Entertainment Update: Lady Bees, Flying Daggers, Ghost Blows


A quick entertainment update with various news: some rumored dramas, movie/drama/variety stills, fanart and couple pictures ^^

Mermaid directed by Stephen Chow have beaten Monster Hunt as the highest grossing movie of all time in China! This is truly amazing, considering the movie is out for less than two weeks!


There are two new novels to be adapted into dramas:

孤芳不自賞 GuFang Bu Zi Shang (Gufang Don’t Self Reward?). This is a drama that is RUMORED to be filmed soon. Although the rumored male lead is Zhang Rui, fans seem to want Ma Tianyu as male lead instead.


櫃中美人 Gui Zhong Mei Ren (Beauty Cabinet?). Produced by Tangren, it will tell the story of two foxes spirits. Rumored leads are of course Tangren’s own artists: Hu Bingqing and Chen Yao.


Do you know that technically Zheng Shuang has three dramas airing right now? With Three Heroes Five Gallantes and Chronicle of Life, Ms.Zheng also has a guest role on the currently airing Happy Together 2. Not only that, but she is also starring in the variety show Greatest Love with her dad! She is everywhere.


Some character stills from the drama Ghost Blows with Chen Qiao En and Jin Dong


New iQiyi webdrama With You. Just like Legend of Zu, you need the VIP account to watch it. It will be released in April.


Drama Love of Hapiness with William Chan and Tang Yixin:

2 3 4 5 6

New Stills for Ice Fantasy:

1 4 5 6 7

One new still of Wu Lei on the set of Qi Xing Ji Zhi Xian Yi Nu Ma Shao Nian Shi《奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时》.1

More stills from Flying Daggers starring Yang Rong and Hawick Lau:

BTS of Princess Weiyoung:

BTS of Zhu Xian

2 3 4

Cute fanart of Zhao Liying from her character in Rise of a Tomboy movie


Nicholas Tse and Nicky Wu, our favorite Nicks are working hard promoting their upcoming variety show Honey Bees about girl groups. They held a press conference recently:

0 1 4 5 7

The cast of Noona Over Flowers eating out! Sigh, I need this kind of weather too!


Ivy Chen showing us her cozy home! It filled with cute and artistic stuffs, so like her! 🙂 I love it


Jay Chou with his wife Hannah Quinvilan


A great news: Wang Leehom is going to be a daddy again! Yop, him and his wife Lee Jinglei are expecting a second child


To end it all, here are two more pictures of the greatest bromance in the world: Hu Ge and Wallace Huo.

1 2


6 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Lady Bees, Flying Daggers, Ghost Blows

  1. Three Heroes Five Gallantes is like a jock. Nearly entire fight-scenes are all in slow-motion. What’s the point of doing it?. Quality is lower than I expected.

    If only that new fox series would be like painted skin with vicious fox-demoness would be great, but unfortunately it seems to be romance.


    • Lucy says:

      The elf ears in the Fox drama too distracting I don’t understand the point of it. Tangren has kinda disappointed me with their supernatural makeup and styling with their recent projects.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Isn’t the reason why we watch wuxia drama for their fast and epic fight scenes? I excited the drama to be a low-budget project but with the awesome cast it has, maybe the chemistry will make up for it?


      • Often for wuxia-series I put quality of shooting on the first place, because story sometimes getting hard and long (for example Sword and Saber) and fight scenes becomes only reason to continue watching. Here are so many unnecessary slow-motion effects witch makes scenes pompous and very irrelevant. There is many old wuxia-series which are lack of this kind of special effects but however it doesn’t makes them less enjoyable than newest with all kind of cg-graphics. I understand when they use slowdown in particular moments but when whole fight-scene are in suppression it is annoying. I will watch some more episodes maybe something change.

        Liked by 1 person

      • intellectualkitten says:

        Heavenly Sword is one of my favorite wuxia story, because I love the plot twist and character development 😛 ofc, the fighting scenes have to awesome too. The new wuxia (more like xianxia actually) dramas use too much CG from my pov. Good luck!


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