[Part 2][Drama] Three World with Yang Mi and Mark Chao


OMG OMG OMG… So many pictures from Three World suddenly appeared on weibo :)) I almost screamed of excitement! Sadly, some of these pictures use way too much photoshop :”D

Copy paste of what I wrote last time ^^:

Story was written by ‎唐七公子 TangQi Gongzi. He is the author behind Hua Xu Yin. However, do note that this novel itself is under plagiarism accusation.. :/

Official translation of the title: Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Blossom Flowers. Hehe, I will use the shorter version of this title; aka Three Worlds or 3L3W.

Storyline: It tells the story of Bai Qian, a goddess from the Heavenly Realms. On her trip to the mortal world, she meets Ye Hua with whom she falls in love and eventually married. World later, the two star-crossed lovers meet again as deities but all her memories has been erased.

Synopsis (I got the info from One Second Spring, her summary is amazing!~I will just do a quick recap of the book since the story is so complicated ><):

At the beginning, Bai Qian Qian is introduced as Su Su, a mortal in love with a deity Ye Hua. Jealous of SS and YH’s love, the concubine of Ye Hua, Su Jing, frames SS and makes her lose her sight. Since their love is now forbidden, SS abandons their son Ali and jumps to the mortal world, forgetting everything. Three hundred years later, Bai Qian Qian is a 140 000 year old deity attending a festivity. She meets Ye Hua once again, now her fiancee, not remembering who he is. Ye Hua and Ali, determined to keep BQQ in their life, tries to bring her back to the palace. Bai Qian Qian starts to remember fragments of her multiple past lives (introduction of secondary characters!) […]

If you are curious, a big part of the series was actually translated and you can follow the link here. Fanatical used to talk a lot about this series so you can follow the tag on her blog too.

Here comes the fun part; picture time!! Yang Mi looks fantastic in period clothing and Mark Chao is exactly how I expected for him to be. My only complaint will be about the costumes: [1] What is Dilireba wearing? and [2] Yang Mi’s costume seems very Westernized…

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14 thoughts on “[Part 2][Drama] Three World with Yang Mi and Mark Chao

    • intellectualkitten says:

      The movie only shoot two set of pictures okay? QAQ Still sulking about this :”D fans has been producing more products than the crew of 3W3L movie :”D


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