[Movie] Spicy Hot Love with Peter Ho, Zhang Xinyi, and Huang Can Can


Isn’t this picture beautiful? Oh boy! I completely forgot about this movie. Spicy Hot Love was meant to be released on November 11th, one of the many Chinese Valentine’s Day, but has been pushed back to March 8th, 2016, the Mother’s Day. Weird change…

The casting is very refreshing! I loved Zhang Xinyi (Princess Jieyou) in Beijing Love Story but it has been ages since I haven’t seen a project of hers. This may change soon, since she is currently starring in Princess Jieyou with real life boyfriend Yuan Hong ^^ Peter Ho, the lead of this movie, is a good eye candy and Huang Can Can is a wildly popular fashion goddess in c-communities.

Huang Can Can is so pretty!


I am not very familiar with the supporting cast, which is composed of two more couples:

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The movie will depict the role of women and men in a relationship. It is hard to find love, do you have the right people around you?

Trailer (it is for a more mature audience)


The stills:
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Bonus pictures of Zhang Xinyi with Yuan Hong ❤ Ship ship ship

704_1857719_951978 704_1857721_469980 704_1857732_294593 704_1857734_673401 704_1857736_669420


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