Entertainment Update: Demon Girl, Chongqing Hotpot, and New Projects


Second entertainment update of March! Archidisign added some of her March recommendation… Has anyone watched Mermaid yet? What did you think?

Some watching recommendations. If you live close to a cinema currently airing Mermaid, I seriously suggest you to go check it out. It was such a light and fun movie! Deng Chao won me over in it with his smooth acting and dancing skills. Another recommendation would be the webdrama Who Sleeps My Bro? I may be Chen Xiao biased because I was smiling everytime he appeared on screen, but this webdrama is a genuine fun and for once, I don’t see how SARFT can complain about it. Check it on youtube as all the episodes has english sub! Search for 睡在我上铺的兄弟. Finally, if my recommendations aren’t enough for you, Cfensi just released a Spring drama schedule which has probably most of the air dates to come. Yeah!

On the same topic, Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen will host their wedding at the end of 2016.


SHE’s member Selina announced her divorce on social media. They were married for 5 years and dated for 9.


When a Snail Falls in Love… you must be very patient! Hehe, this third thriller by Ding Mo locked the leads as Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen.


Get ready for another casting round soon! This time, the novel to be adapted is


Zhu Xian released some more stills:

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Excited? There is more! They have released Zhao Liying‘s BTS from her wedding day and it is so cute!

Two new stills from Old Nine Gates。 The cast has wrapped up filming!

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William Chan preparing his BODY for a scene in Old Nine Gates. Who else wish they were the artist?

Currently, Wang Junkai from the TFBoys is filming along his label mates for new webdrama Finding Soul.


New stills for Demon Girl. Notice the addition of hot shot Johnny Huang Jingyu.

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Character stills for drama Legend of Kai Feng starring  Huang Wei De, Zhang Meng, Gan Ting Ting, Jiang Chao, Zhao Wen Xuan, Qi Kui, Ji Chen, Wang Wan Zhong, and Zheng Si Ren.

A new webdrama called Fool in Love with You 笨蛋爱上两个你 starring Liu Meihan and Wu Hao will be released on March 7th:


Movie Trump vs Trump with Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Ouyang Nana and Wang Chulam.

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Li Yifeng has been casted in the Chinese version of Superman VS Batman. I am not too excited at this project, but it is pretty unusual!

EDIT: Li Yifeng has only been casted as the spokesman of Superman VS Batman, the Hollywood movie set to be released on March 29th. Sorry for this confusion!


Some more pictures of Lay and Krystal on the set of Shut Up and Love!

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The medical movie Three starring Zhao Wei, Wallace Chung and Louis Koo finally releases a poster:


More stills for the bloody movie Chongqing Hot Pot starring Chen Kun and Bai Baihe

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New variety show you DEFINITELY want to keep an eye on. Jiangsu TV is bringing out the big guns by having an impressive cast for their new variety show Ace the World. They held a press conference on March 3rd and here are the guest lists: Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng, Sheng Yilun, Xie Yilin, Li Ming, Zheng Yuanchang, Wei Chen, Zhu Zhu, Li Xiapeng, Wang Meng, and Baron Chen.


This will not be the only TW pairing brought back to variety shows! Ace vs. Ace will film their newest episode on March 15th. They will invite in Wu Xiubo and Tang Wei from their movie Finding Mr.Right and Wu Chun and Ella (from SHE) from their TWdrama Hana Kimi.


Finally, amazing photoshoot of the lovebirds Song Jihyo and Chen Bolin.

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14 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Demon Girl, Chongqing Hotpot, and New Projects

  1. Chinese version of Superman VS Batman” I thought Yi Feng just shot supporting posters for american movie oO But Chinese version sounds intrigues, I would like to see it. Chinese Batman and Superman, they can summon Sun Wukong or 8 immortals and ruin the whole world lol


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Humm… you are right, he is just the face of the Superman VS Batman promotion in China. By how much he was hyped on Weibo, I assumed he must have been casted for a role >< Sorry It would be interesting to see him act as a super hero though ^^"

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sweetstrawberry says:

        I am curious what was being said on Weibo, why the hyped when all lyf is just doing promotional activity for the film? Is it really a big deal in China for an actor/actress to be an ambassador for an American movie?


