List of C-Ent Bromance ~ Guys Edition


After our post on girl eternal friendships (this post), here is the continuation from the guys’ sides! There are so many! Like last time, I am pretty sure we missed out on a lot again… If you noticed any miss, feel free to write a comment and scold us πŸ˜› It didn’t feel right to only call them BFF. Some are just casual friendships and others are mostly created by the media/fangirls. So, here is a list of bromances in Chinese entertainment!

Hu Ge and Yuan Hong

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Hu Ge and Wallace Huo

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Hu Ge and Wu Lei


Hu Ge and Wang Kai


Jing Dong and Wang Kai


Jin Dong and Hu Ge

2 3

Li Yifeng and William Chan

William Chan and Kris Wu

William Chan and Yang Yang


Yang Yang and Jin Borang

4 562

Zhang Han and Yang Yang


Zhang Han and William Chan


Li Yifeng and Yang Yang

9 10

Alec Su and Nicky Wu

12 13 14

Lin Gengxin and Mark Chao

6 7 8

Guo Jingming and Chen Xuedong

4 5

Lay and Show Luo

1 02 33

Lay and William Chan


Yu Menglong and Guo Junchen

3 4 6


20 thoughts on “List of C-Ent Bromance ~ Guys Edition

  1. llmoreno says:

    Ge has a lot of bromance, how he would choose one of them? I don’t think he can, so now is Hu Ge and his harem hahaha, this post is so cute and so worthy, im going to save it and watching it many many times

    Wallace and Hu Ge awwww … Im hoping the 5 years promise to become true. Please let them be together, and The first gift makes me take Wallace for me, so lovely, and the video, we can watch their honeymoon yesssss !! thank you to the person who thought about them together when he/she wanted to do this photoshop he or she won heaven.
    Hu ge and baby lei lei are like father and son!! Wu lei is Wallace and Hu Ge baby. Have you watched when wu lei won in the anhui ceremony and Hu ge was like that’s my baby, the funniest thing was that Wallace by his side too, so it’s a happy family.

    Wang kai so sexy but he also like Hu Ge is good making Bromance wang kai bring the boys !!!
    Doesn’t many people thought William and feng were dating??? They show their love to the world
    Yang yang and Jing boran !! they are like big brother who has to protect his baby brother because he can’t do anything, I feels like that in divas hit the road haaha Yang yang depended a lot of Boran in that show and was so cuteee
    Yang yang and all his geges like that happy camp even that Korean actor cant scape of Yang Yang and his brothers and off course boran gets jealous about that.
    Guo Jingming and Chen Xuedong I don’t know about them because they really feel like a couple and not delusional fan otp but really gay relationship so …


    • Hu Ge has so many bromances that the girl who will date him will be so happy to have so many gorgeous in-laws! 8D
      Of course, Hu Ge could also stay single for the next five years so that he and Wallace Huo can start dating very soon!! The video is awesome >< Their photoshoot is so perfect!! Next shot: Hu Ge, Wallace Huo AND Wu Lei pls pls!
      I dunno about dating, but there are a lot of Li Yifeng+William Chan shippers out there too! Yang Yang has such great bromance with all the idol-actors out there! He calls everyone his bro with his perfect smile! Nobody can resist him hehe I would be jealous too if I was Jing Boran.
      Haha, I don't really follow the Guo Jingming+Chen Xuedong couple, but you are definitely not the first one to mention this πŸ˜‰


  2. Lucy says:

    I want to be Hu Ge just for one day and experience all these bromances he has. How can one man attract so many other fine looking men. Ugh cannot express my envy. But Wallace and Hu Ge all the way!!!!!
    OMG Nicky and Alec I’m so happy you included them….there needs to be a Little Tigers reunion asap!!!! Gosh I am so old lol kids nowadays don’t even know the stardom these two had back in the day.
    Too many good looking men on this post. Great way to end my night. πŸ™‚


    • Hope you had some sweet dreams!
      Hu Ge is seriously a bromance magnet, so much I worry he won’t need a girl anymore. v_v What about all the fans out there yelling for a chance!
      Me too, I am mostly a Hu Ge + Wallace Huo shipper ❀
      Of course I had to add Nicky and Alec! They are living legends. Haha, hope they can reunite at Nicky’s wedding instead of waiting for the next Tiger year to meet. Haha, sadly I am not one of those who lived through the Little Tigers madness πŸ˜‰


    • Haha, guilty πŸ˜› But we do try to cover any other EXO members too if they ever decide to venture in chinese entertainment world. Lay has a great personality in general and he is just such a hard working person (which is a very important criteria when I chose “bias”). He only had one acting project so far in Oh My God and he was average. But I am not giving up on him yet πŸ˜›


      • Emily says:

        His personality is too boring for me to pay attention to and he’s not even funny on variety. I disagree with his acting being average – That’s not average, that’s tragic.

        Even Luhan is better than him at acting even though he’s pretty bad too.

        You can like him though! I personally just don’t find him interesting at all and he offers nothing new or good to the table.


      • Haha, we have different taste. I don’t mind boring, but knowing that my celebrity is a hard working is a big bonus! πŸ˜› I actually find him really funny too ^^ I saw that gif before and I think it is not fair to evaluate his acting based on that. After all, this drama (Old Nine Gates) didn’t really release a trailer yet and as far as I am concerned, that little clip may not even be included in the final production πŸ˜›
        Luhan is pretty good and so is Kris! At least that is how I feel from the short clips I saw of them.
        Haha, yes! Keep sharing your opinions πŸ˜‰ I know I don’t share the same thoughts as all the readers πŸ˜›


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