Entertainment Update: Decoded, MBA Partners, Song of Phoenix, Castings


Lots and lots of character stills this time! Some new interesting projects and variety show guests were also announced so keep reading 😉 .

Newly announced project that can change Xianxia world! They just announced the second season for Ancient Swords, called 《古劍奇譚二:永夜初晗凝碧天》 Ancient Swords II: Yong Ye Chu Han Ning Bi Tian. It will start shooting in March and will be released in 2017.


Another xianxia drama to be adapted in a movie this time is called《重紫》Chong Zi.


Drama version of Left Ear released more stills of the two female lead! Even though the movie gave a lot of focus to Ou Hao and Yang Yang, I feel like the story focused more on the relationship between the girls. Hehe, they all look good!

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New comical ancient drama started shooting. Legend of Ace stars Chen He, Jin Chen, Li Xi Rui, and Yin Zheng.


Emperor Ming of Tang is a new period drama that will star Wallace Chung and Viann Zhang. Girl sure is lucky with her male leads!


New really pretty poster for Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang starring Angelababy and Wallace Chung.

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New rumored casting for Zhao Liying. She may get casted with Lin Gengxin for project 楚乔传 Chu Qiao Zhuan:Queen of no.11 agent. I remember we wrote a post about it a while back so it is good to know she didn’t give up on it yet! However, can we assume Bosco Wong is out?


If you are in need of a high school romance drama, the newly drama 《我和我的十七歲》Me and My Seventeen will start airing on April 9th, 2016. This drama stars Li Guoyi, Zhou Xiaohan, Xie Xinying, Wang Jialiang and Zheng Yinsheng.

New stills for Song of Phoenix. The stills are always beautiful which make me anticipate the project a lot. The only problem is I can’t bring myself to like the female lead, Viann Zhang… Sigh

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Chen Xiang and Wu Lei ‘s  Qi Xing Ji Zhi Xian Yi Nu Ma Shao Nian Shi《奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时》released new character stills:


New poster and character stills for drama Decoded starring Chen Xuedong, Ying Er, Zhang Zhehan, Jing Chao and Ady An.


Movie MBA Partner finally releases more meaty stills! The project stars Yao Chen, Tang Yan, Li Chen and is set for a release on April 29th:


New BTS for Zhu Xian with the past child actors:


Wallace Huo and Yang Mi‘s Reset released new BTS


BTS for Zhao Liying and Aaron Kwok‘s Eternal Wave

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Variety show news! This can be interesting. So,rumors is that Up Idol Season 2 will be changed to be an all male line-up. They are currently courting Sheng Yilun (Go Princess Go) and Huang Jingyu (Addicted). The more confirmed names includes Jackson Wang, Hwang Chi Yeol, Hua Chenyu (GEM boyfriend), and Oho Ou (Left Ear). Well, if you want my opinion, it feels like they are trying to go the flower boy/fresh meat route instead of actually bringing the idols everyone recognize.

Kris Wu will be the face of variety show Super Girl hosted by Mango TV:

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kpop group Winner is going to guest on Happy Camp:

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Zheng Shuang will also be guesting on the same episode:

8 9

Finally, Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu invites YOU to their wedding ❤

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Hope 14th Prince will be invited too because he already prepared his costume 😉


11 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Decoded, MBA Partners, Song of Phoenix, Castings

  1. Cat says:

    重紫 Chong Zi was a quick read. Came out before Journey of Flower and while it’s similar; I am hoping this one won’t be edited like JoF. We will see how it all pans out.

    I see ZYL in the pics for Eternal Wave. Ah, wish we know which character he will be playing in the rhapsody of a summer dream.

    I think our girl ZL is already confirmed for the 11 Agent drama? It was a fun read. She will be good in it.


    • Chong Zi poster reminds me so much of Hua Qian Gu! It is going to be a movie though so visually, it will be beautiful! (not too much CGI I hope)
      Isn’t Zhang Han playing the male lead in Rhapsody of a Summer dream? I am really not familiar with any of the novels, but since Zhang Han will be the producer (or was it director) of the drama, I am sure he will give himself a pretty sweet role xD
      Yes! I am nearly a 100% sure she is confirmed for 11 Agent, but we need an official statement ><


    • I remember the conversation in the Shusheng Bar, comparing Chong Zi and Hua Qian Gu. Some clearly disliked Chongzi, saying that the Master there is worse than Bai Zi Hua (Bai Zi Hua was not popular among many HQG readers). I never read the book, of course, but the premise doesn’t sound appealing. Especially since I have always been in Team Dong Fang Yu Qing, LOL.


    • If they can pull off a crazy cast like they did with season 1, I may watch it :3 I mean, the first season had Yang Mi, Li Yifeng and Ma Tianyu and look at them now (starring in Zhu Xian, Three Worlds, Ice Fantasy respectively)
      You guys are making Chong Zi sound really bad xD


      • Haha, I would love it if they can bring in good actors who just didn’t hit it big yet such that we can have some new talent :3
        And yes, as long as the story is going to be good and interesting, then I will be happy ^^


    • Yes! There are actually a lot of good ones and I bet they will release a lot of them during summer ^^ (at least I hope, because now with school, I have no time to watch them even if they get released…)
      Curious to see Chen Xiang and Wu Lei’s collaboration after Whirlwind Girl! >_<


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