[Drama] Advisor Alliance and Princess Weiyoung


OMG, I didn’t know how much I wanted to watch a badass drama until I saw these stills for Advisor Alliance. This drama looks so unique and have a strong cast!

The drama Princess Weiyoung stars Tang Yan, Luo Jin and Vanness Wu and will be released by Beijing TV in 2016. It tells the story of Princess Xin Er. After the fall of her kingdom, gets adopted into a family she isn’t well liked (Cinderella reference anyone)? Xin Er will learn how to depend on herself and ultimately raise in power. The TV channel also released a trailer but the voiceover kinda ruined it for me. What do you think? Everyone looks beautiful and I am in love with Vanness Wu’s look:

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The Great Strategist Sima Yi stars Liu Tao, Wu Xiubo, Li Chen, Yu Hewei, Janine Chang, Tang Yixin, Di Tianli, and many more. This drama tells the backstory of Sima Yi, his encounter with the Wei Kingdom, how he helped Cao Pi raise to power, and his rivalty with Zhuge Liang. I am confused about the time period of this drama, but we will see…!

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7 thoughts on “[Drama] Advisor Alliance and Princess Weiyoung

  1. Tang Yan and Luo Jin in their 3rd drama together (based on my count, although they may have more that i am not aware of). Loved them together… can’t for the release of Princess Weiyoung. Thank you for sharing the information.


  2. Is The Advisors Alliance a modern drama?? I would totally watch it if it’s a modern day reimagining of Sima! (Well, I would still watch it even if it was a period drama. I love Wu Xiu Bo and Tian Yi Xin just that much.) Anyway, I am officially psyched.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I am not sure .-. The name of all characters come from Three Kingdom, but the promotion pictures are from present time… Can someone help?


  3. Jo says:

    The vpice over kind of ruined it, I didn’t think he would talk the whole time. The drama looks great, actually both dramas look amazing. I know it’s too early, but I think this is another great year for Cdramas.


  4. Vanness my love in Princess Weiyoung and Janine my love in Advisors Alliance. Yup, my PTW list is getting longer! 😍😍😍

    sorry for being dumb but I’m super thankful for this article because I’ve always thought that Advisors was a reality show when Li Chen and Janine were posting about it on Weibo 😂 HAHA


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