Entertainment Update: Song of Phoenix, Du Lala 2, Tribes and Prophecy


Fun time with entertainment updates! ^^ I really like this one, just for the beautiful pictures of Song of Phoenix and all the adorable gifs… what do you think?

This is for all our readers who can’t watch c-dramas without Eng Sub! Viki is currently working on a few dramas and offering eng sub for some pretty high profile dramas. Clic the links below to be directed to the right page 😉 I noticed they finished to sub Go Princess Go!

On-air & Upcoming Chinese dramas
God of War, Zhao Yun (starring SNSD’s Yoona) – premieres April 3
Still Lala – premieres April 16
Recent Finales
The next popular drama in China (if we exclude the massive success Descendants of the Sun) is….十五年等待候鸟, also known as Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds! It is a drama about youth, friendship and ambition currently airing on Hunan TV. The message of the drama, “Even if we care about each other, why must we hurt ourselves?” Link to the first episode (or eng sub on viki):
By the way, I tried to watch the bromance webdrama Addiction last week but couldn’t get past the eleventh episode. The sudden kiss of the two main characters just made me realize how superficial the storyline is. Sure, the chemistry is good among the two main lead, but the whole story is so poorly put together that I find a lot of sentimental scenes very awkard and difficult to watch. Nonethless, there were a lot of funny jokes and the story is pretty unique… I can understand why the younger generation got “addicted” to this series :P.

Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy releases many stills and a trailer. The drama stars Huang Xuan and Shawn Dou and tells the story of a rebellion of tribes against the empire. There are also elements of Chinese folklore in the story 🙂

Song of a Phoenix with Ma Ke and Viann Zhang.

Chinese Hero released stills focused on male lead Lin Gengxin

Beautiful poster for Jade Lover of Lee Jong Suk and Zheng Shuang


Du Lala is Back with Qi Wei

Movie Sweet Sixteen with Kris Wu, Lu Shan, and Han Geng

That XXX3 with Kris Wu


Wallace Huo is working a movie: 守婚如玉! Not much info for now, will update 🙂

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What looks like a badass movie: Legend Knight starring 黄立丕, 池少, 诸葛健, Victoria (not Song Qian) and Tman.

005P5tKIgw1f24bazu7pnj31hc0u0h1h 005P5tKIgw1f27tyhmo5zj30tr0gpwp3005P5tKIgw1f27u69ldsbj30sl0j20z6

Gifs of Tang Yan on the set of MBA Partner

Some other promotion material for MBA Partner

Remember that exotic French Chinese collaboration (homosexual) movie Seek McCartney starring Han Geng? Well, here is a trailer!

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Gif of Wang Kai and Chen Qiao En for Stay with Me



11 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Song of Phoenix, Du Lala 2, Tribes and Prophecy

  1. Wow… Thanks for sharing. A few of the modern dramas and movies is something I would look forward too … Especially if Tang Yan, Xiao En and Wallace Huo are involve 😍


  2. The second (and longer) trailer of the Storm and Prophecy is even more exciting. CGI is sophisticated, cinematography is top notch, badass female characters, great and charismatic acting (at least from what is shown). Still makes me wonder how come it was very much under the radar (no press cons, non-existent promotions) — then BAM! The best trailer so far. It will be my most anticipated drama this year.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes! I hope the release date will also come out soon to surprise us!!~ I love how the shot this drama, really beautiful


  3. creidesca says:

    Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds isn’t only just a webdrama–t’s currently airing on HunanTV, replacing Adventures of Love, right? And the the video linked to the first episode seems edited? The first minute or so of the episode is cut (first scene to the entire series isn’t supposed to start right there if you search for other versions of the video on youtube). Viki has the first 6 epis e-subbed.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Thanks for the info! This is the only good video I found on Youtube. I just updated the post with the Viki link :))


  4. Jess says:

    Is 15 Years to Wait for Migratory Birds any good? I am debating whether I should pick it up. Also, if anyone is watching Hunter with Huang Xuan, please let me know if you enjoy that drama or not. Deciding which drama I should watch next!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Sadly, I haven’t watched FifteenYears nor Hunter. 15Y have some good reviews on viki but I would assume it is for a younger audience. Hope someone can help you 😀


      • creidesca says:

        The first couple episodes shift between present (when they are in their 30s) and when they were in high school as the audience become acquainted with the characters as they experience high school, college, adult life with subsequent episodes leading up to the events we see in the present.


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