Casting Special Entertainment Update!

Tada! It is casting news time :3 Let’s try to talk about as MANY castings as possible in one post. Have fun and hope your bias got a gig 😉 Check out our last entertainment update as a lot of casting news were announced in it too and we won’t repeat everything.

Big news first! New adaptation of Legend of Condor Heroes announced the leads to be… Yang Xue Wen as Guo Jing and Li Yitong as Huang Rong… :’D Li Yitong is a newbie and her most known project is the one she is currently fliming with Yumama, aka Demon Girl. I have no idea who that male lead is so I used baidu. He is apparently a cast member of Zhu Xian and Beauty Maker. I always felt like you need to have a great acting career and established yourself before leading a Jin Yong drama. Oh well, there is still Mu Nianci and Yang Kang to cast.

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New movie《绣春刀》 Brotherhood of Blades starring Yang Mi and Zhang Zhen. It is the prequel of the first movie with the same name released in 2014 and tells the story of what happened seven years before.

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Baby Chen Xiao finally got casted in something that interests me!! >< I waited so long!! Produced by Shanghai TV media, this drama is called 《皮影》Shadow and will have about 30 episodes. It will start filming in mid-April. It is a war drama that will be filmed in Hengdian.


Yang Rong is not very lucky as she is still trap in Yu Zheng‘s craws. She will be the female lead of his new drama 《凤囚凰》Phoenix Prisoner. The drama is supposed to have time-travelling elements so we will see how this turns out…


Season 2 of variety show 《我去上学啦》Off To School confirmed the casting of Luhan, Zhang Danfeng and S.H.E’s Ella! As they need four fix cast members, they still need one last member! Apparently, the following celebrities will guest on the show: Wilber Pan, Zhu Xinjie, Zhang Huiwen, Xue Zhiqian and Wei Chen. The show is about celebrities experimenting school/college life. The six members (4 fixed and 2 guests)will be separated in teams of 2 and divided in three classrooms. Let the fun begin!

New Chinese movie 《铁木真传说》Temujin Legend will star William Chan and will be filming in Mongolia. They are shipping him so far away..


We previously mentioned that  drama version of Shanghai Bundle directed by Gao Xixi. Well, oups. It is actually going to be a movie series (trilogy) based on the Shanghai Bundle movie story. The new movie name is 游戏规则 Rules of the Game. Of course, the leads are still Tao Huang and Peter Ho.

Hunan will be producing a new drama called 《相爱穿梭千年2》Love Through a Millenium 2. The first season starred Zheng Shuang and Jing Boran. This time again, they will collaborate with Korea.


On March 13th started filming in Hengdian a new drama starring Han Dongjun. The drama is called 《人生若如初相见》and is based from the novel 《迷雾围城》.


Finally, while waiting for the movie version of Three Worlds to release actual stills (it is taking forever!!), here is a fanart of the leads Liu Yifei and Yang Yang.



20 thoughts on “Casting Special Entertainment Update!

  1. A second season of Love Through a Millennium?! This really makes me happy! Can’t wait to hear more on that! I really need to get caught up watching the Condor Series! So many I haven’t seen yet!!


    • Haha, if you have a good understanding of period drama, you should definitely try it out! Wuxia world is full of fun adventures, fights, morals and everything is just beautifully well thought (that is, of course, if you don’t watch the Yu Zheng versions xD)


  2. I’m so exited and happy for new remake of Condor Heroes, I’m thirty for awesome wuxia series. I hope this one will be as good as 2008 was. (And at the same time I’m very unhappy for Sword and saber’s remake.)


    • Haha! yes, and I hope they can stay faithful to Yang Kang’s story this time.. Yuan Hong was such a good character, but they messed up with his story a lot :S
      Haha, I know! I actually remember reading about the YTTLJ remake like right after Swordsman in 2013. apparently, Yumama was so happy with his performances that he bought the rights immediately. Poor Jin Yong must be regretting a lot after seeing ROCH…


      • Thousand vanquish nails in to Yuzheng’s ass. Did Swordsman even do well? I don’t believe he can pull this, he will drag such a great story in the mud . Like what he did with ROCH – ugliest adaptation that could ever been. Now he going to mock Heavenly sword that have many good adaptations before. The fans of story have to wait another 10 years till somebody decent decided to make remake, which I think hard to happen. Can sponsors just decline this project? I think nobody want this floppy project to be released.


      • XD
        Swordsman was probably his best work in wuxia land? They did hire Chen Qiao En and Wallace Huo! And Qiao En’s depiction of Dongfang Bubai was awesome, although I really didn’t like how he once again twisted the story into nonsense.
        It will probably happen because Yumama always get what he wants 😦 I wonder why so many big agencies and tv channels want to work with him so badly v_v Especially Hunan always giving him the most support for his silly and lame projects.


      • Really the best? Maybe it’s my subjective opinion but it was far from being good.
        Why support the show that will gain low rating? Yu Zheng is great businessmen, he knows how to sale a shit. He is phenomenal.


      • It was far from being good, but if compared with ROCH 2015, I actually liked Swordsman. It messed up so many character descriptions, but in general, it is starring Wallace+Qiao En! But yes, not the best in the wuxia world for sure!
        Yu Zheng is such a powerful business strategist. He always keep a big smile on his face, but we all know he is actually evil…


  3. Sweetstrawberry says:

    Another remake of the Condor Heroes….sigh. Nothing is better than the Felix and Barbara version in my opinion. From all the main to the supporting cast members as well as the music nothing beats that classic version. I don’t watch anything now a day but whenever I see clips of wuxia series I noticed they like to put too much faked flowers into many scenes which irritates me. I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. Or why does every courtyard/river scenes tend to have a cherry blossom tree in it?


