[New Drama] Graduation Season with Lay (Zhang Yixing) and Krystal Jung


New drama in work! It is understandable I guess.. We just released something like ten dramas in two weeks… so we better announce twenty new projects to catch up 😉 New announced drama production Graduation season or Bi Ye Ji 毕业季 which is once again based on a novel. The leads are Zhang Yixing (Lay), Mike D’Angelo, Krystal Jung, and Seo Kang-joon.

Drama information

  • Chinese name: Bi Ye Ji 毕业季
  • Filming will be Wenzhou
  • Starts filming in March/April 2016
  • About 50 episodes (OMG! v__v)


It is the story of college seniors graduating and starting their lives as workers in real life. It is about their struggle with life challenges. There will also be a love story related to the fashion world. Zhang Yixing was chosen as the male lead because of his positive and clean image well known to the public.

note: Sounds like another Best Get Going. I know I will be watching huhu



I am sure the exo-L will be disappointed to see Lay even more busy and have less time to attend kpop activities. I personally don’t care that much because I like dramas more than kpop so.. :’D Just hope Lay won’t get too bashed for trying to have a successful career in China. As for Krystal, it seems like she has a good friendship with Lay so this collaboration should be easy to film. It is interesting to note that in one production we have so many nationalities: Chinese, Korean, Thai. However, considering most of the cast are not 100% Chinese, it is hard to say if this production will be a success or not.



13 thoughts on “[New Drama] Graduation Season with Lay (Zhang Yixing) and Krystal Jung

    • I think he signed up under Tangren agency so there will be more of him in the next few years. He has what it takes to be a male lead so it is a shame he is wasting his talents as supporting cast..


  1. Llmoreno says:

    Oh poor lay … I dont really following him but this is his second project with krystal, first the movie about two dancers and now this one, its feel like these are two movie/dramas are made from SM doesnt seem a serious production and is more for making krys popular in china than helping lay to grow in china. This project doesnt let he choose other project then can benefit him


    • I don’t like when SM starts financing/financing their own movies and dramas. It always become a mess even with great cast and great stories. Hope they don’t have much input on this one. After watching lay on go fighting, he is one actor I want to see succeed so I fear I will be watching XD so please drama God, make it good!


  2. Llmoreno says:

    He may what it takes But he doesnt know who to choose his projects the x fire and omg were nomited to the worst movies of the year and now this sm projects, people said he tried to convince sm to only makr one but now we can see he couldnt do it. I probably watch it too but i dont think it going to be good for him


    • He has his own studio in China, but I am sure SM has the last word on which projects he can and cannot take. Didn’t know OMG had so bad reviews… this is sad :’D Well, I hope he is at least improving with each projects he take. He needs to show all the haters that he is a talented entertainer! ^^


      • Llmoreno says:

        U dont know what to say … People are saying sm want lay compete with krishan so he takes a lot of projects and skip exo activities for that but everything change if sm choose for him because he is doing project that doesnt help him and us getting hate from exo l . i hope he can get more popular with ong and a better man, these projects sound much better than this


      • haha, to be frank, Lay can only compete fairly with Luhan and Kris after he terminates his contract. With SM restricting and controling the projects he can take and because he is still representing Korea in China, he will get lots of unnecessary antis (for skipping exo projects, for being a traitor, etc). Brief, he can’t get the trust from either sides. I am really anticipating Old Ninge Gates, even though I may have a high chance of being disappointed.


  3. After I saw horrible quality teaser I lost my expectationz about this project. Cast is boring, Lay, Mike, Seo Kang-joon, but I understand that is promotional drama, what else can I expect. Even when we know that it’s under SM’s sponsoring in 100% sure plot will be mess. I just sad that it will be Krystal’s another lame project after horrendous drama where she played with Rain


    • There is a teaser? :O I tried to find it, but didn’t succeed @_@ Cast is not too bad (I like both Lay and Mike), but have no opinion on Seo Kang-Joon. Knowing that must of the cast are not Chinese is a bit of a turn-off, but I love watching dramas like Best Get Going, with college students who start working. Haha, yeah, that Rain+Krystal drama was really bad.. sigh twice


  4. Jun Zi says:

    I have been following Lay’s activities in China. Fans don’t want him to take on this project since the production company is not a reputable one. It will hurt his career in China more than helping since the topic is not well received by public. The Studio so far hasn’t posted his acceptance to the role. There’s a big chance he will not be doing this project and people just want to use his name to stir up interest.


    • Really? I don’t know much about the company, but with such a cast I guess it isn’t shaddy enough for SM and Tangren to lend their artists for the project! I am surprised to learn people look at this new project so negatively as personally, I was curious to check this out when it will be released. I know for sure Krystal is going to participate in the drama as her name is glued to this project and she even went to the press conference two months ago. Wouldn’t be surprised if SM decided to hit two birds in one stone by putting Lay on it too.


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