Entertainment Update: Shanghai TV Series Festival, My Sassy Girl, Ode to Gallantry


An award show? How unexpected at this time of the year! Anyhow, some of our favorites went to the ceremony so I am happy. SUPER long post today. There are lots of new stills for various projects such as Old Nine Gates, My Sassy Girl, Demon Girl, Ode to Gallantry. Also, there are some new casting news for both dramas and variety shows. Enjoy ^^

First and foremost, it is the 92th birthday of Chinese legend Jin Yong. He is the genius behind most hit wuxia stories including Tian Long Ba Bu, Ode to Gallantry, Condor Trilogy, etc. Congratulations!! Hope we will have some good adaptations of his work to make him and the fans celebrate 😉 Here is an amazing MV collage using scenes from his works. THE FEELS

Not only was it Jin Yong’s birthday, but it was also the filming ceremony for new adaptation of Legend of Condor Heroes, the story about Guo Jing and Huang Rong! yeahh! No casting so far.

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Here are stills for the new wuxia drama Ode to Gallantry! They started filming in 2015 and only released stills now. Starring Zhang Jiani, Cai Yida, He Jiayi, Li Zixiong, Hu Wenyue, Xu Shaoqiang, and Liu Ximing. They also release an amzing MV: I know I will be watching!!


The three “men” (Zhao Liying, William Chan and Lay) of Old Nine Gates are going for the sexy and I know it vibe! On a side note, they are officially done filming for the drama. In the meanwhile, Zhao Liying was officially confirmed to act along Lin Gengxin for new period drama No.11 Agent! They will start filming on April 30th. Yeah!!

On the other hand, Ru Yi Legend that stars Zhou Xun is taking their sweet time as they will only start filming in August 2016.

Drama Demon Girl by Yu Zheng

Dilireba has been casted as the main lead for a new drama: 烈火如歌. The c-novel, on which the drama will be based, has three men courting our main lead. 😛 Lucky her!!



Fifteen Years of Waiting of Migratory Bird with Zhang Ruoyun

New stills for Zhang Meng and Zhang Rui‘s The Ladder of Love

New stills for Go Goal Fighting starring Hu Ge and Maggie Jiang.

2 extra BTS of Li Yifeng:

Actress Cao Lu () will be starring in new drama Would You Marry Me. The drama talks about three different couples.


Did you know Ruby Lin was filming a new drama with Koren actor Kim Seong Joo: Magical Space-Time.

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Old drama that may get released soon: 远得要命的爱情 starring Wu Lei, Li Feier and Park Hae-jin. Edit: airing since March 1st, 2016 (thanks Cat for mentioning it in the comment section):P The English name of drama is 远得要命的爱情 Far Away Love.


New drama 《人生若如初相见》based from the novel 《迷雾围城》: it will star Sun Yi and Han Dongjun.



Press conference for The Rhapsody Of A Summer Dream with Zhang Han, Go Jun-hee, Song Yi and Zhu Yilong.

4 5

More stills for My Sassy Girl 2 with Victoria and Cha Tae-Hyun. Sidenote, but Victoria’s Beautiful Secret will have a rerun on TV starting from March 11th!

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Movie MBA Partners releases the official trailer with a heavy focus on Yao Chen:

Movie 谁的青春不迷茫 Whose Youth Was Not Confusing held a press conference:


Variety show news! Chen Qiao En is the next lady to be invited to 24 Hours!


Go Fighting season 2 started filming. The first episode will be aired on April 12th!

2 3 4

Variety show 《谁是大歌神》put two top singers on the same screen: Xue Zhiqian and Da Zhangwei:


Be prepared for an overload of names @_@ Since these are rumored castings, I won’t tag the names to the post…

Hope nobody was holding their breath based on the cast I announced for Up Idol season 2 cast. I previously announced a line-up that includes the it boys of the moment such as Sheng Yilun as Sina previously reported that they want to do a male line-up this time. However, I just read another post saying that the season 2 will have a similar line-up as season 1, with Zhao Liying, Ada Choi, Zhang Hanyun, Ouyang Nana, Yang Yuying, Ni Jing, Yang Lele and Liu Tao. So hum, I am confused since the two line-up is so different! @_@ Either way, I will definitely check out the new season so I will keep an eye on it and write an official post when they officialise it.

