[Recap] Cuo Dian Yuan Yang OTP Scenes Episodes 1, 2, 3


I must be extremely picky because although there are so many airing dramas right now, nothing really interests me much. Hence, I decided to go back to some of my old favorite drama scenes from … Cuo Dian Yuan Yang! This drama from 2012 starred Zhao Liying and Qi Ji. It is the drama that made me fall in love with Zhao Liying’s acting and basically, brought me to start this blog. It is truly a germ in the dramaland and I am pleased to write recaps for it now. The story has a bit of plotting and also focus on other characters. However, for this series of recap, I want to focus solely on the main couple, their best interactions together or apart. I wrote a review for this drama before and you can read it here. I am not sure whether I will catch ALL the OTP scenes episode by episode or skip through and cover only my favorite ones. We will see…

Summary (by me)

In short, the story is about Shi Wuji and Yang Yiliu/Su Huan Er. Shi Wuji is the olderst of the successful commercial family Shi and has two younger brothers and one younger sister. He is proud, cold, sure of himself and most importantly, cherishes his family dearly. His life mission is to avenge his dead parents and believe (rightfully) that his uncle is the culprit. Yang Yiliu is the daughter of that evil uncle. Because she doesn’t have a mother, she had always been treated like a slave in her own house. When her favorite sister Su Huan Er commits suicide because she didn’t want to get married to Shi Wuji, Yang Yiliu takes her place. Hence starts her journey in the Shi household where she must gain the trust of everyone (which will be very hard) and hide her true identity.

Episode 1 : The first meeting

At the lantern festival, Yang Yiliu is walking around all happy looking at the goodies for sale. However, while she was looking in another direction, a thief stole her purse!


Luckily, Shi Wuji was passing by and when he saw the poor lady in distress, he came to her rescue. This is the first time they meet and they have no idea about each other’s background.

Wuji takes off his mask and hears his younger brother’s whistle. It is time to go.


He leaves. Can I just say how tall and handsome he looks??


At that moment, Yiliu notices on the floor that he forgot his pendant on the floor. She wants to call him back, but notices it is already too late. She looks at it and decides to keep it for now.


Note: I love how this drama didn’t go the cliche road by not making the two of them fall in love at first sight. Also, isn’t that great that Yiliu didn’t keep the jade as a token of their “love” and start going crazy to find him back? I mean, unlike all other dramas, this object didn’t play a major role in the drama. It is not like, if you find the guy’s belonging, then his heart belongs to you ^^

Episode 2: Newly Wed

It is the wedding night, but Wuji doesn’t have the courage nor the desire to go face his new wife. He knows doing this is going to make him suffer, but he says it is something he must go through. After a prep talk with his brother and lots of drinks, he goes in.


Under the effect of alcohol, he wakes in drunk. He immediately crashes on the bed.


Huan Er (I am gonna call her that because that is her name in the Shi family) first checks if he is indeed deep asleep. She then goes to close the door and comes back to check his face.


She is shocked to see that the man she just married is.. his savior from a few days ago! She immediately goes to get some water inside and splashes it on his face to wake him up.


All mad, she yells at him why, if he was in the city, he didn’t come himself to get his fiance. Does he have no respect for the Su family?


Wuji is of course mad at this point. He takes her and brings her up to his eyes level. He says that she is in his household now and must follow his orders. What he wants to is not her business.


Speechless, Huan Er curses at him as he leaves the room.


The next morning, Huan Er comes first to the dining area to eat.


However, when Wuji comes in, he takes away her steamed bun and throw it on the floor. Seeing this, Huan Er is super mad. She says that she doesn’t care if he doesn’t want to feed her, but don’t throw and waste food like this! She goes to pick it up.


At this point in the drama, thanks to the Shi family doctor, Wuji and second bro knows that Su Huan Er is actually Yang Yiliu. They decide to keep it a secret for now and wonder why Su Guanping (the evil uncle) decided to send her over.

On their way back to the Shi Mansian, they take a break from the long travel. Huan Er gets off from her carriage. She sees everyone interacting nicely between themselves and feel like an outsider.


She goes to the cliff to yell out her frustration, unknowing that Wuji actually followed her. I think he was worried to see if she will commit suicide.


At the cliff, Huan Er seats down and seems to start a conversation with her sister, the real Su Huan Er. She says how long must she wait before she can see her face again. If she jumps now, will all her sufferance stop? She then says no! Ever since she was young, she suffered through so much and is ready to go through a lot. Each time, she was able to tough through it because there was always Huan Er smiling back at her. Her goal in life is to protect Huan Er. For this, she will keep working hard.2122232425

Later at night, the little group are attacked by a hired gang of muderers. Su Huan Er does her best to protect her new little sister and herself. She gets hit on her back. Seeing that, Shi Wuji refuses to let anyone else see her “naked”. So, he takes care of the first aid himself. He is of course his ruthless self and is not gentle at all toward the sick Huan Er.


At the end, he is his selfish and arrogant self. He says that, since she is married to him, she belongs to him. Without his permission, she is not allowed to get hurt. Awwn (I think he is starting to fall from her around here).

Episode 3: Winning the New Family’s Heart

Not really with the OTP, but Huan Er is being quiet a badass during this episode as she won over the heart of the soldiers, the servants and even the Prince who came to visit.


Because of Third bro’s evil plan, Huan gets trapped in a room at night. Not letting herself be played by others, she decides to climb the walls. Of course, due to bad luck (0r good luck?), she gets caught by the whole family while in her very unlady like act.


