[Breaking] G.E.M and Hua Chenyu are a Couple! + Lin Gengxin Dating Online Guru


Okay, we are late on this one :”D… The news came out on March 2nd, 2016 but it somehow never appeared on my weibo newsfeed. I sincerely believe they are a good match! More info below ^^ Trying to hit two stones with one post by also updating our readers on Lin Gengxin: he is dating someone too!

G.E.M. and Hua Chenyu are not super famous in the cdrama world but they are superstars in China. G.E.M. gained fame through I am a Singer 2, as the bubbly and cute Hong Kongese singer with amazing vocals. Her song Bubble was a mega hit and all her concerts were sold out in 2014. She is also active in America (held concerts in Toronto and New York), which I think is awesome, She has the looks and the voice and the general public love her 🙂

Hua Chenyu is the champion of Hunan TV’s famous variety show Super Boys. He has great vocal abilities but also an unique personality. I watched a few episodes of Super Boys and Divas Hit the Road 1 (in which he also starred) and he seems like a very innocent guy who zoom out very easily. His voice is so smooth and he gained many fans in 2014. Since then, he has improved his image to the one of 小鮮肉. Both Hua Chenyu and G.E.M. are on the list of Forbes Top 100 Celebrities.

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EDIT: Okay, what is going on? Is everyone dating in the entertainment world?? More news about Lin Gengxin been a relationship with a non-celebrity came out in January. Slow down entertainment world because my loner’s heart can only take this much TT^TT Following Show Luo and Aaron Kwok’s footsteps, Lin Gengxin also chose an online fashion guru as his girlfriend! This relationship only came up to our attention now because there is a new weibo trending line such that 林更新的女朋友是网红 罗志祥的女朋友是网红 就连天王郭富城的女朋友也是网红 就只有__Mr.X_的女朋友是平平淡淡的我, which basically  says all the boys’ girlfriends are online hot shots, except Mr.X whose girlfriend is just the average me 😛

Not much is known about Lin Gengxin’s girlfriend, except that she is a model called Wang Liu Wen. She is a 96 born.

9 10

Here is a picture of say new girl with Angelababy.



12 thoughts on “[Breaking] G.E.M and Hua Chenyu are a Couple! + Lin Gengxin Dating Online Guru

  1. 林更新的女朋友是网红 罗志祥的我女朋友是网红 就连天王郭富城的女朋友也是网红 就只有马可的女朋友是平平淡淡的我. Hehe. OMG, I had to think really hard for a celebrity to ship myself with: everyone is taken! Can’t ship myself with Hu Ge or Wallace Huo because, although I love them as actors and entertainers, they are obviously not very serious in relationships… (plus, I need to ship them together) Can’t chose Yang Yang or William Chan cause he has too many fangirls. Can’t chose Lay cause he is a bit too slow and I need someone who can think fast like me. Don’t want to date Luhan, Kris or Li Yifeng. Yeah, the choices are so short. At least Ma Ke is ❤
    v_v Chen Xiao, why you not single anymore?

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