Entertainment Update: Zhu Xian, To Be a Better Man, My Sassy Girl 2

New entertainment Update! For the first week of March, let’s get an overdose of Lay and f(x)! Of course, highly anticipated projects such as Zhu Xian and Stay with Me did not disappoint either! Hope March is not too cold for anyone 🙂

Guo Jingming‘s next novel to be adapted into a drama will be… Rush to the Dead Summer.


Talking about Guo Jingming, his new other drama Yes! Mr.Long started filimg on March 2nd. The cast includes Ouyang Nana and Chen Xuedong.


There is a new drama in work and it stars some familiar names: Xiao Jingteng, Hu Bingqing, Huang Bo, Janinie Chang, Da S, etc. Called 深夜食堂, it is based on a Japanese manga Shinya Shokudō and tells the story of a family owning a late night restaurant.


Here is a new poster for Ladders of Love. The drama will be released on March 10th.


More stills of Qiao Zhenyu in Song of Phoenix:

Li Yifeng released a picture from the set of Zhu Xian. I think it was a congratulation post toward DiCaprio. 😉


Zhu Xian also released some really nice new stills:

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Talking about Zhao Liying projects, here are some new exciting posters for Rise of a Tomboy:

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Drama To Be a Better Man with Lay and Sun Honglei released some stills:

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Lay and Krystal will start filming their movie Shut Up and Love! Hehe, I ship this couple 😀


My Sassy Girl 2 with Victoria and Cha Tae Hyun released some new stills (even though I have seen them before :”D)

005N2Rijjw1f1hi8vwd9vj30m80etjud 005N2Rijjw1f1hibhb3z1j31kw1kwx0u 005N2Rijjw1f1hic5nf3lj31kw1kwqpy

Drama Stay with Me by Chen Qiao En, Wang Kai, and Kimi Qiao released some official posters:

New character stills for the drama Left Ear

New movie Buddy Cops starring Bosco Wong, King Kong Lee and Charmaine Fong will be released on April 22nd, 2016.


Let’s move on to variety shows! He Jiong was confirmed to MC a new variety show 明星大侦探 Celebrity Detective. It is supposed to be based on a Korean variety show. Basically, they will invite six guests each episode and through lot’s of clues must find the final culprit.

7 8

Run Brother season 4 will start strong with a wuxia themed episode. I feel sorry for the whole Chinese entertainment that Yumama had to create such an ugly and eternal haircut for Xiao Longnu. On the other hand, look how pretty Luhan is! ^^

6 7

Tao was casted for the new Chinese edition of the Korean variety show Jungle’s Laws. Apparently he was originality a cast of the Korean edition so I see a lot of irony in this ^^


Wallace Huo is the next star to get his own wax figure at the Madame Tussaud of Shanghai! So happy for him 🙂



Gossip Thoughts:

  • Yang Mi‘s company announced that they will start taking legal actions against the haters online. Hater comments are assumed to be the ones about her having an affair with Li Yifeng, her being too busy with work to take care of her family, them waiting to have a divorce, etc.
  • Zhang Tian Ai never responded to the dating rumor and her fans denied the rumor by saying that the pictures taken are only the ones of her brother. The source of the news  of course isn’t happy about this and revealed the name of the little “Famous Hotel Owner” Xu Wen Zhe. Apparently, they are friends that came from the same town and even went home together during New Year to celebrate!
  • Zhao Liying‘s dating life saga doesn’t end yet either. A commenter online says that he/she was an acquaintance of the boyfriend Wang Hao from five years ago and says that back then, he was in a marriage. He however lost contact with WH since then and don’t know about his current relationship status. Liying, I hope you are fine!
  • SARFT just announced new regulations against ALL time-travelling and homosexual scenes.. Hum, I feel like they are trying to aim for the two new favorite webdramas out there, aka Go Princess Go and Heroin/Addiction. If you are curious, here is the full list of restrictions.
  • SNH48 member Tang Anqi was severly burn in a cafe after a dispute with her friend. The pictures look look horrible and I have no word. Best wishes for her to recover… Here is a link talking about her situation.

