[Recap] Cuo Dian Yuan Yang OTP scenes Ep.4


Since there are a lot more of our couple’s scenes in this episode, this post will only recap episode 4. Get your dose of sweet for the day! ❤ A part of me is really happy to immortilize these moments in recaps and another part of me feels like whatever I do, nothing can beat the mood the drama is giving out to the viewer (the lighting, the backsound sounds, etc all make this drama so much more enjoyable). So, if you have the time, go watch it 😉

Episode 4: Taking care of the sick Huan Er

Third brother (Shi Wujie) still believes that Huan Er is here to cause troubles and decides to make her sick by making her drink a bad Chinese medicine. However, Huan Er thought it was just a bowl of water and poured it inside the porridge she was making for the kids. This of course causes everyone to be ultra sick. Long in short, third brother doesn’t have the courage to own up to his crime and so Huan Er takes all the blame. She gets hit in front of the whole family even though little sister and third brother are trying to stop it. Finally, third brother sees the extend at which Huan Er is ready to go to save him and decides to own up to his crime.


After witnessing the whole scene, Shi Wuji finally speaks. He says he will let Ru Niang (the lady in charge of everything in the Shi household aka the mother figure of the family) take care of the chosing the punishments for Third Brother. Wuji goes to Huan Er and brings her back to her room in a princess embrace.

2 3 4 5 6 7

There, he once again ruthlessly does first aid on her. She wakes up unhappy and asks for her maid instead. She wants water and Wuji goes to get her some. [note: during OTP scenes, there are often scenes were 2nd bro come in. But since I don’t like his character and don’t find these scenes important, I will not add them to the recap…]

8 9

Wuji tells her that she looks very ladylike when she doesn’t talk. Seeing that it is him who is attending to her care, Huan Er  tells him to leave since he didn’t even bother to help her out in front of everyone and only now choses to act like the good guy. He says that he did this because he didn’t want her sacrifice to go to waste. This is the only way for her to win over the heart of the family and most importantly, the trust of his younger brother Shi Wujie. Huan Er calls him unbeliveble for calculating everything, even his little brother.

10 11

He says he didn’t actually calculate everything perfectly out since he didn’t expect her to win the heart of everyone in the last few days. He asks her again how she convinced the Prince before. Huan Er of course doesn’t want to tell him as she still remembers his previous allusion of her being unfaithful..


Wuji asks “What is the problem?” and Huan Er says that he doesn’t trust her. Huan Er tells him to leave and hit him a bit until he does. Wuji doesn’t force his precense and leaves without a word.

13 14

After he leaves, Huan Er takes out his jade pendent and asks “Shi Wuji, did you really forget about me?”


A few days later, Huan Er is still sick. Shi Wuji comes to see her.


At that moment, Huan Er is having a nightmare. She keeps yelling “Huan Er, Huan Er, Don’t go!” As her arms are trying to reach the Huan Er in her dream, her hands are caught by Shi Wuji in real life :3

17 18

During her dream, Huan Er talks about her hardship and desire to save her sister and favorite aunt/mother figure. Most importantly, she says she only want to be recognized by her father. Hearing that, Shi Wuji understands that she also has a lot of her own hardships.


He keeps on taking care of her for the next few days.

20 21

The soldiers of the house try to catch a hare for Huan Er because they know she is really sick and needs better nutrition. They are caught by Wuji who punishes them for taking time off from their duty to go hunting…


Except that he himself goes out to go catch a wild chicken for his wife! He brings the prize to the kitchen and asks them to prepare a soup for Huan Er.


Huan Er happily tastes the chicken soup and when sh realizes it was from Wuji, she is in shock.


At night, she goes to his room and brought with her the desserts she prepared for him as a thank you gift.

25 27

There, she catches him sleeping and day dream by thining how can someone so handsome exist. I ask myself the same question girl!

28 29

While wandering around his room, Huan Er finds his working book. She flips through it without realizing that Wuji woke up and is standing behind her…


Wuji, in his cold voice, asks her what she thinks she is doing. Huan Er says she can’t read anyway and was just going through it out of curiosity. [I think Wuji is suspicious of her because of her background and he is still scarred she is a spy]


He tells her that without his permission, she is not allowed to come inside his room. She says who wants to come here anyway and walks off.


Outside, as she starts cursing him and his house (saying that she wants to burn down the whole place), it starts to rain. In disbelief, she stands back up ready to run. Except that Wuji comes by behind with an unbrella.

33 34 35

He tells her he is doing this for her just because she is already sick and he doesn’t want to have her death on his conscious. Disappointed when she hears this, Huan Er runs off to hide from the rain elsewhere.

