has a very warm and nice guy personaility. He falls in love with Nie Qingcheng without realizing she is a demon, but still loves her until the end.



Li Yitong as Nie Qingcheng: Tough and frank, she expresses her feelings freely. She didn’t know her demon nature until the events fifteen years ago. Seeing how her nature hurts her loved ones, she will fight to change her destiny.


Mi Re as You Tong: Another demon, he has a cold personality. It is only after he met Qingcheng that he warms up a bit. He wants to be her protector.


He Ruixian as Jiang Xuewu: She has everything and is very spoiled. She loves the male lead. It is revealed her father is also a demon. She thinks Qingsheng won the male lead ‘s heart just because she is a demon, so she is mad and want revenge…


Dai Xiangyu as Duan Shaoqian: Grew up with Lin Chong, both had the actor dream. However, only Lin Chong became popular. Although jealous of him, he actually cares about about his friend. When Lin Chong is captured by a demon, he decides to become a demon hunter…


Hong Yao as Fu Xingbao: With a beautiful smile, he is another demon, but wishes to become a normal human being (real life career is a director for movies/dramas). After a dark past where he lost asll his loved ones, he decided to plot his revenge.


Xu Haiqiao as Wang Shaotang: Talented in drawing, but was forced to become a lawyer by his parents. He is in love with Jiang Xuewu, but she rejected him saying he is too weak-minded.


Xu Xiao Nuo as Si Kongjing: Eighteen years old, she is a wealthy heiress. Since young, she has a deadly disease and doesn’t expect to live pass 20 years old.


Han Qingzi as Yao Tu: With a bit of popularity, but neither has the look nor the talent for acting. She is however very arrogant. In reality, she is actually a nice person with a love past.


Ady An as the mother of Qin Cheng


Lin Peng


Ma Junwei


Chen Zhihan


Nan Sheng


Zhang Sifan


Zhang Xinyu (Viann Zhang) as magician who wants to change fortunes


Liu Min as mother of Mingxia


Wang Maolei as Qin Cheng’s father and a professor



24 thoughts on “[Drama] Demon Girl with Zhang Zhehan and Li Yitong

    • Yes, I saw that too! He also posted a list of past female leads (yang mi, zhao liying, chenqiao en, angelababy, yang rong, viann zhang) and posted a last who is next picture… I see he is trying to use his past projects to create hype, but I am sure nobody wants their name attached to him now.. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      • In general, after 2015, most people (at least based on comments here and other sites) have negative views of him because of his failed projects Yun Zhong Ge and Return of the Condor Heroes. He had one success last year (Legend of Ban Shu), but it wasn’t much mediatised. During last year, he was in a very heated lawsuit with famous writer Chiung Yao for the drama Palace II. In November/December, he lost and had to pay a huge amount. Later in Decemeber last year, he has a new lawsuit for his 2014 drama Beauty Maker.
        I just don’t like him now because of his multiples destruction of well-loved novels and because his next few dramas all look super ..boring (Demon Girl, Love in the Clouds).
        Hope this summarize all!


  1. Lucy says:

    The cast is so good looking but the story just sounds too umm not your average cup of tea but Yu Zheng once in awhile releases some gems like Meiren Xinji, Lu Zhen, and Ban Shu but perhaps he has lost his mind pretty sure that TongHua was coughing blood from that Yunge disaster but it wasn’t as bad ROCH

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, justice for Jing Yong (author of ROCH). Yumama definitely had a bad 2015 year while as the rest of entertainment world had a pretty sweet and profitable year. Sigh. I still like SOME of his past projects so I may still follow the drama… Although I am quiet sure it will be a lost cause…


      • Yu Zheng needs to step up his game in his projects while he still has opportunities given to him. Once Hunan and Iqiyi stop giving him the time of the day, he’ll be doomed. I don’t like him either, but for his own good, I hope he puts a GOOD use of those opportunities.


      • Sometime I find him super talented, and sometime super dumb. I know he has plagiarism controversies, but I am curious to know if he has ghost writers too… He is just way too inconsistent. I would rather he put out something good too since he can easily get his hands on some pretty cool novel to adapt. But then, I would rather he works on nothing and let the more mature/consistent producers create dramas instead. Sigh

        Liked by 1 person

      • aflea says:

        yumama does have some on point moments. gong and mei ren xin ji were pretty good and made the cast rise to fame (ex:yang mi). i wanna mention lu zhen but the drama itself wasn’t written by him.


