[Part 2] Revive with Ma Ke and Viann Zhang Gets Airing Date


Do we have any fan of Ma Ke on the blog? Well, good news for you guys! The handsome and beautiful man of our heart will soon reappear on the small screen. The drama Revive starring Ma Ke, Viann Zhang and Xu Haiqiao will start airing on March 24th!


Based on the novel of the same name, the story is about the entertainment world. It tells the story of an actor named Yun Xiu (played by Ma Ke) who, after a life changing experience, comes back to the show business after changing his face (?). It is about his struggle to stay true to himself and how he arrives to the peak of his acting career.


Ma Ke plays Yun Xiu, actor who goes from newcomer to big winner

Xu Haiqiao as Feng Jing, an arrogant CEO (or high ranked director in the company)

Zhang Xinyu as Liu Yi, an upcoming actress

Han Chae Young as Lin Xuan, an actress

Pong Nawat as Xie Yi, a veteran actor

Additional cast include: Su Hang, Gao Yiqing, Mao Fengyuan, Tian Jiada, Yang Jian, and Zheng Yecheng. Piof, so many male actors (for character stills, click here)! Definitely going to be an eye candy.


Overload of stills:

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Ma Ke Behind the Scenes



4 thoughts on “[Part 2] Revive with Ma Ke and Viann Zhang Gets Airing Date

  1. SailorS says:

    Hi! Ma Ke’s fan is here. I really wish to see this.
    Have you listen to the theme song yet? Ma Ke sang it and it is really nice.


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