36. 36

She tells him that she is a strong person. He can torture her all he wants, she will not let him win (aka not die easily). Furthermore, she says he doesn’t have to worry after her death on how to explain the situation to her father.

Wuji says that since she married him, she is his person. Hence, he doesn’t own an explanation to anyone whether she is dead or alive. Huan Er says that the Prince was right and Wuji is really a cold person. We are back at the jealousy corner of the day.

Wuji says that if Su Guanping (Huan Er’s dad) knew earlier on that his daughter would have such a great chemistry with the Prince, then maybe he would have married her off to him instead. After all, his father marries his daughters for businesses. This angers Huan Er who tries to hit him. He grabs her at the last second.

37 38 39 40

She says she can accept him not respecting her, but she can’t accept him not respecting her family. Wuji asks her why she treats all the other men so nicely, but not his own husband… Huan Er hence decides to finally clear up the misunderstanding. She doesn’t know why the Prince decided to listen to her, but the special bound they have is because they come from the same city. Hence, as both of them are alone in a new city/entourage, they have a lot in common.


Huan Er wants to run back to her own room, but Wuji once again grabs her. .///. He says isn’t she ashamed to run around all wet at night? He gets her closer to him and opens the umbrella. They are heading back to his place. Notice where his left hand is: on her shoulder!! *_*

43 44 45 46 47

As they are back to his room, he throws at her one of his back outfit and tells her to wear that. She says that is a man’s cloth! And he be like, “Dah, how can there be women clothes here.” Yeah, running in that later won’t be shameful at all..

48 49

She tells him to look elsewhere as she changes. Of course, Wuji doesn’t do so because as the husband, he believes he has the right to watch the show…

50 51

When Huan Er realizes, she feels mortified. She asks him why he was looking and he says that as the husband, he has the right to. She runs off.

52. 52 53

OMG, look at that BIG smile from Wuji. You are so in love ❤



8 thoughts on “[Recap] Cuo Dian Yuan Yang OTP scenes Ep.4

  1. Amy Smith says:

    Marvellous! Absolutely marvellous! I just find myself grinning from ear to ear like an idiot when I see Wu Ji’s slowly melt.

    This drama is a true diamond– right amount of emotional tugging at the heartstrings and comedy all in one.

    Qi Ji is so underappreciated! Could not believe my eyes when I saw Cuo Dian Yuan Yang after Cruel Romance. From a super messed up evil Japanese man to this seemingly distant man who is willing to go through hell for his loved ones. Simply wow.

    Thanks for this recap! I agree that it can be difficult to fully translate the greatness that is this drama into words –the music is right on par, always inserted at the right scenes and always effective in evoking the desired atmosphere — but you’ve done a fantastic job so merci beaucoup ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • me too >_< Seeing Wuji melting in front of the amazing and unique Huan Er is the whole high light of this drama! Their relationship is just too amazing. Qi Ji needs new project. Went on his baidu page today and was disappointed he didn't pick any new project for a long time now 😦 Hope he gets back into acting for dramas because I am sure he will hit big very soon.
      Welcome! The thing with the drama is that they always put the music/soundtrack at the right time. They have a really nice suspense and funny sound to cue the viewer on what is to happen next. I love it! I especially felt the limitation of my drama recapping when doing the scene under the rain.. If only I can catch him exactly putting his hand on her shoulder *_*


    • Hey! This is an advertisement for the video game version of Zhu Xian and it was filmed in 2009. They casted Hu Ge, Liu Shishi, Tang Yan and Yuan Hong because they are the actors of Chinese Paladin 3 and were really popular back then. Thanks for bringing back this nice video back to my attention ^^ Ah the nostalgia


  2. Ann says:

    Just so you know, you’re definitely not alone. I still go back to Cuo Dian Yuan Yang even though there are so many dramas out there! Adore ZLY in this and Qi Ji is just so handsome, how is he not bigger?! Hope he gets projects soon because that talents and those looks are just going to waste otherwise…

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😀 Thanks! Great because the people who are not watching/rewatching are missing out on a great drama! I know!! Qi Ji >< I wish he could be more successful because I seriously wouldn't mind having him back on my screen.


  3. Justiffa says:

    Aaaaawwwwww… they’re just soooo adorable, Tq for the recaps my dear. i just love the way they snuggle up to each other every chance they get and the way he towers over her, always there, strong & protective. why oh why aren’t they teaming up again in another long & romantic drama?? it would certainly be our collective dreams come true, right? 🙂


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