Entertainment Update: Casting News, BTS, Peter Ho Ties Knot


A new entertainment update! It seems that it is Valentine’s Day everyday in China, with Peter Ho announcing his marriage and Liu Shishi+Nicky Wu hosting their wedding. Also, a lot of casting news and projects in the making!

Celebrity just doesn’t want to see the love die! It is Peter Ho‘s turn to tie the not, with long time girlfriend Peggy. Good on them ^^, but I never realized before that he was even dating!

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Drama starring Victoria and Huang Xiaoming has announced the recurring cast! It includes popular actors such as Sheng Yilun and Xu Lu! Good for them


Yang Mi‘s company is busy collaborating with SMG TV (the Shanghai channel). First, she will be working together to create a new drama called 《晨昏》.


Kris Wu will star in another Hollywood collaboration movie! 欧洲攻略 stars Tony Leung and Wu Yifan and will start filming this month.

Peter Ho and Tao Huang will star in the drama version of Shanghai Bund. The drama will be directed by Gao Xixi (Life Like Flower, Three Kingdom, For Love or for Money). (Omg, this project has so much potential!)

Movie Reset starring Yang Mi and Wallace Huo released a first batch of stills!

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Stills of Lee Jongsuk for new cdrama Jade Lover:

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We previously talked about the drama 《远得要命的爱情》Far Away Love that is currently airing and receiving positive feedback. It stars Park Haejin, Li Feier, Wu Lei, Song Yi, Zhang Lunshuo and Zheng Pengpeng. Apparently, Song Yi is receiving some praise from the drama so let me share some pictures of her in it:

1 2 3 4 5

Go Fighting! 2 released more stills! I am so excited for this (even more than for Run Brother 4 ><)

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Do you like press conferences? Fifteen Years of Waiting of Migratory Birds with Zhang Ruoyun held one.


At another place, Jia Nailiang and Ella‘s new variety show《来吧冠军》also held a press conference.


Finally, Li Yifeng attended a press conference for Superman VS Batman in China

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Quick Zhao Liying corner. 2 new posters of her advertising for new products! Cute ^^

1 2

Hew movie Eternal Wave with Aaron Kwok, Zhang Han and Zhu Yilong released more stills:

1 2


16 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Casting News, BTS, Peter Ho Ties Knot

  1. Car says:

    Alright. Still on far away love but ep 21 and onward is getting a bit standard drama like. Cause the evil is showing and it’s taking away from the original feel of the drama thus far. Song Yi is the form of evil white rabbit that’s showing her colors. I am hoping it’ll revert back to the friendship and romance without much more of the standard drama blehness.


  2. Gao Xixi directed Huang Xiaoming’s version of Shanghai Bund and now he’s directing the new version. So I’m not sure about this project…

    Reset looks good. Can’t wait for Wallace playing a villain! Seems like Yang Mi has become more serious in acting and accepting effective roles for her career, after becoming a mom. Good for her! And that still of hers looks interesting.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yang Mi is still selling this youthful and Mei Shao Nu on weibo. But I am also glad she is taking more complex and challenging roles 🙂


  3. Jo says:

    Yang Mi is doing amazing looking forward to Reset 😀 also, I am so proud if Kris-starring in Hollywood movies. So shocked about. Peter, but congrats to him. And I think I might skip Jade Lovers, it looks like another Diamond Lovers in the making


    • Jade Lovers look like a repeat of Diamond Lovers and I feel like I will skip too :3 Anyway, I know it will do well even without me watching so it is not that important!
      Excited to see Wallace Huo and Yang Mi’s collab after Chinese Paladin 3!!

      Liked by 1 person

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