[Breaking] Jing Boran and Ni Ni dating


OMG! That is what I am talking about! This is awesome. Sorry to the my girl crushes, but I find celebrities dating among themselves so much more exciting than dating some rich mysterious dudes. 

The facts: During March, for two consecutive nights, Ni Ni after filming was seen by paparazzi heading to Jing Boran’s house. She even had the keys to enter the building. Dun dun dun dun! Since the pictures had been released, the reps of both sides had confirmed the dating news. The official statement is that “两人是在春节期间好上的,郎才女貌希望得到大家的祝福,两人想低调地开始交往!”, which basically states that they started dating during Chinese New Year’s period, hope to get everyone’s blessings and want to have a low-key relationship.

Some information about their lives so far. Jing Boran rarily got into any scandal in the past. He has a great bromance with Yang Yang with whom they filmed the popular variety show Diva Hits the Road. On the same show, he was shipped a lot with Zheng Shuang although we all know now she is dating Tiger Hu. After that, he is also well known to be good friend with Angelababy with whom he just finished filming movie version of Just One Smile is Very Alluring.

As for Ni Ni, she is well known young movie actress who filmed The Flowers of War with Christian Bale, Fleet of Time with Eddie Peng and Bride Wars with Zhu Yawen. She is also known for her public relationship with fellow actor Feng Shaofeng with whom she broke up last year. Ever since then, Feng Shaofeng had entangled himself in various relationships such as recently with Lin Yun, but in general, him and Ni Ni are in good terms as friends now.

Ni Ni and Jing Boran starred in the 2013 movie Up in the Wind (more pictures below). Jing Boran also guest starred on Bride Wars as the host for a variety show. As Angelababy is a good friend of both, rumors say she is the one who pushed them together 😉 I just wanna say, I find it interesting how all three men in the two ladies’ life guest starred on that movie: Huang Xiaoming, Jing Boran and Feng Shaofeng. I mean, if we are not careful, He Jiong may get entangled in this love scandal too 😉 Ok, that was enough gossip from me…

Jing Boran guested on Jing Xin Show previously and said that Ni Ni is his ideal type ❤


Pictures of them together:


Paparazzi shots:

They past project together is called 《等风来》 Up in the Wind, which was released in 2013.




15 thoughts on “[Breaking] Jing Boran and Ni Ni dating

    • Haha, I am sure they will be able to handle it like pros! Omg, I would be so happy to see those two on red carpets!! They look so good. I never noticed Jing Boran much before, but after seeing this photoshoot, I think he looks so dreamy in short hair ~~ Go back to that “army haircut” please!!


  1. llmoreno says:

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Jing boran is my boyyyyy !!
    my heart is breaking
    well at least he is happy and the girl is so pretty and im hoping nice !!
    why there are so many couples being reveal??
    people finally will stop bother/feling bad for her about feng shaofeng and his girl
    i like him more with long hair :p


    • Haha, yeah, now, people can move on from the “break-up”. Both Nini and Feng Shaofeng are happy and so should the public ^^ I dunno why so many couples are being revealed, but I am not complaining!
      Really? I really like when guys have the short army haircut. Especially here with Jing Boran. It cleans up their face nicely and make them look so much more manly <3_<3


      • llmoreno says:

        that the thing about going public, people feel they kind of part of your relationship
        they should give us one couple per week !!! thats sound mean but is exciting this kind of gossips
        Jing Boran can be manly and flower boy, i hope he makes a lot of flower dramas and movies before 30 and when he is 30 start doing really manly caracther like soldier, doctor and ancient caracther like princes


      • Yop, especially when they start asking questions on talk show. But I just want the celebrities to be open about it because really, there is nothing to hate on. Dating someone should be very normal.
        Lol, one couple a week, do we even have that many celebrities. Let’s go with once a month or else, my heart won’t be able to take it.
        Jing Boran was really cute in Monster Hunt so I think he can go on with the flower boy image for a few years still! Although now, I think I fell for his manlier side 😛


  2. coffeenlucia says:

    Ni Ni is my girl crush and I like Boran too, so this is pairing is very 😀

    <3. Now of course I'm going to go watch their past projects together.


  3. qianqian says:

    Congratulation for boran & nini, dongsaeng- noona couple
    That chinese dispatch is amazing, they found many couples already,,
    Vic eonni, be careful, you are their target too,


    • They don’t feel like a dongsaeng-noona relationship to me 😛 As long as Boran take good care of Nini I will be happy!
      I feel like they have the exclusivity of paparazzi shots (I think they are called ALL STAR something xD)
      omg, I wonder if Victoria will date someone in Korea or someone in China 😛


  4. love Ni Ni and Jing Boran isn’t bad either! Their photos are so cute! would you happen to know what their photoshoot was for? I actually like them more than Ni Ni-FSF and also because it’s so cute that Angelababy can be one of the people behind it 💖 now I’m interested to watch “Up in the Wind” hihi


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