Couple Alert: Zhao Liying with CEO Boyfriend


Goodbye, Zhao Liying x William Chan ship. Goodbye, Zhao Liying x Wallace Huo ship…  :”D *wave wave*! Seems like the beau of Zhao Liying isn’t even in the showbiz! Empty laugh, I feel like I wasted my time guessing who her real life lover of our girl crush is since the guy is a handsome CEO I wasn’t even aware of.

Seems like every girl in the entertainment world is going for older/more mature man. With actresses Liu Shishi and Yang Mi, Lin Yun, Guli Nazha, and Zhou Dongyu (well, her virtual love life) dating/marrying men with a huge age gap, it seems those men are good life partner material! There is a saying in China such that “women above 30 year Old are leftover women and men entering their thirties enter their prime age”. As for Zhao Liying, she is dating a men nine years older than her.

The boyfriend’s name is Wang Hao, a 37 yo Founder CEO of a high end fashion online company. He did his university in Washington, US and is currently living in Shanghai. I wouldn’t call him the most handsome man in the world, but he definitely has good taste ^^


I will wait for Archidisign to come back to the blog for her to give an opinion, but I am very pleased with the beau! First, Zhao Liying looks very happy in all her recent public appearances. Second, I believe a mature and refined man outside the business is a good fit for her, it can create a more stable relationship with less haters on social media :”D From the pictures, he looks refined and very mature, but that is just my guess ^^”. Anyway, good luck to the girl, hope it lasts 🙂


Here are the pictures of the couple taken this week:

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10 thoughts on “Couple Alert: Zhao Liying with CEO Boyfriend

    • intellectualkitten says:

      there there…;( I know this feeling! Good news is Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu are planning their wedding in Bali ^^, so our shipper heart will still go on ~~

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      • intellectualkitten says:

        Multiple comments are defending ZLY for been in a relationship, saying a girl of 28 yo should not be bashed for having a boyfriend. I guess there is a good amount of c-netizzens who are disappointed she is not dating her male leads. Overall, the comments are positive, but a lot of fans are slightly disappointed their ships didnt sail? ^^


  1. Damn! I was hoping that this was a rumor. T__T I still prefer Wallace cause I’m biased.. Excuse me while I go re-watch TJOF again. lol I would be content if she and Hu Ge worked together.. Crossing fingers!


  2. Taking a fast break to comment on this. I am also one of the fan happy for Liying! ^_^ I always wanted her to date her past male leads (her Chemistry is way too good!). but I also have no problem if our girl chose to seek her own happiness. He looks like a low-key person. The media is calling him a CEO, but it doesn’t sound like he is that successful (cause I never heard of his company before). Girl is probably rich enough, so as long as the guy treats her well, all is good! I hope she takes into account what her past mentors (He Jiong, Nicky Wu, etc) said and tries to date freely.
    However, I do want to comment out what I find weird about this dating news. First, Zhao Liying’s company still did not release an official statement about this dating news. Why? Second, there are basically pictures of them the whole time (from airport to Maldives) and they are not hiding themselves one bit from the paparazzi. Did they not notice for all that time? Third and finally, they frankly don’t look that close on the pictures. I just find it weird.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yep, there is no statement about how rich he is, so I doubt he is greater breadwinner compare to ZLY. I think there is no official statement because he is not a public figure so there is no need, but I could be wrong ^^


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