[New Drama] Successor 《继承人》with Hawick Lau and Jiang Xin


A quick post as really not much is known about the drama so far. As mentioned previously, Hawick Lau and Jiang Xin are casted for a drama together. The drama is called 繼承人 Successor and they held their filming set opening ceremony this week. 

At the ceremony this week:


Drama information:

  • Directed by Yan Jianggang
  • Filming in Shanghai
  • Chinese Name: 《继承人》(should not be confused with the drama of the same name starring Choi Siwon or the 2013 Korean hit teenager drama Heirs)
  • Total of ~30 episodes


The story is about a sloppy inheritance lawyer Zheng Hao (Hawick Lau) who doesn’t like to work and would rather gain easy money. One day, he randomly hires an assistant: Tang Ning (Jiang Xin) who just came back from the US. Their collaboration starts off difficult, but will evolves into love. When Tang Ning came back to her home in China, she realizes that her aunt wants to strip her from her inheritance. Thanks to Zheng Hao’s knowledge and skills, the problem will be solved. Furthermore, this event made both of them understand each other better.


Hawick Lau as Zheng Hao


Jiang Xin as Tang Ning

3 4

Liu Songren as Zhang Keming


Zhao Zheng as Dai Bo


Wu Mian as Tang Liqun


Excited to see Jiang Xin play the lead this time, but I am not a huge fan of Hawick Lau. On the positive side, I think Hawick is definitely more suited for modern dramas than for period dramas. Bonus, I love law related shows (although I highly doubt this can be compared with the American hit shows Good Wife and Suits).


8 thoughts on “[New Drama] Successor 《继承人》with Hawick Lau and Jiang Xin

    • It impresses me how he just take on projects after projects. He doesn’t even bring in amazing ratings (not bad ratings, but not exceptional either). Wish he could take a break and work on his acting a bit more…

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  1. Legal shows are my thing too! (Love The Good Wife, Suits and How to Get Away With Murder). I’ll probably like this too.
    I don’t understand Hawick’s current career direction. Considering his age and experience, shouldn’t he venture himself towards the movie industry, like many of his peers and his wife? I don’t know what he’d want to achieve by constantly leading in the small screen tbh.


    • Oh yeah? Are you watching Suits now? I am so excited for the season final next week! ❤ hope everything gets resolved because we need Mike back as a lawyer!
      Exactly! Considering the number of years he has in the industry and number of dramas he starred in, he should be able to calm himself down and not sign up for a new drama every month. He should work a bit harder on his acting and challenge himself with more complex roles. I don't think he has enough popularity to lead in movies though (like I doubt he can bring in much box-office).


      • I haven’t watched the latest episodes of Suits, but I’ll try to binge watch the remaining when I’m completely free! It’s hard to keep up when I’m following quite a number of American shows. And yes! I miss the dynamics between Mike and Harvey!
        That’s true. I don’t know what his goal is exactly, but what he’s doing rn is…bland? I’m just not fond of a popular actor who stays doing dramas without broadening his horizons. To me, the best career direction for an actor is to start off doing dramas to build his fandom and then migrate to the movie industry to get public recognition and praises as an actor. Unfortunately, not many actors have the box office power to lead in movies.


      • Ohh, you definely want to catch up so you will be anticipating next week’s episode the same way as all the fans out there! They are trying to solve the whole “Mike is a fraud” situation, which is the biggest climax the show will ever encounter. Hehe, I only follow two American shows now (this one and The Big Bang Theory) so it is not too bad to catch up.
        You are right! Dramas are perfect to create a strong fanbase, but it is only if you achieved a strong public recognization that you can bring in the box-office money. Especially if they want to break their usual image. Most A-list actors nowaday are doing only movies with like one drama per few years to keep the fandom alive.

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