    • I honestly never watched it yet. I kind of want to try it out as this version always come back as people’s favorite version.
      I think it is mostly 1) Yu Zheng who loves cherry blossom pedals (he put them in ALL his dramas) and 2) because Huang Rong comes from Tao Hua Dao (Cherry blossom island)


  4. Melanir says:

    Haha at the fake flowers. I guessed they want to make the scene to come out so real that u can tell it’s fake haha lol.

    Does anyone know more abt chen xiao new drama, shadow and thestore line plus the leading lady? I’m hoping it will be zhang zhixi from three heroes and five gallants. She and chen are cute together.


    • Sadly no. The casting was released these days and not much information so far. They will start filming in about one month so you will get an answer very quick ^^ Really? i checked out the first two episodes of 3H5G and thought he was supposed to be shipped with Zheng Shuang’s character :O


  5. Sigh, I was so excited about the new adaptation of LOCH, but somehow the disclosure of the actors for Guo Jing and Huang Rong leaves me… cold. Of course I have had my own ideals, but even if they were not cast, I was hoping for slightly more experienced actors. But Barbara Yung was a newbie when she took the role, and fast forward, she’s the most iconic Huang Rong ever. So I need to keep an open mind. Let’s wait until they release the stills if it can intrigue me enough.

    Like Strawberry above, the 1982 adaptation is the best one for me, and nothing comes close to that (it’s also my all-time favorite Asian drama). From the cast (including their acting and chemistry), the direction, the fighting choreography, and the music. The 2008 version is my second best, and mostly because of the actors. Hu Ge and Ariel had worked together before, both were pretty experienced, and their chemistry was off the chart. I didn’t really like Yuan Hong’s portrayal for Yang Kang, not because he’s a bad actor — on the contrary, because I hated the bratty Yang Kang. Liu Shishi was the only one of the leading actors that I couldn’t care less about as she was stiff and bland. Mu Nianci isn’t my favorite character, and she made it worse :D. I guess because she was rather new too?


    • Same, I feel so underwhelmed by the casting news. I don’t want to judge too much without looking at the stills. But, because they started shooting on Jin Yong’s birthday, I honestly thought they would at least have a high budget and A-list actors, even if they are not my faves. I loved the 2008 version! I agree, Mu Nianci is like a flower in that drama, being very bland. But Liu Shishi was so pretty!! And it was like one of her first drama and definitely her first kiss (with Yuan Hong!!) so I will be forgiving 😉


    • Sweetstrawberry says:

      Yes, the cast members such as the Five Greats til this day no other versions come close to those actors. You are right about the fight choreography scenes, it was awesome and Guo Jing’s Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms was my fav. All the theme songs and the singers are classic. I also loved Barbaras’ many costumes in the series too.

      Archidisign, you should give the 1982 series a try. Many people ranked it in the top 5 wuxia series ever made.


  6. lilhanh says:

    Opps…sent too early.

    I was saying, I am a huge fan of Jin Yong’s work and my favorite Wuxia anything started with his work. Legend of the Condor Heroes and the Return of the Condor heroes made by TVB with Felix and Andy were and still are my favorite adaptation to the series. It’s short, straight to the point, yet complex with human emotions that we can empathize with. As much as Yang Kang was a “bad character,” was he truly that bad being that his adopted father had raised him for 18 years and has been a dad to him all that time unconditionally loving him? You can see the duality of his character but also respect how society shuns him for being “materialistic” and ambitious. The only thing that makes him bad in my eyes is that fact that he keeps hurting and deceiving Gua Jing. I love Huang Rong and how Barbara played her role. She’s bad but not. She acts bad and selfish, but really isn’t, deserving of the heretic title given to her father. I love whoever that man is who played the role of her father. And I love the begger. They made the series a classic. These beloved character returned and brought everything I love back to the series. The characters were consistent… Qua Jing–all about goodness and righteous, to be point of being a bit dense. That’s where his wife balances him. You understand the emotions portrayed by the characters and that adds to my obsession over this show.

    The problem with all the new remakes is that they are too focused on the CGI and doesn’t put much stock on developing a character that “makes sense,” a character that’s well-rounded enough to empathize with, a flawed character that is relatable and lovable. I’ve watched each and every single remake out there (Other than the 1970’s version) on this series because, frankly, no matter how bad, I still love the series too much to not watch. But most didn’t quench my thirst and forced me to actually go back and watch the 1980 series instead. There are things about the new series that will sure out-beat the old 1980’s version for sure–cinematography, CGI, visuals (as in better looking actors and actresses out there for sure)– not not the story line or the acting or the character development. So please, can someone out there take all the good of the new series and combine it with great, smart character development so I can truly quench my thirst? The old series can definitely use an upgrade/face lift, but not on the detriments of my beloved characters. Thanks for listening to my rant!


    • hehe, good thing you kept writing because it looks like you have a lot to share! 😛 Read through the whole comment and I think you are really thinking deeply about the message and the beauty behind the Jin Yong works. Sadly, I never checked out the 1980s’ version of these wuxia classics, I think I mostly watched the versions from the beginning of 2000s. You are definitely not the first one to mention your love for this adaptation and I also want to try them out. Maybe during summer when I will have more time 🙂


      • lilhanh says:

        Yes, please do!! Because it takes a few episodes before the main characters grow up in the LOCH, make sure you fast forward to the part to when Jin Gua’s an adult. From there, it’ll start hooking you to the point of mild obsession *maybe?, esp. when he first meets Huang Rong. 🙂 And I just love the music as well. Keep me posted on your thoughts. Would love to get your insight, esp. since you’ve never seen it.


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