Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu’s Wedding

OMG, I waited for so long for this wedding to happen! Be ready for an article full of love! Hehe, as a fan, I am totally satisfied! Hope them all the best for tomorrow!

NOTE: More pictures has been updated at the end of this post ^^ Keep scrolling down :”D

Second batch of wedding pictures

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First batch of wedding photoshoot

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Gifs of the two on set:

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Ready for more? Much more? …Yes, I am talking about pictures of the bridesmaid and groomsmen! Now, this is the moment where you start screaming with me! As promised, for the groomsmen, it is a reunion of Little Tiger and bestie Yuan Hong ><!! As for the girls, we have Annie Liu from Bubijingxin, Julia Ye, and Guo Xiaoting. As a bonus, there are rare pictures of Liu Shishi’s mom (so gorgeous)!61e7f4aajw1f235ez4rk1j20zk0qoq6y61e7f4aajw1f235ezaq1qj20zk0qojwc61e7f4aajw1f235f027y3j20zk0qon21 61e7f4aajw1f2356ad23kj20zk0qo436e4f02818jw1f23ot9l7wmj20fq0m80txe4f02818jw1f23ot93nmbj20m80eudh6

More interaction with the rest of the guests!! Love the Bubujingxin reunion as the two lovebirds fell in love while making this drama! ><


The night before the wedding:

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Pictures of Liu Shishi in wedding dress. I am not sure if it is because I am a fan, but this dress is a masterpiece!

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Okay, let’s get down to the serious stuffs 🙂 The wedding happened! And Liu Shishi cried :”D

61e7f4aajw1f23ohkmss3j20qe13ljyi 61e7f4aajw1f23ohmeh6yj20qe13l79r   61e7f4aajw1f23ohrmko6j20qe13lq6v 61e7f4aajw1f23oht2mtlj20qe10tjvx 61e7f4aajw1f23ohuj5o2j20qe13ljye 61e7f4aajw1f23ok7qwdnj20qe0hl44p005IgFTxjw1f23iuwbun4j30qo0zk4qp005IgFTxgw1f23k0xkt0uj30pz0xa1kx005IgFTxjw1f23jzuwmfhj30zk0qo4qp704_1876173_161810

The guests! :)) There is Tong Dawei, Yuan Hong, Wallace Huo, Zhang Xinyi and Su Meng. Sadly, Hu Ge couldn’t attend~ A lot of celebrities wished them a happy life together, including Lin Gengxin, Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, and Tang Yan. I guess Bali is just too far for most people ^^


Location (you know, just to get us more hyped):

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14 thoughts on “Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu’s Wedding

  1. Cc says:

    Congrats to them, wish them forever happiness… The wedding look fun and beautiful and wedding photos are beautiful too… I heard that Hu ge’ s dad is in the hospital so he might not be there at the wedding….

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yep, there is a lot less people who attended compare to the one of HXM+AB, I am just happy Wallace Huo didn’t bail out. And I am sure they will have a party in China once they go back ^^


  2. Jo says:

    Everything and everyone looked amazing!! All the gifs lol from the just the couple to Nicky and his guys haha, too cute. Her mom is beautiful, the location, and her, wedding!! Breathtaking 💕💕💕💕


  3. Yay, such a great post and wishing happiness to this lovely couple! I love Liu Shishi’s hair for the tea ceremony, really simple yet elegant. And she totally rocked the traditional costume, absolutely gorgeous! Don’t think anyone else can pull that off as well as her 🙂


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