On another note, Hunan is also busy preparing for a whole new season for Run for Time. The names mentionned so far are Liang Tian, Deng Ziqi, Xie Yilin, Ma Su, Wu Xin, Xue Zhiqian, Yue Yunpeng, Sa Beining, Zhang Ruoyun, Bao Bei’Er, Wang Zulam, Zhang Tian Ai, Wang Jia Er, and Yang Lele. They are also trying to court Li Yifeng and Yang Mi.

Finally, the award show! Shanghai TV Series Festival was held to give out some awards and invited some big names: Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Jin Dong, Liu Shishi, Liu Tao, Zheng Shuang, Hai Qing, Han Dongjun, Han Xue, Jia Nailiang, Jiang Wenli, Li Cheng, Li Jiahang, Hawick Lau, Qin Hailun, Tong Dawei, Wang Xiaochen, Yan Ni, and Zheng Xiaolong. 

More moments:

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19 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Shanghai TV Series Festival, My Sassy Girl, Ode to Gallantry

  1. Cat says:

    远得要命的爱情 Far Away Love started airing on 3/1/16. Good drama so far. Fast pace. Solid acting. Park Hae Jin oopa is amazing. Can’t say much about the wardrobe, hair and makeup though. But, the storyline and the actors are making up for it. Not angsty, no evil second leads; just a solid dose of friendship. I hope it continues down this path as it is refreshing to have a drama like this.


    • Oups… I feel like there is an avalanche of dramas and entertainment news these days, so much that even I can’t keep up. I don’t even know which dramas are airing right now. Shame shame.
      It sounds like a fun easy watch! Park Haejin is really popular in china and I feel bad for his treatment in Korea, with Cheese in a Trap. Hope this drama will bring him more success! Maybe i will try it out this summer (snif, need to push all my drama watchings to the end of the semester because grades now need emergency treatment… XD)


      • Cat says:

        Nah. It’s not you. You got enough to deal and follow up with at it is. This drama didn’t get press or any advertisement due not having a budget. It’s only picking up momentum on weibo just these few days cause of storyline and such. It’s got romance and good friendship. It is so refreshing to be watching something and not worry about your BFF scheming or being selfish. Not to say it is all puppies and unicorns; as there are 😦 factors. I am just happy it hadn’t gotten super melo where I drop the show. I’ve followed it daily since it came out and it hasn’t been disappointing. So hoping it’ll continue to be solid.

        Good luck with school. I believe in you!


      • Haha, thanks for your trust :’D
        I really feel like watching something easy without too much drama/too intense. This sounds like worth a try for later ^^ Glad you were able to find it among all this sea of airing dramas right now.


  2. HJ says:

    The person on that poster isn’t Cao Lu. I never heard about her being casted in drama. Hmm,,, well she was recently casted for korean variety show “We got Married” though;;;;

    Beautiful Secret actually has been selling extremely well. It aired in mid Feb on Southeast TV station. On March 11, they’re being aired in Taiwan. In Korea, they’re airing right now every Friday (one episode per week, so it will be on for 9months lol). Production team of Beautiful Secret posted a weibo back in February that so far, BS has been sold to Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Burma, New Zealand, and Austrailia. Seriously, this is one of the reasons for producers to cast Vic in their projects. Luckily ratings are good and drama sells well overseas. This is all $$$ for production companies.


    • Thanks for the clarification! I don’t know why Cao Lu’s name was associated with this drama then… Will take out the “kpop” tag.
      I tried Beautiful Secret, but the story is not really my style. Well, it is at least nice to see that Victoria’s popularity carried oversea! I am personally more excited for Ice Fantasy this summer ^^


  3. Ann says:

    Wait! Zhao Li Ying’s ancient general drama is confirmed, that’s so exciting!! Can’t wait to see how the other male lead is… I feel like Lin Gengxin hasn’t been around since Bubujingxin, but I found him to be so handsome in that! So happy he’s confirmed and not Bosco Wong


    • Yes I know! I woke up to this news and was like… who is he? :’D I just posted a new casting news post and talked about him a bit. He is currently filming for Zhu Xian and also filmed Beauty Maker before. I seriously don’t remember him in either productions though…


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