Liu Shishi+Nicky Wu’s Wedding Late Post


:”D Sorry for all of you readers who don’t care about Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu… I just couldn’t resist writing a full article about the men (Wallace Huo and Hu Ge) in LSS’s life ^^ Bear with me, I will keep it short.

Ah, seriously, Liu Shishi has the most gorgeous harem of men out of all female celebrities in Chinese industry: Nicky Wu, Wallace Huo, Hu Ge, and Yuan Hong! If you count her collaboration with Eddie Peng, Lin Gengxin, and Jiang Jingfu… yep, many flowers in her garden! With all the hype for the wedding, some interesting facts came out surrounding Wallace Huo and Hu Ge ^^:

Let’s start with Hu Ge! He sadly missed the wedding, despite having confirmed his attendance. Since his father got hit by a motocycle the day before, he decided to stay behind. Poor them, but at least, it seems like his father has already recovered! Here is the weibo post from Hu Ge:

老父被摩托车撞倒 左肩断成三截 体内植入钢板和八颗钢钉吃了不少苦头 我因此缺席诗诗婚礼 非常遗憾也非常抱歉 看着老爷子躺在病床上 还在刷朋友圈点赞诗隆各种婚礼大片 我也是服了[嘻嘻] 祝福妹妹和妹夫(叫妹夫好爽) 早点让我当舅舅哦[饞嘴]



Dad got into a motorcycle accident. His left shoulder has been distorted into three parts and has received eight sutures. Definitely a bad experience. Not been able to attend Shi Shi’s wedding makes me sad… Seen my father on the hospital bed and myself liking every post on Weibo… I am speechless/hopeless about myself XD.  Congrats to little sis and little sis’s husband (feel good to say this!)… let me be an uncle soon 😛

Awwnnn… this message is so nice and adorable! ^^ Hope his father recover well…

Next is a footage of Wallace Huo (Archidisign sent it to me)! He gave a toast for the wedding and got excited like a little kid! >< Take a look:


LADY: Hua Ge intentionally cleaned his agenda this week-end to attend the wedding!

WH: Liu Shishi is the actress I collaborated with the most in my life. Nicky Wu is an actor I collaborated with only once (laugh from crowd) but became good friends, Hu Ge apart (<3). I would say I have assisted to every step of their relationship. Funny story, I didn’t know the two were dating when they first started. While the two acted in Incisive Teacher, I genuinely asked Shi Shi if she was tired of collaborating with Nicky Wu (LOL). Later, when I read the newspapers, I felt so stupid… *LSS and NW are laughing nervously*. Today, I have another question for Shi Shi… “while acting alongside me, have you ever pictured me as Nicky?” << *bunny jumping from Wallace and everyone going crazy* *Liu Shi Shi shyly smile and is shielded by Nicky <3<3*



Finally, a picture of everyone at the wedding to close this post!



13 thoughts on “Liu Shishi+Nicky Wu’s Wedding Late Post

  1. lilhanh says:

    Love this post!!! Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop and for translating!! Can’t get enough of Hu Ge and Wallace’s info. I was wondering why I didn’t see Hu Ge in any of the wedding pics. Glad to hear his pop is okay.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. *lost control alert* Man, Hua-ge is soooo drunk. Nicky even said that he didn’t normally speak this much. It’s been good to see Hua-ge takes off his serious-boss face and expresses his feelings like a child. He’s been to Sydney lately so some fans said that he was haunted by a kangaroo! 😀


  3. petition to have Wallace Huo get drunk everyday 😂 that video made me so happy and even made me laugh! love everything! thank you very much for this beautiful article, dear!


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