Entertainment Update: MBA Partner, Sparrow, Les Interpretes


New entertainment Update πŸ™‚ What are you the most excited about?

Sparrow releases posters of every main character! Wait… I thought the drama only has one main lead (Li Yifeng)?

Two adorable pictures of Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai for Stay with Me

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New trailer for Precious Youth, this one slightly more focused on the past. Omg, the drama is pretty but so depressive QAQ

Yang Mi andΒ Huang Xuan‘s drama Les Interpretes releases two new trailers (second link here):

More and more pictures for Classics of Mountain and Sea

Roy WangΒ (TFBoys) and Fan Bingbing are filming a promotion together for L.O.R.D. They look adorable


Whirlwind Girl 2 starts shooting!


Hu Ge‘s next drama Go! Goal! Fighting! will be released on April 1st!


Movie MBA Partner releases new stills

BTS of the movie

My Beloved Bodyguard with Andy Lau and Eddie Peng will be released on the same day:

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Adorable pictures of Zhao Liying dressing up for Rise of a Tomboy!


Monster Hunt will have a sequel, which will be released in 2018.


Posters of Run Brother 4! Are you excited?

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Cast of Go Fighting! is also filming happily


More posters for We Are in Love. Interesting enough, the most popular couple on the show isn’t Bolin Chen and Song Jihyo


16 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: MBA Partner, Sparrow, Les Interpretes

    • intellectualkitten says:

      It is the couple composed of 魏倧勋 and 李沁. I don’t really know them (they are not super famous) but the girl is getting more popular thanks to the show. Jihyo+Bolin comes after πŸ˜›


      • wha…? @____@ I can certainly see 魏倧勋 garnering attention because of his attitude and behaviour…but 李沁 too? That’s a shocker (at least for me anyways =P ).


      • @aiyusoxin: oh…no wonder she kinda looks familiar to me. XD Thanks! Anyways, I was actually thinking that she might get more hate than (good) popularity because of her “apparent princess attitude”…at least according to most YouTube comments I’ve read anyways. lmao but I supposed that any popularity is good popularity if they’re in the show biz. =P


  1. Excited for Run Brother 4 although I didn’t expect it to come so quickly when the previous season just recently ended lol! But I’m hoping for new faces in terms of their guests!

    can’t believe Bolin-JiHyo comes 2nd when their segment is the only one I’m willing to watch 😍

    Monster Hunt 2?!! OMG EXCITING!

    Also, Joe Chen never fails to look good with just anyone!! already shipping her with Wang Kai even just from their photos together 😍

    ^^ thank you for sharing Rise of the Tomboy!! We’ve been waiting long enough for that!

    Thank you for this article again! super fan of your updates forever πŸ˜‰


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