      • I kind of disagree. Gong was a mess quality wise (though enjoyable). What made Gong great was Yang Mi and the OTP, though I don’t disagree that Yu Zheng did contribute to its success. Just replace Yang Mi and FSF with another cast, you’ll get a boring drama that I’m sure less people would find enjoyable. Typically, the quality of his dramas tend to be good when he’s only in charge of its production, as opposed to screenwriting. Good examples are Legend of Luzhen and Legend of Banshu (though they’re both from the same screenwriter). If I had to pick his best drama that he was a screenwriter of, I would personally pick Beauty Maker. That was the most consistent and most fun drama of his (as a screenwriter) that I’ve ever watched.


      • Haha, he does have a few good ones as I don’t watch his projects to torture myself (I am more watching because I remember some of his good ones). If he creates some masterpieces this year, I may watch again. Although, from the direction he is going now, I don’t think I will try his works for the next year..


      • teens literature like Twilight, Vampires Diaries and same kind of staff, just remind it somehow.
        He better just stop touch any books or novels and just write his own as how he can. In my opinion Lu Zhen is his only good drama. The others are or unwatchable boring or completely ruined.


      • Haha, those. Yes, this drama definitely sounds similar to those fantasy novels for teenagers.
        The problem is, I fear Yu Zheng doesn’t have what it takes to create his own masterpieces. He needs to inspire himself by looking elsewhere, aka plagiarize. I thought he did a good job with Beauty Maker before releasing that even that was plagiarized. I think his talent is in his capacity to grow a big budgets, great deals with TV channels and being able to cast A-listers.


    • Ahh, I hate that Gossip Appraisal Office because they always gossip and bash my baby :’D
      Haha, Chen Xiao is trying to hurt me by saying his ship with Liying was all fake. Why you doing this to me?? I wonder if Michelle Chen forced him to say so because of all the none stop Zhao Liying+Chen Xiao shippers until late last year. After all, Chen Xiao was the one actively pursuing Liying from 2013 to 2014. So having him say this so suddenly doesn’t convince me 😉


      • Ann says:

        That’s actually what’s shocking to me too! Chen Xiao was the one actively pursuing Liying… was he not? From what I’ve seen at least. I don’t get how he’s putting down their whole relationship. Didn’t he draw something where she wore a wedding dress and he was the groom around the time ROCH was airing?? He posted pictures of her and made gestures towards her… but now, it’s all fake?! That’s a little heartbreaking even though I was not really a ZLY+CX shipper. I don’t know how to feel about Michelle Chen tbh. Never seen a drama with her and don’t know much about her to comment. Liying’s love life is such a mystery and so confusing, I just wanna know more LOL


      • Yes he was! although I was (and still am) convinced they used to date. I mean all the signs were there, all the shipping by every possible media and then their multiple natural interactions on weibo and off (Chen Xiao even liked one of Liying’s old post while he was dating Michelle Chen). Pretty sure their relationship was real for the time it last.
        If it was media play, then the tactic they used was Chen Xiao actively pursuing her while she let him say whatever he wants on screen without denying specifically. Anyhow, if it is the scenario, then Chen Xiao actually should take more responsibility than Liying since he was the one that pushed the IP relation so much (like you said, the drawing, the holding hands, etc). And seriously, it helped their image tremendously. To see him deny these as media play feels a bit like a … let down? Michelle Chen is probably not a bad girl, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets jealous of Zhao Liying 😉
        I want to know more about her love life and really hope she finds her own prince charming. Wish she could announce it soon ^^


      • I thought CX pursing ZLY was all a publicity stunt / media play? I’ve seen several instances where CX was reluctant to interact with ZLY even when the latter was trying to initiate to promote their on-screen OTP. Also, didn’t ZLY respond to CX pursing/liking her with something along the lines “i don’t care, it’s his business, not mine”, due to which she got bashed by CX fans? Either way, I think it’s 50/50. There’s a high possibility that it was all a publicity stunt, given Yu Zheng’s ways of promoting his dramas…(reminds me a lot of FengMi’s publicity stunt back then)


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hmm, there are rumours of a second season and there is good amount of buzz on weibo, so I am going to assume the drama did well. However, it was competing with a lot of anticipated projects… ><


      • I know says:

        The 1st season was meant to be longer (40 episodes) but they cut it into 2 series after it went so well at the beginning. A lot of views according to the weibo they release.


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