Seeing this, Wuji repeatedly tells her to come down.


Without saying a word, Huan Er decides to jump down. Luckily, Wuji steps up and comes to catch her up or else, she would be handicapped for sure!


After scolding her, he tells her to go say hi to the visiting Prince.


Huan Er gives out such a positive impression that it once again annoys Wuji.


Here is a collection of his unhappy face.






And even here

After scolding Huan Er, we learn that actually Wuji is not mad, but more jealous! He is jealous Huan Er went to another man’s room at night (the day before, she went to the Prince’s room to help him thinking clearer about a business plan). This of course gets Huan Er mad. She goes to see him and asks him how come he has such a dirty mind?


Of course, she ends it all by trampling on his feet and walks off. 47

Mad, Wuji can only let go of his frustration on his third brother, who isn’t so innocent in all this situation…


17 thoughts on “[Recap] Cuo Dian Yuan Yang OTP Scenes Episodes 1, 2, 3

  1. Justiffa says:

    Oh my god what a coincidence.. i love zhao liying and I’m going crazy scouring the net for more info and related bits & pieces of her & qi ji . Sadly theres not much ‘behind the scene’ vids of this drama (unlike the legend of zu… theres tons of that around lol) especially since its mostly in chinese 😦

    Both liying & qi ji are so sweet together u just can’t get enough of them lol. It would be pure bliss if they could team up on another project again!! Anyways, pls pls do spend the time on putting together a really looooong write up about them just so we can relive the beautiful moments all over again 😀


    • Haha, Nicky Wu knows what the fans want and hence released tons of BTS for Legend of Zu. On the other hand, Cuo Dian Yuan Yang was filmed before Zhao Liying hit it big so they probably didn’t care about creating buzz for the media. 😦 I would have loved to see Zhao Liying and Qi Ji interact on set though…
      Exactly! I want more of them! I remember when I was following the series as it aired and got super caught by their amazing Chemistry… Ahhh, they are perfection ❤
      I am no pro at writing recap, but I will try my best to write about all their interactions! That is the final goal: to relive all their best scenes together. ^^ Can't guarantee how long it will take me to finish this up since I also have to balance school life.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Amy Smith says:

    Omg this is one of my favourites as well!! Huan er and Wu Ji are couple goals omg how I would love to have a relationship like that! Their love for each other is eeeeeeeee I can feel it radiating from the screen!

    I’m on the second series but have had to put it on hold (unwillingly) due to school. Had a low recently and decided to cheer myself up by rewatching Series 1 lmao and ah, my spirits were heightened immediately. Love love love the banter between the two leads.

    The romance isn’t as tangible with the supporting leads but I watch it anyqway bc Song Yi is in it also and gosh her eyes! Phoenix eyes! Quite the stunner.

    But yeah, Huan Er and Wu Ji — I cannot get enough scenes of them! Dramas with lead characters like them easily melt my heart. The passion of their banter reminds me of “You are my sisters” and also “It started with a kiss” hehehe. Why can’t I meet any guys who will banter with me :3

    Thank you for writing up these recaps! I’ll never grow tired of these two!


    • ❤ Happy to find so many hidden CDYY fans out there! They are not just relationship goal, their are marriage goal! Their love for each other is way too real ^3^, it is like the most real/natural looking depiction of a couple on-screen (they should be casted on We Got Married together!)
      Haha, fellow student, I am suffering so much too right now v_v This series is definely the kind to put a big smile on your face ^^ Song Yi is gorgeous (she mostly appears in the second half), but I found her a bit blind in front of others trying to manipulate her. Good thing the actress is getting more love now (three-four years after!) Never tried "You are My Sisters", but I loved "ISWAK". Haha, one day, girl, one day!
      Welcome! I will try to keep working on them. Although since it is already aired, I will take my time in doing so ^^


  3. I’m with you! I love this drama, especially the first half! Admittedly, Qi Ji brought me to this drama after watching him in Cruel Romance but I’ve loved Zanilla like forever! I’ll continue to ear the recaps and giggle along!


    • same same! The first half is so full of love and angsts. I wanna relive it all through recapping the show 😛 This is a perfect role for Qi Ji and I sincerely hope he can get more acting roles in the future. Thanks for the support!

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Jo says:

    Loved this drama!! Introduced me to ZLY and the rest is history. The second half of the drama was meh, but OTP kyaaa can they do another drama together?!!


  5. humbledaisy1 says:

    So glad to read these recaps – this is one of my favorite dramas. Take your time and recap what you want – I will look forward to your take on this. For me, I especially like all the side characters’ stories. Action, romance, family feelings and humor – oh, gosh, the scene with her lips. Although my favorite parts are the sad ones. When I’m feeling a little low, I go and watch some of the later episodes in Series 1. Sometimes, a little sniffly cry makes things better.


    • :3 Thanks! I am trying to write the recaps to guide the fansand help them find their fave scenes 8D For me, the side stories aren’t too bad, but they are not as good as the main couple 😛 This first recap is a bit boring, but as we move more and more into the series, we will reach the climax and all the angsts! I love the scene with the lips too, I also like when (spoiler), she was crying for his soul after his “death” with all the candles. So many good scenes >< I am just sad my bad recapping skills can't catch good enough pictures… sigh
      This drama is so fun and really a perfect easy watch.

      Liked by 1 person

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