Paris Fashion Week 2016 with Victoria and Janine Chang


Paris’s Fashion Week just ended today! As someone who loves art, I enjoyed wasting my time looking at these supermodels in gorgeous Haute Couture. Of course, it helped that some of my favourite actresses, Victoria and Liu Shishi, attended the event. Which ones are your favourite?

For 2016, smoky and sexy seems to trend in the fashion world! I love Victoria, Michelle Chen and Wang Luodan‘s outfit but cringe at the ones of Fan Bingbing and Lin Yun. What are your picks?

This year’s Dior ladies are Song Qian (Victoria) and Wang Luodan

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Ma Su for Yohji Yamamoto


More of Ma Su:

1 2 3 4 5

Michelle Chen for Lanvin


Liu Shishi for Carvin


Gao Yuanyuan for Chloe


Hannah Quinlivan and Jay Chou


Li Yuchun for Givenchy


Janine Chang


Fan Bingbing


Tang Yan


Wu Xin


Lin Yun




8 thoughts on “Paris Fashion Week 2016 with Victoria and Janine Chang

  1. HJ says:

    My Fav Vic~~~~~~~ she really rocked the paris fashion week this year. It was fun to watch both twitter (many French fans went to the venue to see Vic and reading their fanaccounts were soooo funny. There really is something about seeing Vic in real life) and weibo. All the C-magazine weibos posted so many pictures of Vic (especially Elle China; it was hilarious cuz when we thought they would stop, there would be new pics of Vic on their weibo lmao). Cosmopolitan China actually took a fancam video of Vic like a freakin fangirl; their staff was right after Vic coming out of Dior show venue and wrote on weibo that Vic is so popular overseas. From many fancam videos it was cool to hear so many foreigners screaming for Vic’s name and other foreigners who were going inside the venue looking back at Vic to see who this Asian girl everyone screaming for lol

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    • intellectualkitten says:

      OMG… I wanna see these videos! Hehe, Victoria inspired me to write this article. Her pictures were breathtaking and I suddenly became interested in the Paris Fashion Week. She was trending for a whole day on weibo :”D


      • HJ says:

        Yes, she was trending on weibo whole day. She was literally most buzzed person I say amongst all c-celebs who attended PFW. And I won’t say which fandoms lmao but there were jealous people who were trolling on gossip site, putting down on Vic that she’s ” not at the level” to attend Dior show lmao. These idiots are so dumb; Vic was invited to 2011,13,15 Dior exhibitions that was held in Seoul,,, she has way more connection to Dior than their biases. They kept putting down on Vic it was annoying. Then Dior posted Vic picture on their official instagram, official weibo, and official webiste under “celebrity” & “the show guests” section right after Jessica Alba and Rosamund Pike. This shut their mouths for sure rofl

        The last one is the video uploaded by Cosmopolitan China, saying Vic is popular overseas. No offense to other c-actress who was there,,, but in another video by foreign press, no one knew her name;;;; I guess Vic has that advantage overseas cuz of kpop.

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      • intellectualkitten says:

        And so many of those fans screaming are not even Asians! I can hear their French accent <3…. Victoria has a very international beauty, she is outshining so many peoples in these videos :"DD


  2. Alt says:

    You know I don’t want to brag but I do have super good taste in women. If I, as a man, find someone gorgeous then that person must objectively be super gorgeous. The very first moment I saw her in Invincible Youth on KBS, I thought she was super pretty. I thought she was clearly standing out among all those kpop idol girls. And I was right. Well, I am always right. My sense of women’s looks never fails me 😛


    • intellectualkitten says:

      XD She is a shining star… I started noticing Victoria when my friend introduced me to f(x). Very rapidly, I became fan of Victoria, Luna, and Krystal… It has been four years but I am still so attached to these girls!!


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