  2. Either the Batman vs Superman is a fanmade poster or they really did a poor research… I mean the name of the movie is “Batman V Superman”, not vs.
    Also, Li Yifeng has at best the physique to play Spiderman. Both Superman and Batman are way too built up to be played by him 😛

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I can list numerous reasons as to why a Chinese version of BvS would be a horrible idea, but not gonna bother. If they really want to produce a Chinese version of a superhero film, at least do so on a successful superhero movie (because BvS is predicted to flop, given that it is from DC Comics).


    • intellectualkitten says:

      >< My bad, seems like he won't be acting in the movie, but just appear in the promotional activities…? It is good that he isn't casted since I hated the idea of having Superman and Batman in the same story…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. llmoreno says:

    I thought ariel and rainie were against everything in mainland and they would never work again in china, the two of them have talked pretty bad about china.

    chen kun ❤ ❤ ❤ a bloody movie?? i like the trailer and the girl caracther is pretty normal and have a normal life till she decide to robe a bank

    poor lay , this movie and the drama that SM choose for him seem so bad and movies/dramas that only kpop fans are going to watch 😦

    batman vs superman what is that? why they do this???


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Really? I am surprised since Ariel Lin starred in a wuxia/period Chinese drama in 2009/2013 and has done quite a lot of projects in Mainland China during the last year. Also, Rainie Yang is dating a popular Chinese singer… hmm

      The movie looks very bloody. I only took the “nice” pictures for the entertainment update but their are more stills of everyone covered in blood… It shouldn’t be too bad though, if you watched the trailer ^^

      Lay has 3 dramas in production and SM still want to squeeze the money out of him! I heard he want to dance with EXO but his schedule is too tight for him to go back to Korea </3

      mistake… I edited QAQ I like how everyone find the SvsB weird and I was the only one who believed it .-.


      • llmoreno says:

        I thought that because once I read Ariel is really proud being taiwanese and she at some korean awards says something about be a taiwanese actress and that doesn’t like to mainlanders, and Rainie talk pretty badly about mainlanders and mainland so I thought none of them can work there, the movie with chen bolin was a mainland movie ??? I believe it was Taiwanese.
        If they sub the show I will watch it.

        I think the only thing im going to watch is the trailer, I don’t think someone is going to sub it
        The sad thing is the choose pretty bad movies/dramas that doesn’t benefit him but their copartners in this case Krystal I heard bad reviews about oh my baby and x files, maybe is because his popularity that the OST are being nominated to Chinese music award I think? Go fighting was a blessing for him.

        If someday they do that kind of movie with Li ying feng I hope he will be Superman because Batman is a dark role and he is too flower boy to do it ???
        Woah Hollywood is really trying to get the Chinese market.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Du Lala was heavily promoted in China so she went there a lot for red carpet. But since all the actors are Taiwanese, it is a Taiwanese project? Anyway, I consider her as a Taiwanese actress

        If you are worried about subs, most C-movies have English Subtitles!

        Go Fighting is where I learnt to love Lay 😛 Oh My God was a fiasco plot wise. There isn’t even enough story devices to make ONE episode of a drama, yet they had a whole movie about it. His upcoming projects seems interesting and I love Krystal, but SM destroys every drama they produce…:x

        Yep, yep… actually, everyone is trying to get into Chinese Film market… look at the highest grossing movies


  5. Cat says:

    I’ve never gotten the impression that Ariel was anti-mainlanders. In fact, she is known to be very considerate and sweet in all her posts and interviews. People on both sides love her and that is why she has filmed and is popular in both China and Taiwan. This is evident in her Chinese projects and the 13 million weibo followers she has.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. ^ I don’t think Ariel and Rainie ever said those things about Mainland. If ever they did, then they wouldn’t even be active in the Mainland industry lol. During the Korean awards night, Ariel introduced herself as a Taiwanese actress which made her Chinese friends mad but the issue died down quickly. Du Lala 2 is a Chinese production starring Taiwanese actors which has been a pretty common thing for so many years now.

    I just can’t wait to watch Ariel-Joe in Run the World 😍 for the first time, I’m actually not losing hope about watching it because there will definitely be Eng subs for it. The ArJoe fandom is like a long-running cult haha! And omg I didn’t know about the Ella-Wu Chun guesting because I didn’t see it in their Weibo when they should be promoting it because both actors just love giving fan service. Anyway, thank you so much for this Entertainment Update! It has already been a habit of mine to check your blog for it 😉💖


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