[New Drama] The Rhapsody Of A Summer Dream with Zhang Han and Go Joon-Hee


Remember the casting news we talked about before starring Zhu Yilong and Song Yi? Well turns out it is actually Zhang Han and Go Joon-Hee who will play the leadd, pushing Yilong and Song Yi back to second leads. Evil. Produced by 上海时悦影视文化 Shanghai Shi Yue Culture and Film company, this new drama is of course adapted by a novel of the same name: 《夏梦狂诗曲》.

Drama information

  • Expected to have about 50 episodes.
  • Start filming on February 27th
  • filming places: Shanghai, Prague





Pei Shi and her brother are adopted by Yan Shengjiao after the death of their father. Pei Shi and the son of Shengjiao, Ke Ze, become friends and rivals. Pei Shi is a well known talented violonist. Because of her talent, others are jealous of her and one night, someone [did something] that caused her to lose the use of her left arm, ruining her career. She goes to Ke Ze who help, but got betrayed instead. Five years later, Pei Shi is the assistant of Xia Na.  Pei Shi helps Han Yueyue to start her career in the music world. Meanwhile, Ke Ze and Xia Na are engaged. One day, suddenly, Pei Shi regain the use of her left arm and can restart her musical path. However, blinded by revenge, she forgets her original musician dream.


Zhang Han


Ok dude, with THREE dramas with Korean actresses (Park Min Young, Goo Hye Sun and now Go Joon-hee), you better had improved your Korean like crazy. Seriously, is that a slow, but meticulous plan for advancement in Korea? As long as you have fun…

Go Joon-hee


I don’t know much about her, but I remember watching her We Got Married segment with 2AM’s Jinwoo. She is very pretty, like model level, but still doesn’t have many well known projects for her acting.

Song Yi


Little cutie pie who starred in Disguiser and Cuo Dian Yuan Yang season 2. I was excited to see her land a lead role, but it is now ruined. It is sad to see lead roles always taken by Korean actresses when women like her ALSO deserve the spotlight. She is currently filming as supporting cast for Little Valentine.

Zhu Yilong


Currently starring in New Xiao Shi Yi Lang, Zhu Yilong is on his way to public recognization. He guest starred on Legend of Miyue as well as on the variety show Run for Time. I know him best for his great depiction of Love for Three Lifetimes. It is sad to not see him as male lead this time, but he has another project coming soon I hope (Border Town Prodigal).


note from archidisign: For the upcoming week, I will be SUPER busy with school. Hence less blogging and no time to reply to comments… Sorry about that


3 thoughts on “[New Drama] The Rhapsody Of A Summer Dream with Zhang Han and Go Joon-Hee

  1. Pong says:

    I was pretty excited about this drama because of Song Yi but oh well. Good luck for Go Joon Hee, from what I heard girl has been around since 2003 and is a pretty good actress yet stuck in supporting roles and doesn’t have any breakout role so far so I guess she’s trying her chances.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I think (correct me if I am wrong ^^”) Go Joon Hee is recognized for her appearance on Korean We Got Married. Since a lot of Chinese people watched it, I think they casted her out of popularity instead of acting skills. I hope she does a good job like Jang Nara, but I find most Korean actors lack chemistry with their partner in cdramas. Considering this drama stars Zhang Han, a man with a very “unique” facial expression, I wonder how it will turn out ^^


  2. Kath Carmen says:

    Go Joon Hee is also recognised for her role in She was pretty where was the second female lead. Heheh i think she did a pretty good job in that drama. Hopefully she will do well in this new show and increase her popularity as well as showcasing her acting skills! 🙂 looking forward to her and zhang hands chemistry and the plot!! ❤


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