Entertainment Update: Zhao Liying, Ipartment 5, Lay, and More


New entertainment update!! 🙂 Won’t write much because I feel lazy, but there are tons of promotion pictures for the April 2016 releases 🙂

Magical Space Time with Ruby Lin, Xu Lu, and Jia Nailiang

Ode with Joy with Jiang Xin and Liu Tao

Go Goal Fighting with Hu Ge and Maggie Jiang

Ipartment 5 will start airing soon!! >< OMG, this is so exciting. If you are curious, here is the trailer 🙂 Hope they come back for this summer!!


Pictures of Lay for Shut Up and Love

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Each new still for Chongqing Hot Pot starring Chen Kun and Bai Baihe makes me want to watch this movie… or eat hot pot 😛 But seriously, the plot seems awesome! Chongqing is a city in China famous for it’s hot and spicy Hot Pot that makes you think of home.


Trailer for LORD with Fan Bingbing. Hope he will not release ten of these clips lol:

My Beloved Bodyguard with Andy Lau and Eddie Peng releases some posters

Who Sleeps My Bro with Chen Xiao


I sometimes regret not watching Noona Over Flowers… especially when gorgeous picture of Henry Lau and Lin Zhiling appears like this:

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Zhao Liying and Huang Xiaoming are the new endorsors of a motorcycle company. Good call!

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Indeed, she looks extremely thin. But don’t worry, since she is still eating adorably!~

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Zhao Liying has been casted in 楚乔传 (no. 11 Agent) and will start filming soon! If you follow the hashtag #赵丽颖楚乔传# on weibo, you will realize fans are quite excited!

Hu Ge is the next star to get a Madame Tussaud wax figure! I love how it has been Liu Shishi > Wallace Huo > Hu Ge back to back


Red carpet by Ali Baba with our favourite people Liu Yifei, Yang Yang, Victoria, Ying Er, and Jiang Jinfu

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8 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Zhao Liying, Ipartment 5, Lay, and More

  1. llmoreno says:

    That posters of go goal fighting are like we were to watch the world cup … umm question that Chinese uniform? Looks like the one Croatia wears

    You have right the last time you said me that the movie was kind of bloody and it so true but it seem also interesting, this makes me remember ocean´s eleven … and again chen kun is a motive to watch it

    I don’t feel vic drees?? Or well whats is she wearing … yang yand and liu yifei looks so amazing and pretty


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I watched the first half of Go Goal Fighting! It is really entertaining but the plot is moving so slowly. Finally, I realized the drama is dedicated to a younger audience >< That uniform is not the worse, in the first two episodes, it was flash yellow xD

      Hehe ^^… the movie seems bloody but also have some cold jokes and extravagant stuffs, at least we know it will be interesting to watch 😛

      With another background, Vic actually looks gorgeous. They makeup and the earring are perfection but the shirt is a hit or a miss? And omg YY and LYF are pretty together QAQ


  2. HJ says:

    I loveee Vic outfit at Alibaba party. She rocks slacks amazingly well. Her crop top btw has a deep V on her back lol

    LYF and Vic sat on each side of Alibaba vice president lol Lucky dude haha
    Also, Alibaba president said when thanking Vic for coming that he looks forward to the project they’ll work on together. I think that’s a hint lol


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Vic has a nice style at fashion weeks and red carpet. She always look so edgy, classy, but also very feminine. I only wish she can wear more long grown, it will fit her too!~ Really? I didnt see any pictures of the back lol

      Dude is the third wheel >:)


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