Entertainment Update: Sweet Sixteen, Princess Weiyoung, Song Jihyo+Chen Bolin


A short entertainment update! 🙂 Hope everyone can enjoy it ^^ I love Yoona more every passing day, she is so gorgeous. In this feature, a lot of exciting stills and a gorgeous photoshoot of Song Jihyo and Chen Bolin.

More posters for Song of Phoenix. Oh well, when the drama get released, I will write an official post with all the pictures and details 😛

Character posters for Princess Weiyoung starring OTP Tang Yan and Lu Yi! I love the outfit of the crowned queen the most ^^

Li Yifeng by himself. Yep, all great heroes find strength when they are isolated


Lay for To Be a Better Man

More posters for L.O.R.D.  starring Fan Bingbing, Kris Wu, Yang Mi and Chen Xuedong to name a few! First time I see such professional BTS stills (They even filtered the pictures) Everyone look in black and covered in dots, I would never be able to pull that off 😛


Luhan has wrapped up his concert Reloaded in China


Huayi Brothers hosted a red carpet

Kris Wu for Sweet Sixteen

Also, a new trailer!


Gifs of Yang Mi practicing for Brotherhood of Blades

005APuhYjw1f2ahy8wvafg309g05k1kx 005APuhYjw1f2ahyg84h5g309g05ku0x

Chinese Hero hosted a press conference:

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Zhou Xun is spotted filming for a new movie 明月几时有:


Gorgeous photoshoot of Song Jihyo and Chen Bolin!! I am used to see Jihyo covered in sweat and mud, so this photoshoot is so refreshing!!


Also, Bao Bei Er got married!

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Gossip Corner

  • Zheng Shuang’s boyfriend got caught cheating.  I feel bad for the girl 😦

15 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Sweet Sixteen, Princess Weiyoung, Song Jihyo+Chen Bolin

  1. jen says:

    anson Hu cheated on Zheng Shuang? No offense to him but he is not a looker at all. I can’t believe he cheated. This probably just makes ZS’s insecurities worse. Actually there was probably a lot of insecurity in both sides.


  2. llmoreno says:

    Nooooooo Zheng Shuang nooooo
    poor girl
    i feel bad for him
    its always happening to her
    she is too thin and now this i hope she can be with friends family and her fans
    hope his new drama will be a success


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