15 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Zhu Xian, To Be a Better Man, My Sassy Girl 2

  1. Without you, I wouldn’t have heard of 1/2 of these! Love those posters!! I love Shinya Shokudō! I loved the K-version Late Night Restaurant so I will be curious about the new remake!!


  2. Cat says:

    Don’t get me started on the sanctions. Reincarnation, gory themes, souls returning, any spiritual/shaman related tones, one night stand, extramarital affairs are just a few more banned.

    So I take it that journey to the west (hello, reincarnation) will be banned.

    I. Got. No. Words.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      xD Haha, if they ban Journey to the West, they would need to ban all six movies of the year covering that story…


  3. The stills for Zhu Xian are nice. Getting me more excited for the drama!
    The pic of the SNH48 member’s incident looks disastrous….must’ve been so horrible for her. Hope she recovers fast and is getting better…

    A lot of Yang Mi’s haters this time seem to come from Li Yifeng’s fanbase, but I’m not sure if they are mostly haters pretending to be LYF fans. I think this is the first time that Yang Mi’s company is taking legal actions against the haters. Last time was about a sex tape where haters claimed that it was her. Good move bc being victim of defamation can be very nasty for a celeb.

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      The picture of the SNH48 member surprised me so much! It is hard to believe that such a thing can happen in a big city. China still have a long way to go before it can be considered as a “safe” country… I find it sad how strict they are towards marijuana (which is not always the fault of the user, but of the community they live in) but do so little towards car accident/ conjugal violence/etc… Also, how come the shop didn’t notice anything? I am annoyed the official statement of the cafe is “The fire couldn’t have started due to what they bought” instead of “We want to assure the security of our customers” ><

      I also remember that incidence with the sex tape. A lot of celebrities supported her on weibo. I doubt the legal actions will be efficient but at least her agency is doing something!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. If somebody could enplane what is bad in time-travelling and reincarnations, because it is really stupid, they don’t bane drugs, smocking cigarettes, and drinking lot of alcohol in dramas and movies but ban this. There is no sense.


    • The “reason” for time-traveling and reincarnation is that these stories tend to distort real historical characters, which is of course not to the liking of SARFT. Which is indeed stupid because obviously if you check out Empress of China and Zhen Huan Zhuan, they are doing that pretty well without having to use any supernatural elements. I wish they could ban some bad practices such as drugs, cigarettes, etc, but at the end of the day, I really just wish Chinese broadcasting stations can understand the need of the public and deliver what reflects society accurately…


      • Yeah, I actually feel like dramas changing history is trying to make it more exciting, which is after all the main purpose of entertainment (to excite and entertain the viewers). They are really overthinking this @_@


  5. coffeenlucia says:

    “SARFT just announced new regulations against ALL time-travelling and homosexual scenes”

    I thought China liked Bu Bu Jing Xin and My Love from the Stars. I wonder what triggered the ban.


    • Miss Attache says:

      The Cfensi blogger idarklight just posted some interesting points of the ban. First, the document which many news outlets (incl. CNN) say as if an official document against issues like reincarnation and sexuality, actually came from non-state organizations. Second, there’s actually self-censorship practiced by broadcasting agencies — not necessarily from the govt (but this is not to deny that the fear for government’s pressure and possible action is behind such self-censorship). You can read the full post here https://cfensi.wordpress.com/2016/03/03/epic-post-4-did-censors-ban-homosexuality/


      • Thanks for the link! Just read it and indeed, she highlighted some important elements regarding this issue. I didn’t think much about this ban personally since the elements banned aren’t really what I look for in dramas anyway. However, knowing that this impacts the way producers are writing their dramas to be on the safe side is a bit more worrysome…


    • Actually, the ban for time-travelling exists since 2012 (right after BBJX aired). However, I felt like during the past few years, this law was that monitored that closely. This time, they seem very serious by re-implementing these laws AND also putting it on webdramas (previously, the regulations only applied to dramas). I am curious to see how this will turn out.


  6. Emily says:

    Lay is such a bad actor, almost as bad as Cheney Chen. Blech. Luhan is cute but that hairstyle doesn’t suit him at all.

    The ban is sad. Seems the government is still being as strict with local content as ever.


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