Entertainment Update: Ladders of Love, Les Interpretes, Miss Unlucky, Mr.Right


Aka all the modern dramas. We compiled in this entertainment update some new casting news, a LOT of stills from modern dramas, a few period dramas/movies and finally added some interesting gossip thoughts. ^^

Little life RANT: I am so tired!! In the time of one week, I had to do three assignments and three midterms. Not only that, but each of those assignments take easily ten to twenty hours to be done. Needless to say, I was sleeping at 1AM and waking up at 6AM every day. It should be a bit more calm now, although I still have two new assignments and about half a week of lecture recordings to listen to @_@ Life is killing me. I feel like there are a 100 dramas airing right now, but I can’t even watch them..

Korean actress Han Chae-Young doesn’t take a break! She is currently casted on the show Revive with Ma Ke and Viann Zhang. Now, she is going to lead for upcoming historical drama 重耳傳 Duke Wen of Jin. It is based on real history and will be a huge production.


Another drama in work! 鳳凰無雙 Phoenix Warriors rumorly starring Wang Likun, will start shooting in Hengdian from March 14th.


If you are curious about the upcoming drama for this year, here is an outline of which TV channels own which drama airing rights. I am excited to know Ode of Joy will be released by Jiangsu TV in April 2016!


Drama Ladders of Love starring Zhang Meng, Zhang Rui and Dili Reba got itself a release date on March 10th.


Drama Les Interpretes with Yang Mi and Huang Xuan:

New posters for Lover’s Lies starring Zhang Xiaolong, Jia Qing, Chen Ruoxuan and Cao Xiyue. The drama will start airing on February 24th on the Zhejiang Channel.


Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai selfie for Stay With Me


More character posters for Miss Unlucky starring Wang Chuanjun, Rachel Mao, Chen Yanfei, Yin Zheng, Zhang Lingzhi, and Zhang Ruihan.

Drama To Be a Better Man starring some of your faves from Go Fighting: Sun Honglei, Jiang Shi Ying, Che Xiao, Wang Yaoqing, and Lay (Zhang Yixing).


Here are more pictures of Lay on the set of Old Nine Gates. Seems like he will pass some time in prison.

2 4

On the other side, his co-star William Chan has a big smile on new stills for Love of Happiness:

1 2

With his co-star Tang Yixin:


Talking about Tang Yixin, the girl is busy busy! Not only will she start promoting The Love of Happiness soon, she is currently filming for Zhu Xian and for Advisors Alliance (yes that drama that will star Liu Tao as the bad-ass female lead).

1 2

On the other hand, Yan Kuan is starring in yet another drama The Legend of Sumoer with his wife Sunny Du.

1 2

Mr.Right starring Chang Jiwook, Zhang Danfeng and Wang Xiaochen:

Mad about You with Li Sheng and hubby Li Jiahan

Yang Mi and Wallace Huo wraps up the filming of Reset

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Tang Yan for Princess Weiyoung!

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Gossip thoughts:

  • Ice Fantasy has a high chance of airing this summer on Hunan TV Channel. Will it be able to become a rating monster like Hua Qian Gu? It will depend on the cast and the production team’s hard work!
  • Run Brother 4 is confirmed to start filming on February 29 as the first episode will be released in April. The cast will not change from season 3.
  • The wedding of Liu Shishi with Nicky Wu should be happening this upcoming month in Bali.
  • Chinese actress Tang Wei who is married to Korean director Kim Tae Yong reveals she is pregnant! Congratulations!
  • 4
  • Tangren agency held their yearly big event with the staff and their artist. Here is a released picture of the say event. I spot Liu Shishi, Hu Ge and Hu Bingqing (not familiar enough with the rest of the faces…)
  • 2

Finally, pictures of two cuties! I see no difference 8D (ft. Liu Yifei and Wu Lei)

1 2 3 4


12 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Ladders of Love, Les Interpretes, Miss Unlucky, Mr.Right

  1. Les Interpretes is airing earlier than I expected, YES! As for Ice Fantasy, hmm I doubt it’d do as well as HQG, but we’ll see…
    Ehhhh. Tang Yan looks very awkward in the first gif. Now I’m worried that she’ll mess up her acting again in that drama lol.
    Wow. Haven’t been online in the past few days for the same reason (had to temporarily discontinue some dramas that I was watching), but your daily schedule is so much more hectic than mine. I applaud you for being able to cope with it and update this blog. I don’t think I’d be able to do the same. But still, hang in there! You can do it 🙂


    • Yop. I am quiet curious about Les Interpretes because it look like a high budget and high quality modern drama. Based on the BTS, it seems that Ice Fantasy is only filming with green screen everywhere. So they better have a great CGI team or it will be really hard to watch. Tang Yan looks like her usual self, like if her modern mary-sue personality traveled back in time. At least she looks very pretty!
      Haha, it was just last week because all the teachers decided to be evil and put all evaluations at the same time. Now, I still have one assignment, some recordings to catch up on and an exam to prepare. But since I am now in my reading week, it should go a bit more smoothly. Thanks! I will try my best 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m getting even more excited for Les Interpretes bc of my recent love for Huang Xuan. He’s really in luck for the 1st half of 2016. He has gained so much love from Imperial Doctress (I love his character in the beginning, but I’m not looking forward for him to turn evil). He also is in Lie Chang, drama starring Hu Ge, to air soon. And also Les Interpretes, his first lead drama, with Yang Mi. He’s basically in dramas with all the big stars this year (Wallace, Liu Shishi, Hu Ge, Yang Mi) lol.

        If the CGI is on point for Ice Fantasy, then it will be a good visuals drama. Idk if I’ll watch it because I’m not a fan of any of the cast (except for Ma Tianyu but idk if him alone is worth the watch) nor the story and style. Honestly, I’m much more excited for Zhu Xian. Summer is a great period to air xianxia dramas.


      • xD And let’s not forget his performance in Legend of Miyue. Apparently he gained a lot of fans in that too because his acting was really good!
        Ice Fantasy sounds promising for the cast (I love Feng Shaofeng as an actor!), but I also feel like something looks like it is missing. The few teasers out shows way too many special effect use (I can’t believe how that horse looked: even if he seems to be real, they make it look fake!) I also wish they can release Zhu Xian during the summer to keep up with the tradition.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Like what wrong was in innocent kiss scenes (ok I maybe can be agree with bloody kiss scene because it can be looks inappropriate but sceneы in last episodes were important and quite innocent). I better not watch it if they do same ripped-crap with IF. This drama for me is not the most promising and interesting project but with horrendous cuts it will be worth.


      • Haha, if they do, the fans will be so mad at Hunan (again). That trailer definitely didn’t really make me want to watch it because of the bad special effect usage. Hope there will be more scenes that won’t look too fake.


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