Couple Alert: Zhang Tian Ai with boyfriend


Who says celebrity doesn’t have the time to date? Turns out many of my girl crushes are taking time off from their busy schedule to see their boyfriends. Following Zhao Liying‘s steps, Zhang Tian Ai is also dating a rich, but not very known young man.

Zhang Tian Ai has a boyfriend! Omg, what about Sheng Yilun? From the looks of our puppy prince during variety shows, I thought he had a crush on her. Oh well, the lucky man is a handsome, tall, and rich man.


After filming, the boyfriend was waiting for Zhang Tian Ai. They went together to eat Hot Pot. Afterward, they entered the same car in direction to Zhang Tian Ai’s house. The paparazzi followed them until their car entered into the basement parking.

There isn’t much known about him and not even a name was released. From what was gathered, he is the owner of a famous hotel in mainland China. This is not the first time he was seeing with Zhang Tian Ai as he was also spotted going to her filming sets a few times. Physically, I think they match height wise ^^

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Personally, I am happy for her. I remember reading before that her last relationship didn’t go too well so it is is nice to see her restarting new. With her new found popularity and her past experiences when it comes to love, she is on the right path to find her own happiness.


Meanwhile, did you check out the performance of the Go Princess Go cast on this year’s Hunan Lantern Festival 2016. They are such a fun cast all together (although Yu Menglong wasn’t able to attend).


8 thoughts on “Couple Alert: Zhang Tian Ai with boyfriend

    • intellectualkitten says:

      :”D and I am still not over Liu Yifei’s dating news. (There are rumours that LYF and SSH broke up, but I don’t know how I feel about this “news”, lol)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yea, Liu Yifei’s dating seems kinda out of the blue for me even though she & SSH were in a film together. XD Wow, there’s rumour that they’ve broken up already? That’s kinda fast. O__O


  1. hungryhippo says:

    Oh I’m a little disappointed. Although not surprised given that Sheng YiLun is so young (ahem 23)! I suspect Zhang Ai Tian is much older than he is. I definitely think YiLun likes her, and he looks like he has a crush on her. Oh how cute!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Zhang Tian Ai is only two/three years older than him! ^^ I think she looks a lot more mature since she has been in the entertainment world for a longer time. Totally agree with you, he probably had a crush for her. I wonder how long ZTA has been with her current boyfriend. In an interview, Yilun said he would date ZTA if they are meant to be :”D


      • hungryhippo says:

        Oh really, somehow she does look a little older than YiLun. Good thing you see as well 🙂 I think it adorable how he has a crush on her. It’s so sweet and somehow very innocence. It’s a shame that they’re not together. Oh well…

        Liked by 1 person

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